Although there are many social media platforms today, Facebook has managed to be the giant with the most number of active users. Every company or individual to improve their brand’s popularity has a Facebook fan page to grow their brand. Despite the many believe that Facebook likes do not matter, there are a lot of reasons brand ambassadors keep asking for likes. Social media has drastically transformed internet marketing due to a large number of users available on one platform. Likes are used as one form of engagement for your content.

The number of likes accrued by any page shows how many people know the brand and gets any updates channels through the page. Having many likes for your page improves your credibility and brand image as well as attracting more people to your page.

Social proof

Likes act as social proof showing others how popular your brand is. While social proof does not attract other likes, it is a great way to show the social influence of a Facebook fan page. People judge the strength of a company by the number of likes they see. If you see a brand that has been in existence for many years with a few likes you know, there is a problem. Many organizations have resulted in establishing a social media department that maintains the company’s image in the social media world.

Potential for business

Every person who has liked your page is a potential customer for your brand. Your fans can be compared to email subscribers getting updates about your products. When you post new content, your fans are the first people to interact with it. It is, therefore, easy to sell your products to the fans because you have already established a relationship with them.

Voters Can Be Profiled and Manipulated Through Facebook Likes

Voters Can Be Profiled and Manipulated Through Facebook Likes

Improving credibility and brand image

Your number of Facebook likes shows how credible your brand is. While it is easy to have people liking your page, a lot of effort is required to maintain them. Typically, people like your page because of posting quality content. It is important to post-worthy content that will attract more likes to your page.

New likes show your clients that your brand is doing well. Every new like show there is an activity going on your brand. Customers will always like a place with a lot of activity since they show legitimacy.

Have a better ranking than your competitors

Having more likes gives you a competitive advantage on social media. Facebook fans are people who have expressed interest in your content. The more likes you have, the more advantages you have over your competitors. Facebook makes it easy to determine the total number of likes and the level of engagement. You can take the necessary measure to improve fan engagement to increase the relationship between you and your followers.

 Improve search engine rank

Social signals were previously used as factors to determine to rank in search engines. Today, search engines use Facebook likes to determine the ranking of your page in search results. Having many likes shows how popular and influential your page is. Sometimes you can find a Facebook page with a higher ranking than your website due to the number of likes associated with it. Additionally, if your fan page is more active, it gets a higher ranking.

Improved ranking of search engine results has many benefits. First people always like results that appear on the first page of every search engine results. In case your page ranks on the first page, you will have the chance of getting more visits to your page. If more people visit your page, you will have an increased number of potential customers. In the end, you will have increased your sales.

Online support

Buying Facebook likes is important for getting feedback from your customers and offer online support. As opposed to the olden days when support was done through emails, social media platforms have made it easy to offer support. Since Facebook likes to signify your customers, you can offer assistance to many people at a time. Facebook likes have made businesses to transform the way they execute their operations. The more likes you have quicker you offer support to your customers.

Keeps your fanbase fresh

New likes help to rejuvenate the engagement in your fan page. Like any social place, new followers are always excited about engaging with others. The same with Facebook, when you get new likes, they symbolize new people joining your social club. Old fans may sometimes fail to react when you post content on your page. New likes will revive the dead fan base whenever you update your page.

Increases the chances of virality

With every new like added to your page, you get the advantage of your page going viral. New likes show to their other friends often as recommendations on the sidebar. If you get a like from a person with many friends, you get the benefit of getting even more likes. An increase in the number of Facebook likes means more income through customer conversion.

Determining your audience

Facebook likes to show your target audience. You can use this information to determine the kind of content you are posting. You can use likes to know whether you are reaching the right people or if the quality of your content satisfies your audience.

Without a doubt, Facebook is a popular social media platform today. Many people are using the platform to establish a brand and boost their businesses. There are some metrics you can use to gauge how influential your content is. Facebook likes are among the tools you can use to determine the health of your brand. As opposed to the old belief that Facebook likes do not matter, nowadays, likes can be instrumental in determining how your brand compares to your competitors’. Facebook likes have also been used as social proof. When people see you with many likes, they perceive your brand as being influential. For anyone creating their brand on Facebook, they should strive to get more likes.

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