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TweetAngels Review

TweetAngels - USA
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199.99 / 10,000
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TweetAngels Review: In a Nutshell

We bought 1,000 Facebook Likes from TweetAngels to test out the quality of their services. We were pretty impressed: our Likes came right on time, and everything went as expected.

Their customer support is top-notch, with a very friendly (and quick) response to our questions. They have great money-back and retention policies in place in case you happen to have an issue. Overall we definitely recommend the services of TweetAngels if you want to boost your credibility on Facebook.

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TweetAngels Review: In Depth

About TweetAngels

TweetAngels is a social media marketing company, offering services for a variety of social networks. Their website appears very professional, unlike a lot of other companies in this industry.

You'll find quite a bit of information on their site, explaining what they do and how they do it. They have a blog and case studies you can read, and even a variety of special offers to help you save money. You'll find quite a few services here, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and even web design and social media management plans.

Service Plans

For Facebook, TweetAngels only offers Page Likes. You can get your Likes delivered in one package, or you can buy a plan to get Likes delivered weekly.

LikesPlan Price
1,000 likes $24.99
3,000 likes $49.99
5,000 likes $99.99
10,000 likes $199.99

Add Ons

No Addons or options available

Terms and Guarantees

We reviewed the terms and conditions sections on the TweetAngels website and made a few comments on their status below. To find out more details on these, then please toggle the sections to see what we thought!

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
    • TweetAngels has an ordinary Privacy Policy, explaining how they keep your information confidential.
  • Refund Policy
    • TweetAngels offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee for their services. If you have an issue, contact them to get it resolved.
  • Retention Policy
    • TweetAngels includes a No Drop Guarantee for their Facebook Likes. If you notice a decrease in likes, contact them to have it revolved.

Customer Support

If you need to send a message to Tweet Angels, you'll have a few different options. You can use their on-page contact form or the live chat in the bottom-right, send your inquiry directly to their email address, or even call them up on the phone

Quality of Support

Average Response Time
5.5 Hours
Friendly Response?
Informative Response?
Answer all questions?
Answers already on website?

Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form
Live Chat
Email Address
Phone Number
Mailing Address
1875 Century Park East Suite 750, Century City, CA 90067

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Before we order, we usually send some questions to test out the customer support of the company. We got a response back pretty quickly, answering all of our questions with some satisfying answers. As you can see, they went through everything one by one and addressed all of our concerns. Overall, a great response.

Their Response

5.5 Hours response time

Our Questions

  • What kind of accounts will be doing the liking? Can I see an example?
  • "The type of accounts will be worldwide accounts. Please send us your username and we can show you an example."

  • How long will I have to wait?
  • "Each product has the delivery time on each product card. Although these times are the maximum amount of time, most orders are completed within 12-48 hours after purchase."

  • Are people going to know that I bought likes?
  • "Nobody will know that you bought likes. All of our services are fully confidential."

  • Are the people going to do anything weird to my account, or talk to my friends and followers?
  • "No, the likes are safe and they will not harm your page or your existing friends or followers. All of our services are 100% safe."

  • Will those people ever unlike my page? What if they do?
  • "It is highly rare that the likes get removed or drop off. With our services we hold a retention guarantee for 1 year so within that year if the likes drop lower than the amount you paid for, we will add them back."

  • What if I want my money back?
  • "In some rare cases, sometimes the orders get delayed. If we do not deliver your likes by the time stated on the product card, we can refund your money if you are unsatisfied."

Post-Order Questions and Responses

After we make our order, we send some more questions to see if they'll treat a paying customer any differently. Once again we got a very detailed and thorough response, coming very fast as well. They even gave us a great explanation about how to grow our social media accounts. Another excellent response.

Their Response

5 Minutes response time

Our Questions

  • What if any of the users unlike my page?
  • "We have a retention guarantee that if the Likes drop, we will reprocess the order to add the number back to your account."

