Today, brands use the fantastic platform of social networks to promote their business better. If you are a brand owner, growing your business with the help of social networks plays a significant role in its overall promotion.

Facebook, also known as the social giant, is a great platform that supports brands in terms of promotion. Luckily, through the promotion offered by the platform, a higher level of engagement is also introduced. However, keeping track of this engagement is one of the best ways to know what kind of promotion strategy works best with your brand. Likes are critical, and knowing the best site to buy Facebook Likes can help jumpstart your Facebook success!

There are many ways to increase the engagement of customers with your business on FB. But after getting the engagement you have always wanted on your brand, tracking that engagement is a great way to keep things improving. If you do not know how to follow reports based on the involvement of your audience with your brand on Facebook, then this article should keep you informed about the best ways to do this.

Best Ways to Track the Engagement of Your Audience on Facebook in 2020

Below, we will be taking a look at some of the best ways to track and analyze the engagement of your audience on Facebook. Let’s dive in:

1. Facebook Page Insights

If you are attempting to engage customers of your business, using the Facebook Page feature gives you a better chance of keeping your users engaged with the products you sell and the services that you offer. Analytics can provide you with a significant number of information that is useful for measuring results from your marketing campaigns, and this is something Facebook Pages are featured to provide.

Facebook Page Insights are amazing features built to provide critical metrics that involve the engagement of users on your Facebook page. This allows you to keep track of some of the things that boost engagement, as well as those things that help people interact with you.

When accessing the insights of your page, you will be presented with an Overview. This section includes all of the basic analytic reports on how customers interact with the posts on your page. It delivers a detailed analysis of the page summary by adding metrics such as page views, previews, user actions, reach, likes, follows, responsiveness, and a lot more.

Looking directly into each of these metrics can significantly improve your knowledge on how the engagement that also goes on behind the scenes.

Luckily, you can research the engagement of your page from the past to the present. The feature provides page owners with s data that dates back up to a maximum of two years.

2. Facebook Audience Insights

Over the years, FB has come up with amazing features designed to meet the unique needs of business owners across the platform. One of these many features is the Facebook Audience Insights, which is intended to be a built-in tool that can provide valuable information about the audience being targeted by ads.

Adverts are amazing tools for boosting the overall popularity of a brand. As a brand owner, using Facebook Ads to grow your business through targeted promotion is a fantastic step towards improving the engagement behind the business. When using ads, keeping track of how it performs is a great way to understand what works and what does not work.

The Facebook Audience Insights comes as a built-in tool designed to keep you informed about your audience. This leaves you with the knowledge of who engages with your business and how exactly they do this. As someone using Facebook to market your business, you can easily learn how to target your Facebook ads and organic content effectively.

Apart from this tool, you can also look into the famous Facebook Ad Center. The Ad Center has got you covered with surprising insights about how your purchased ads are performing.


3. Free Facebook Analytics Tools

Asides the native built-in tools that can be used by people to track engagement, several available analytics tools are developed to do this job externally. Amazing tools such as these are sometimes available for free, as they provide essential and key engagement tracking features. Below, we are going to look at some of these Facebook analytics tools that are free to use.

  • Quantity
    Quintly is a platform that has most of its services, covering a whole lot of other social networks asides Facebook. Brand owners find the tool extremely useful, as it keeps you updated on how exactly your social profile may be performing. Along with its amazing features, it ensures a Facebook analytics tool is also made available.
  • Cyfe
    Cyfe is a lot different from most Facebook analytics tools. Although, a little similar to Quintly, the platform comes as a web application that provides services through the use of specialized widgets. The software offers a wide range of widget that covers specific areas of business, including keeping track of the engagement that goes on on a Facebook page. As a business owner, the tool comes in handy quite often and does a great job in delivering its services.
  • is a web application that provides key metrics on the page of a business owner. With the tool, you can stay connected with how engagement works on your page from anywhere you are. The tool shows digital items such as authors, comments, number of posts, and of course, the average number of likes and shares a post possesses.
  • Agorapulse
    Although Agorapulse comes with two features, users of the platform can still get insights that tell them how their content on Facebook may be performing. Its second feature allows users to run competitions and quizzes on their FB page better. Overall, the platform of Agorapulse is a fantastic tool for keeping track of engagement on Facebook.


Analyzing the engagement of your Facebook page is a fantastic way to know what is working and what is not. The above tips on how to do this should come in handy in making the entire process a lot easier. Although there are also paid tools for doing this, the above-listed ones have the key features that can meet your needs as someone using social media platforms to market their products and services. Good luck!

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