Over the decade, YouTube’s mainstay of being one of the biggest media sharing platforms has never waded. With more than 500 hours of video content being uploaded every minute, there will always be a video for any content niche a person can think of. In parallel to this, video creators on this platform are always inclined to create new content for their viewers. Such content creates a wider scale of opportunities for future YouTubers and content creators.

The Transition of Culture & Trends: YouTube’s High-Rise this 2020

The coming of 2020 has proposed great changes in every corner of the globe. With the pandemic pushing through 2021, people have stayed in their homes for most of 2020. Few people are seen on the streets or even outside, making certain life events stood at a standstill. However, this made YouTube’s platform proliferate with different themes of content. For the record, at the start of 2020, over 5 billion views of workout routines can be done at home.

Unlikely Relationship: YouTube and Global Pandemic

Altering our way of living at this time has been proven difficult. With lockdown cities and states, more people are searching for ways to live life before within a roof. This change of culture brought up an evolving relationship with digital media, particularly YouTube.  With most people watching YouTube every day during the pandemic, this brought up online video replacements of live events, including masses and sports. 

Interesting Topic Trends this 2020

The Transition of Culture & Trends: YouTube’s High-Rise this 2020

The digital media giant, YouTube, has circumvented almost all niches of content. Whether you think of cooking, gaming, DIY’s, and even traveling. This immersive platform gives viewers the possibility of knowing information around them. YouTube provides live streaming events, hosting, gaming walkthroughs, and even beauty tutorials.  Here are some of the latest YouTube trends reported during the long months of 2020.

Workout regimens have always played a huge part in everyday life of people. This has made especially true with today’s time. People have decided to turn to YouTube’s immense media library for homework out routines from staying fit to even losing weight. Furthermore, statistics say that almost 40% of people participated in an activity while watching a video. Moreover, 47% of people agreed that watching motivational speeches and videos helped them cope with hardships in their lives. And, 72% of people used YouTube during 2020 to exercise or keep fit.

Another interesting trend that is on the constant rise is the beauty and fashion niche. Makeup tutorials are in abundance in YouTube’s vast library. With several topics, including nail art, DIY haircuts, and fashion wear, there will always be a choice for any creator or viewer on this niche. Additionally, the trends in fashion significantly change through time, thus making this a massive topic for any viewer.

Music creation and development is another trending topic this 2020. Streaming different music genres and musical artists, YouTube’s music culture is expansive. Certain channels have also hopped in YouTube’s musical train. One, in particular, is Felix Kjellberg, also known online as PewDiePie, who created a rap video last year even if his main channel content is gaming walkthroughs.

Fans on Facebook Buy Their Favorite YouTubers Real YouTube Views as a “Thank You”

Sports is also one of the biggest trends in YouTube’s platform, buying real growth of YouTube views. Although, you will find virtual crowds sitting on the bleachers featuring viewer’s faces. Fans and followers alike still make it a notion to support their local team, especially within the NBA. Still garnering an unfathomable number of online streamers, the NBA has successfully utilized YouTube’s platform as its main channel for their home viewers.

The gaming industry also has a huge share of views and trends during 2020. With the high-rise of online gamers, different gaming walkthroughs have spread throughout YouTube’s platform. Also, one of the largest and most subscribed channels on YouTube is a gaming channel with over 107 million subscribers.

One notable trending topic on YouTube is food. Food channels rank as one of the most successful channels during this pandemic, from food reviews to actual food cooking recipes. People can find different cuisines and recipes with just a few clicks. Moreover, YouTube’s Culture & Trend team analyzes hundreds of individual pieces of trending phenomena and sums it up with the help of the new Ipsos MORI surveys.

Vlogs have also started to increase in fame within the borders of YouTube. From celebrities to normal citizens, vlog-making has become a way to share their way of living. Reaction videos, hosting events, and many more, vlog making has created an opportunity for new and future content creators to share their brand of ideas on YouTube.

Paving the Way for New Creators for 2021

The Transition of Culture & Trends: YouTube’s High-Rise this 2020

With huge amounts of video uploads on YouTube’s platform, people can search for anything in its library. Overlapping with Google’s suggestions, videos become more discreet and relevant for the viewers. Moreover, not only are uploaded videos significant for the viewers but also the creators. The underlying data helps YouTube’s Culture and Trends report optimize a better platform for future media sharers. The shifts that YouTube makes are solely dependent on these reports. This gives newer content and upcoming creators a better light in the media competition.

The ending report of this thorough analysis provides a more profound, interactive summary of the present digital trends. Additionally, the content is mainly centered on audience behavior to live stream events, including workouts and sports. Once the analysis has been examined, the resulting report offers insight for future content creators to see what’s behind the top trending topics of the past year.

Stepping Stone for Future Creators

As the isolation of people during this dire time permeates, having a social connection through different means is essential for self-growth and the increase in common linking between folks. As one of the leading social media & video sharing platforms online, YouTube has created a sustainable network of users to complement its viewers’ needs.  Moreover, it delivers a huge opportunity for creators to share, implement, and improve their content within its walls. Today’s trending videos become the stepping stone for future content creators.

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