Attracting more likes to your Facebook page is essential if you want it to grow faster, but that is often easier said than done. Convincing people to hit the like button takes a lot of effort. To help you, here are some useful strategies to try out.

Increase page visibility

Having a more visible page helps in getting people to like it faster, and the first step in increasing visibility is choosing the right name for the page. Some ways you can do that are:

  • Choosing a memorable name: Use short names or phrases that highlight what your page is all about.
  • Being specific: Instead of using generic words, look for specific terms that suit your page. Make sure that your audience is familiar with these terms.
  • Keywords: Don’t just append a keyword to your page name. Make sure that it is integral to the name for better recall.
  • Using a consistent name: If you have accounts on different social media sites, use names that are similar to your main Facebook page.  

Spreading links to your Facebook page online also helps increase its visibility. Add Facebook  Like and Follow buttons to your website so that visitors there can quickly become long term fans. You can even embed your posts to draw their attention.

Social media is another useful tool for spreading links to your Facebook page. Be present on the platforms where your target audience is, and put links to your best posts.

Engage people on these platforms to convince them to visit and like your page.

Create engaging content

Posting visual content is always an effective strategy for attracting more likes to your Facebook page, but you should plan out what specific content to create. Some of the types you can explore are:

  • Photos: Use photos with striking imagery to catch the attention of page visitors and get them exploring more.
  • Infographics: These visual aids are a great way to present a lot of information in an easy-to-follow package.
  • Quote cards: People love reading inspirational quotes that they can relate to, which they eventually share to others.
  • Image albums: Using a series of images to tell a continuous story is a good alternative if you don’t have the luxury of creating videos.

These kinds of visual content often have a large chance of going viral, giving you plenty of opportunity for gaining likes.

Don’t forget about text posts altogether. Use your post caption to augment your images and tell a more immersive story about them. The popular page Humans of New York is well known for this, with their captions enhancing the ambiance of their images.

Encourage audience engagement

Actively engaging the people who interact with your posts is a good way to tell them that you acknowledge their presence. Your page visitors will welcome this gesture and reward you with even more likes. Respond to the comments they make on your post, and encourage them to check out more of your content.

Reaching out to the larger Facebook community will also help drive more likes to your page. Look for groups that relate to your field, and participate in the discussions there. Use your posts to give useful information to the members of these groups, but don’t be a hard sell when sharing links.

You can do the same strategy with other pages and individual users. Seek out ones that you are interested in then like and comment on their posts. Sharing their posts on your page also works to catch their attention. Once they see what you do and offer, they will likely encourage their followers to visit your page.

When done right, these strategies will help you attract a substantial amount of likes. Don’t rest easy, as gaining likes is a continuing process. Explore other techniques that will convince visitors to hit that Like button.

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