  • What if Facebook detects that I bought likes?
  • "Our services are 100% risk free and you can rest assured that it is completely anonymous."

  • Can I get any sort of discount on a repeat order?
  • "We can give you 25% off on your next order, just enter the code XXXX upon checkout." (contact TweetAngels for your own code!)

  • Can I order anything like Followers or Shares to go along with my likes?
  • "As of right now, we only offer Likes on Facebook. If you want to increase business and sales, then you need to run an Ad campaign. The only way right now is by doing our Ad Management Packages. We have packages starting at $199 per month. Here is everything that is included with that. It is really great for growing your brand, Increasing your Targeted Following, and your awareness. Thank you!


Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

We can highly recommend the services of TweetAngels if you want to boost your social proof on Facebook with bought Likes. You'll get what you pay for.

Look More Popular
Helps with this
Attract More Attention
Helps with this
Provides Real Likes
Does not help with this
Go Viral
Helps with this
Increase Reputation
Helps with this
Get More Organic Likes
Helps with this
Not Recommended

Daily Turnaround Time

Our Likes began arriving pretty quickly, the same day we bought them. The entire order was completed within a couple days, just as they promised.

Number of Days to Achieve

Quality of Facebook Likes

The users who made our Likes look pretty good to us, with profile pictures, bios, and some posts of their own. For the most part, they look like pretty normal Facebook users.

Profile Pics
Unique Bios
Good F/F Ratio
Actively post photos
Engage Your Posts
SFW Likes

Retention Rate

We wound up with over 400 extra likes on our account, and, although we've lost a few, we still have way more than we ordered.

Day One: 100%
Day Three: 99%
Day Seven: 99%
Day Fourteen: 99%


We bought 1,000 Facebook Likes from TweetAngels, and everything went perfectly. Our Likes came in full within a couple of days, and the users who made them look pretty good, a lot like real Facebook users.

Everything else was great too. Their customer support team responded to our questions quickly, answering all of our concerns neatly one by one. If you happen to have a problem of any kind with your order, they have a money-back guarantee and a no drop guarantee. Overall we were very happy with the order, which came just as expected. That's why we recommend the services of TweetAngels if you want to improve your reputation on Facebook.

User Reviews

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Average rating:  
 14 reviews
by Jude on TweetAngels

My order came in 24 hours. The quality of followers was impressive with a huge number having complete bios and some even engaged me.

by Grace on TweetAngels
Great service

The customer support at tweetangels are worth mentioning first. They are friendly and highly knowledgeable. My likes were delivered promptly and everything went as expected.

by Miley on TweetAngels

Its my third time purchasing likes from tweetangels and they have been consistent all through. They delivered my likes in the agreed time and the quality of the likes again matched our thresh-hold as a marketing company.

by Purity on TweetAngels

A friendly and very knowledgeable customer support is the first thing that struck me about tweetangels then came the likes i ordered and i was even more impressed. The likes came in quickly and the majority looked authentic.

by Margaret on TweetAngels
Value for money

The package at first on face value seemed costly but after our order came through i now realize why they cost more than other providers.They offer quality services in record time and you definitely get value for your money.

by Dorcas on TweetAngels
Fluid service

My interaction with tweetangels started off with a conversation with a very informed customer support rep. My twitter followers were delivered faster than i had anticipated.Good job guys!!

by Karl on TweetAngels
Would recommend

Before tweetangles, my page was plain with few likes and followers. At some point had credibility issues, after the likes I had subscribed to were delivered no one questions my page. Tweetangles gave my page a lifeline.

by Quuenta davids on TweetAngels
quality likes

The quality of facebook likes is unquestionable although its a cost if you are looking to spend for quality then this is the right channel to use.

by Lawrence on TweetAngels
True to word

I recently went for Tweetangels Facebook likes growth hacking packages and they delivered as they say on their site.

by Eli on TweetAngels
Great packages!

The fact that I got a package that suited my budget for Facebook likes, was really exciting.

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