The Philippines is hailed as one of the social media capitals of the world. An average user in the country spends almost four hours daily on social media, particularly on Facebook. One sector that commands a big following in the country are moms, and they post about motherhood and other parenting topics.

While celebrity moms are the most popular, some non-celebrity moms are also influential in their own ways. Check out these three Filipino moms who have a significant presence on Facebook and Instagram, and see how they were able to get such a substantial number of followers.

Pehpot Pineda of “Mommy Pehpot”

Pehpot maintains the Mommy Pehpot blog, and she bills herself as a “supermom” and “blogger extraordinaire.” She currently has more than 170,000 followers on Facebook and roughly 13,000 followers on Instagram, not small feats by any means. 

Both her blog and Facebook page have simple visuals, but what immediately catches my attention are the blog contents which she also shares on her Facebook page. The topics are relevant to new or young moms, like “5 Steps To Choosing A Preschool” or the cost of the maternity package in a local hospital.


Three Top Mommy Bloggers in the Philippines Ranked By Facebook

Image: Mommy Pehpot Blog. Screenshot was taken on August 13, 2019

Pehpot knows her audience very well; she doesn’t shy away from using both English and Tagalog to appeal to fellow Filipino moms who make up the majority of her followers. Posting relevant content and interacting with her followers are some things that allow her to get such a big following on Facebook.

Denise Rayala of “Royal Domesticity”

Denise is the owner of Royal Domesticity blog, and she also has a few social media pages. Her blog and Facebook page tackle not only general mom stuff, but also food recipes, marriage topics, parenting tips, and personal stories. These things have made her page very relatable to her audience. 

Denise currently has 130,000 followers on Facebook and roughly 4,700 followers on Instagram.

Three Top Mommy Bloggers in the Philippines Ranked By Facebook

Image: RoyalDomesticity Blog. Screenshot was taken on August 13, 2019

Shari Poquiz of “The Misty Mom”

Shari also maintains her blog, “The Misty Mom.” Compared to Pehpot and Denise, Shari has a smaller presence on Facebook—she only has around 8,000 followers there. She has, however, a more prominent presence on Instagram, where she has roughly 39,000 followers. 


Three Top Mommy Bloggers in the Philippines Ranked By Facebook

Image: The Misty Mom Instagram Profile. Screenshot was taken on August 13, 2019


While Shari seems to be more focused on Instagram, she remains one of the most popular mom bloggers on Facebook. She tackles three subjects in all platforms—motherhood, fashion style, and beauty tips. She differentiated herself from other mom bloggers in the Philippines by also establishing herself as a beauty blogger. 

What these three mom bloggers teach us

Convincing people to follow your pages or website takes much effort. These three mom bloggers have employed some useful strategies which you can apply yourself to attract more followers to your Facebook page:

  1. Choose specific words and topics: All three moms use words like “mommy,” “domestic,” and “mom” as part of their page’s names, letting visitors immediately know that their pages cater to moms. These mommy bloggers also know which topics are relatable to their audience. Some even focused on specific subjects, like Denise posting food recipes, or Shari writing beauty tips. 
  2. Post engaging content: Thanks to useful content, these moms are able to engage their followers and attract visitors to their pages. Using visual content, like photos and videos, provides additional appeal.
  3. Take advantage of multiple platforms: These moms use several platforms to maintain their online presence. They also made sure to have “Like” and “Follow” buttons on their blogs so that their visitors can easily follow their Facebook and other social media pages in just a few clicks.

You can start applying these simple strategies for your Facebook pages. If done right, such tips will help you attract followers and get high engagement rates. Apply them, and explore other approaches to convince visitors to click that Like or Follow button.

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