When taking a look at a list of some of the best social networking platforms designed to fit the marketing needs of any business, the Facebook platform is never left out. The platform owes its popularity and success not only to its large number of users but also to its wide range of features. One of the best features the platform has put forward to be used by people across the web is the Facebook Page feature. Thanks to this feature, a whole lot of business owners have found the best ways to boost a social presence for their brand.

In case you are wondering how this can be done, then this article should come in handy. It provides a good number of expert tips on how to best transform your business page on Facebook.

1.                Update Your profile and cover photos

The first step to transforming your Facebook business page is to update your profile and cover photos. Of course, things can get old. This provides another reason to change the critical pictures of your business page.

When changing your cover photo, it is essential to find something that best describes your brand. Asides doing this, using engaging photos can significantly boost the overall engagement your business page receives from users across the platform.

2.                Use eye-catching graphics

Facebook is one of the best social networks that handle the sharing of photos efficiently. Through your page, you can easily share eye-catching images and graphics to your followers. Doing this leaves a good impression of your brand to other users on the platform. There are many ways you can begin to use graphics on your page. One of the most recommended ways is by using online tools to create graphics and get them on your business page.

Through the use of eye-catching graphics, you can easily catch the attention of people with your brand content. Thereby working your way toward boosting sales and increasing overall reach.

3.                Upload unique videos

Videos are considered as one of the best ways of engaging users on social media platforms. Generally, videos are known to expose more information than photos or text. Through this process, people are fond of showing more interest in visuals.

Your business page should never be boring. You can avoid boring your followers by merely adding unique videos to your page. Most times, your videos promote your brand. You should ensure they keep users engaged and entertained. This is a great way to get more Facebook Followers no matter what niche you are in!

4.                Add call-to-action buttons

Many brand owners use the Facebook Page feature but still do not know about call-to-action buttons. If you are one of them, you must understand that these buttons are buttons designed to help users perform specific actions while browsing your page. With the buttons, customers can call, message, or carry out other activities that you want them to without experiencing troubles of any kind.

To transform your page, you must be ready to make use of call-to-action buttons. They tend to make the whole process of connecting with your customers a lot easier than before. You can always try out each button to figure out what works best for your page.

5.                Share your business page on your other social network accounts

You can be using Facebook for your major marketing tasks while still using different social networks for simple tasks. Of course, you would have collected several fans across these platforms. This makes it easier to share your business page with them.

All you simply have to do is share links to your Facebook business page via these social networks. You can also host content and offer rewards only fans that like and engage with your page.

6.                Optimize posts with keywords

Keywords are essential tools for those that need to pop up on relevant searches. While making content available on your page, you should ensure you optimize these content with the help of keywords. With appropriate keywords in your posts, users searching for individual items or content can easily be led to yours. And when they get directed to your Facebook page, engagement level rises, which can, in turn, lead to more sales and boost of market success.

7.                Pin valuable posts to the top of your page

Thanks to one of the fantastic features of Facebook, people can easily pin useful posts to the top of their page. As a page owner, you can easily pin posts that you want every page visitor you get to see. Hence, giving them the right level of information about your page to digest.


8.                Use ads to boost engagement

When it comes to the best forms of promotion, adverts are never left out of the picture. With the Facebook platform, you can place ads that can bring millions of users to view your page. With the ads feature of the platform, brand owners stand a chance to boost engagement and equally boost sales.

9.                Create a Facebook group

The Facebook group feature is sometimes regarded as a feature provided by the Facebook platform to compensate for some of the things Facebook pages lack. This includes enabling users to communicate efficiently and allowing customers to lay out their thoughts about the brand.

By creating a Facebook group for your page, you can offer your customers a chance to communicate with themselves and also provide you with their thoughts.

10.             Target an audience

Targeting an audience can be a tough deal of work. But thanks to the fantastic Facebook targeting feature, you can easily tailor your page content to meet your target audience. If you have not been using the feature, it is about time you begin to. This ensures the efforts of focusing on an audience is highly reduced.


As a brand owner, you might already have a business page for your brand. However, there are tons of unique tips that can help you transform your page into something better. This is bound to improve the reach and engagement of content and also bring more potential customers. The above are some of those tips which are sure to come in handy. 

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