Since the conception of Facebook, people have found more significant ways to reach out to millions of customers without the need to worry. Today, Facebook is regarded as the number one social network all across the globe. This alone makes it an excellent avenue for the promotion of business services and products.

Looking at the best social media platforms around today, people can always find a series of similar features that do the same thing. On Facebook, many of the features are improved and set to be optimized to yield better results. This is why so many people buy Facebook Post Likes and it does increase their Social Proof overall!

Facebook is always known to introduce new features regularly. Are you a brand owner and still wondering what features are fit for promoting your business? This article should guide you through some of the fantastic features you can optimize on the platform. This leaves a significant impact on your overall business and ensures your marketing strategies are better optimized to give the best results.

Top 8 Features Businesses Need to Optimize on Facebook Pages in 2020

Here Are The Top Facebook Page Features To Optimize

1. Facebook Pages

The number one feature business owners need to optimize is the Facebook Page feature. With the feature, people can efficiently work their way towards making a standard profile on the platform for their customers. Through Facebook pages, just about anyone can help clients and customers find their business on Facebook.

When it comes to optimizing pages, there are many ways this can be done. One of them includes filling out details for your business on the About section for your page. This ensures people can find you easily. To make things a lot better, ensure you use keywords that can allow your profile to be found through the use of specific key phrases.

Apart from using keywords, using call-to-action buttons on your page can leave a significant impact on your users. These buttons are designed to accomplish the task for users, such as making a call, downloading an app, making a purchase, and a lot of other tasks. Custom tabs would always come in handy too.

2. Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the name for Facebook’s live stream feature. Just as its name implies, the feature allows users to go live and speak to their followers in the most authentic way possible. The Facebook Live feature is a fantastic feature built to build a relationship with followers and should be very useful to your business.

As a brand owner, optimizing the Facebook Live feature will bring a more significant number of benefits than just using it in a somewhat regular manner. One of the best ways to do this to use captions. Making your captions highly descriptive can have a significant effect on how successful your live stream will be.

3. Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the best features ever implemented on the Facebook platform. If you are not using them, you must start doing so. With hashtags, improving your reach becomes a more comfortable thing to do. A great way to use them is by picking out which ones are top on the trending board. Aside from doing this, branding hashtags for your business can help maintain a community of followers that will interact with you and your business.

4. Facebook Groups

Speaking of a city, one of the best ways to make one for your business on Facebook is by creating a Facebook group. With a group, your followers can always come together to speak more about your business. While creating a group, ensure you use a name that defines the sole purpose of the group as well as the main objectives of your business.

5. Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories are perfect for keeping users of your brand engaged with your content and media. Today, Facebook Stories are a fantastic tool for showing emergence as they tend to disappear in 24 hours. Your users will hurry to see your story before it does. Using captions too can be a great way to help them understand what your story is all about.

Top 8 Features Businesses Need to Optimize on Facebook for more likes

6. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are perfect for keeping your brand’s content promoted across to thousands of users on the platform. Although they do not come free, using them can be very useful to your brand.

One of the best ways to get the best out of this is to ensure your obtain targeted ads. This helps you target a specific audience that meets the requirements for using your brand products or services. In case you are unaware of how these ads may be performing, the platform provides unique insights based on the metrics generated from the performance of the ads.

7. Facebook Insights

With Facebook Insights, you stand a chance to know what works and what does not. If you have got a page developed for your brand on Facebook, using the Insights feature helps you to stay updated on how your page is doing. The feature provides you with information on various metrics, including views, previews, likes, shares, reach, and on many other forms of engagement.

There are lots of techniques you can put into play to get the best out of Facebook Insights. One of those ways to do this is to make use of third-party software tools. These can track and analyze the engagement of your page and keep you updated with significant changes.

8. Facebook Free Stock Images

Facebook has got a system of images you should be using for your ad campaigns. With these high-quality images, people stand a chance to win the interest of potential customers easily.

With a large number of images uploaded to the gallery, you will always find a suitable picture to help you market your business across the platform.


There are several features designed to meet the needs of marketers across the platform. Facebook comes as an avenue for brands to be promoted on. And with the help of these features, people can successfully do this. Luckily, the above features and tips on how to use them should come in handy in helping you get the best out of Facebook for your business. Good luck!

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