Lots of reasons could contribute to one’s decision to sell their homes. It could range from a desire to move to a better home, another city, and another job, amongst other things. However, when planning to sell one’s home or house, the pertinent question that comes to mind is; how can one sell one’s home. There are many ways by which one can sell one’s home. You could put it up for sale yourself, use an estate agent, or use social media. However, we shall focus on ways by which one can use Facebook to sell one’s home.

It must be emphasized that social media and, indeed, Facebook has become one of the fastest and credible ways to sell one’s home. This owes to the fact that lots of buyers tend to search online while looking for houses. This is why posting one’s home up for sale on Facebook will attract lots of buyers.

Use Facebook Followers To Sell A Home

1. Look for a Real Estate Agent with Facebook experience

Facebook changes its algorithm regularly. Therefore, if you are serious about putting your home up for sale on Facebook, you have to get a real estate agent that is really good at using the website. Lots of people make the mistake of applying the trial and error approach in selling their home on Facebook. By this, lots of them fall into the hands of fraudsters. Hire a real estate professional that is skilled in the art of using Facebook to sell homes if you are serious about selling your house via Facebook.

2. You need to be Updated with Facebook’s Algorithm

Most social media platforms are changing their algorithms. These algorithms determine what pops up on each platform for individual users when they open it. In fact, for Facebook as concerning selling of homes, Facebook now supports videos more than images. By this, it is recommended that you show the parts that can attract customers in any Facebook video you will make when trying to sell your home.

3. Make it Graphic

Naturally, humans tend to be attracted to graphics. In fact, currently, Facebook fancies posting pictures other than a text post. Research shows that most people tend to be attracted by images of properties displayed on Facebook than regular advertisements that featured text posts alone. It is recommended that one takes top-notch pictures of the home one wants to sell on Facebook. One should also show the basic amenities in the house when taking the pictures. To add spice to the attractiveness of the house, you can edit it with some photo editing packages.

4. Do Not Post a Link on your Main Post

Imagine if you owned a website; would you want your website to be a gateway to other websites or pages? Of course not! This is the same with Facebook when it comes to selling one’s home. If you post a link on your main post, it won’t rank much on Facebook, and your post will get less traffic. Instead of posting a link on your main post, you could first post, you can first post a picture of the house, then as people comment, you can then put the link in the comment section

5. Don’t be Scared to Experiment with Facebook Ads

There’s no specific technique that has been prescribed as a way to use Facebook Ads. You can do your Facebook Ads any way you want without breaking the bank. Lots of people think they have to break the bank before their Facebook to sell their home makes sense. However, you don’t need to do that. In case you’re about the approach to employ when creating your Facebook Ad sell your home, you can check some tutorials on Facebook on what to do.

6. Using Drones can Help you get Better Pictures of your Home and Attract Customers

It has been discovered that using drones to take photos of homes has been of great advantage in getting them sold. This is because the drones give clear and breathtaking images of the house to attract customers. However, it is essential to ensure that you use the drone to your advantage by making it take the best images of the home you wish to sell.

7. Use the power of Facebook Followers

After taking pictures of the home you want to sell on Facebook and putting it up as an Ad, the Facebook friends you have can be instrumental in the quick sale of your home. How do you do this? You can message friends separately and ask them courteously to help you share the post of the house and also tag anyone that could be house-hunting too


use facebook followers to share a real estate agent a home

8. On your Facebook Ad, announce the dates when you will be doing a House Show

It is recommended that you create time on Facebook when you are going to be showing the home that you want to sell to the public. By this, anyone interested in the house would know the dates that you are going to open it for viewing to the public, and it could lead to a consequent sale.

9. Target Facebook Pages where your Buyers could be Located

When it comes to selling homes on Facebook, some interesting statistics have been discovered! Those who post their listings on pages where their buyers are located stand a higher chance of having the home sold faster. For instance, if you reside, New Orleans, it is advised that you post your Ad on pages that have people who live in New Orleans there. That way, you stand a higher chance of getting the home sold in good time.

10. Consistently put up and Update the Price of your Home

This is a real way of getting your house sold. You have to ensure that you regularly update the price of your home on Facebook. You never know; someone might be looking at the house, and at the right price, you will sell your home.

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