Facebook has so many uses. We all know it connects users to their loved ones. But it does not end there.

For example, because of the platform’s evolution through the years, it now allows people to make money. You can become a content creator on Facebook and make money through Facebook Stars. Or you could be a seller on Facebook Marketplace. Businesses are also on the platform to promote their products and services.

Like other social media platforms, Facebook Followers also allows users to build communities. You can connect with like-minded individuals to talk about your passions.

Can You Transform a Facebook Community Into a Profitable Business?

But did you know that you can combine these two aspects of Facebook? You can transform a community into a business that will help you make ends meet. And you don’t have to seek the opportunity actively. It may pop out of nowhere.

Rachel Klaver, a marketing strategist, talked about this in her podcast.

Rachel Klaver Says You Can Grow A Business By Doing Something You Love

Klaver said that she loves having a clear outcome in mind before you dive into anything. She needs motivation – to know what she’s doing is for a reason – otherwise, she would not perform well.

Klaver acknowledges that there are advantages and disadvantages to her approach. Knowing why she does something motivates her to do more and accomplish the task. However, it makes it difficult for her to go with the flow.

But thanks to her career as a marketing coach and strategist, Klaver met people who were not like her. She picked up a thing or two from those people. For example, she learned through her podcast that some people’s businesses simply evolve by accident. There were no big plans, and yet, they became successful.

Their businesses started with a nudge to do something, and in the back of their minds, they thought it could become something more. Then somehow, it becomes a “successful business with a life of its own.” And because of social media, they have a ready-made community supporting and promoting the business.

Successful People That Changed Klaver’s Mind

Klaver mentioned some of the people she wrote about last year. Pepper & Me founder Pepper Metcalfe is one of them. She started her business by selling salts on a duvet at the Tauranga markets. It was only for extra income. Now Pepper & Me is a fantastic website to visit when looking for delicious pastes and spice blends for allergen-free meals.

Can You Transform a Facebook Community Into a Profitable Business?

Then there is Cat Macnaughtan, who invented the game Getting Lost. It is popular both locally and internationally. How did it start? Cat built a community on Facebook around her love for getting lost with her blended family.

That’s how Klaver learned that you don’t need a plan to do something. You can just do something you love while trusting it will eventually grow as a business. Klaver admits that was still a foreign concept to her even then. “It makes me a little anxious,” she said. However, she said it is a worthwhile way to grow a business.

It triggered Klaver’s curiosity. How can a business grow from a Facebook Community? Luckily, she found someone willing to come to her podcast to talk about it. 

Girls Talk Business NZ Founder Talks About Facebook Groups

Ines Curin is the founder of the Facebook Group Girls Talk Business NZ. She came to Klaver’s podcast “MAP IT Marketing” to talk about her business journey.

Curin’s Facebook Group started in 2018. Now, it has gathered 8500 small business owners in a friendly community. She started the Facebook Group after getting involved with another Group called “Girls in Business.” Curin wanted to make a similar one but exclusive to Kiwis.

So, Ines and another woman launched their Group. The other founder left the Group sometime after. But Curin was committed to growing the Group, regardless of whether she’ll do it alone or with a partner.

Curin said she had no further plans than launching the Girls Talk Business NZ. And sometimes, you don’t need intricate plans, she added. All you need is a vision and to know where you want to go. Figure those out, and you will be good to go. 

Curin also gave some advice. She says to stop caring about how you can get to your end goal. As long as you have that goal and the vision, you will get there.

Ines Curin Converts Her Group Into A Business

Ines Curin started monetizing her Facebook Group this year, and she’s building her business around it. She started like many others do, allegedly by buying Facebook Followers and Likes on the account and on her posts through a variety of ads. 

The Group members apparently requested this to share and promote their businesses better to other people in the Group. The Facebook Group founder also made a website for her website. Any New Zealand businesswoman can come and list themselves in the directory for free.

That is a wise move because the website created an email list. That protects Curin’s business from being run solely on social media platforms, which is one of social media influencers’ biggest problems. Their work is at the mercy of the platform owner.

Curin also started to offer paid promotional opportunities for people looking to reach out to her audience of businesswomen. And as the Group grows and evolves, she plans to offer further revenue-generating options.

Can You Transform a Facebook Community Into a Profitable Business?

You Can Do It Too

Ines Curin and Cat Macnaughtan’s stories are inspiring. They grew their business by doing what they love on Facebook Groups. Curin’s community members even pushed her to convert the Group into a business.

And if they can do it, you can do it too. You only need a vision and a passion for something. So think about what you want to do. Then, go to Facebook and make a Group. Invite people who may be interested and build a welcoming community. Once it has grown enough, you can start to make it a business. And don’t worry much about making intricate plans. When the moment has come, you will know about it. 

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