There’s a high chance that you saw many of the products you now own from ads. That could be posters on the streets, billboards, or social media platforms like Facebook.

What’s great about online ads is that, unlike the posters you see on the streets, they are almost always relevant to you. That’s because many tech companies analyze and use data to send you ads in line with your interests. And that makes this convenient; you discover more products that you like, and advertisers can reach you more easily.

However, there’s a problem. Facebook has long faced criticisms over how it handles users’ privacy. And you may feel the problem sometimes; you may feel like the ads are being too intrusive. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a podcast that some of his employees lovingly call him “Eye of Sauron.” He says it refers to how well he can focus on one area. But others have theories that may not be the actual meaning of the nickname. It could refer to how he watches the users’ activities.

The Rift Between Apple and Facebook Over Privacy and Security

So, you may want to stop Facebook from collecting and using your information to target you with ads. However, you can’t do that – at least on most devices.

One of the “Big Five” tech companies released an update that put it in a feud with Facebook. That’s Apple, which new software update stops Facebook from collecting information about its users.

The Apple Software Update That Made Facebook Fuming

Have you ever wondered why the ads you see are almost always relevant to you? That’s because companies like Facebook track your activities by checking how you use your phone. For example, they know which games you play often or what are your latest purchases on an e-commerce app.

What Apple did with its iOS 14 update enraged Facebook. Users will see a pop-up asking them if they will allow companies to follow them from app to app. 

Developers will need the user’s permission through the AppTrackingTransparency Framework to track them or access their devices’ advertising identifiers. Facebook will be affected by that, and the tech giant is not pleased.

Apple wants to offer more transparency to its users. On the other hand, Facebook wants the internet to stay free for everyone.

Facebook Stands For Small Everywhere

How would you feel if you knew you had a stalker? If you can make them stop by telling them to, would you do it? For most people, the answer would be a big, fat, “Yes.” Nobody likes being followed around.

Apple’s iOS14, iPadOS14, and tvOS14 update allows you to do that. You can choose whether or not to let companies monitor your activities off their platforms.

The Rift Between Apple and Facebook Over Privacy and Security

Facebook predicts that most users would not give companies this permission. The company says that it is going to affect millions of developers negatively.

Facebook is so angry that it published a full newspaper ad. It says that Apple is against the concept of free internet. “We’re standing up to Apple for small businesses everywhere,” said Facebook in the newspaper ad.

Facebook says that millions of small businesses use the platform’s advertising tools each month. That’s a fact. The platform’s reputation as the biggest social media platform attracts marketers since it provides them with a wide reach. And its highly customizable ad targeting system does not disappoint them. Aside from selling products, businesses also use Facebook to hire employees and engage with customers.

Apple’s move will take this away from those businesses. Yes, Facebook can still track Android users’ activities, so Apple’s iOS14 update did not take away the ability. However, losing access to almost all iOS users’ data is still a significant loss.

Facebook admits that this change does not affect large companies like Meta that much. However, small businesses will take a devastating blow.

And who will benefit from this? That would be Apple. People who do not want to be tracked by companies are likely to buy their products. So while giving users transparency is great, the company has the hidden agenda of increasing sales.

Facebook Vs. Apple

Both companies have a point. However, their arguments are backed by wanting something for personal gains.

Apple promotes transparency, which all users like. It is correct that digital advertising harvests personal information without people’s consent or knowledge. Perhaps, you would not know how Facebook tracks your offline activities if not for this article.

But again, Apple made this move to promote its products. Privacy has become one of people’s main concerns when using the internet. And Apple’s products are now the answer to that problem.

Facebook also has good and bad points. You can access free social media platforms, emails, and entertainment because ads paid for them. But Apple is disabling companies from tracking user activities to target them with ads. That is not good for free internet.

However, like Apple, Facebook is against Apple’s update because it hurts its profits. But it says it is fighting for small businesses around the world to make it less obvious.

Why Should This Concern You

So, Apple provides users with a safe environment where people can forget their worries about privacy. On the other hand, Facebook is pro-data gathering because it helps advertisers who make the internet work.

Who is right, and who is wrong? We can’t provide an answer to that. But whatever happens at the end of this mess determines the future of the consumer internet.

The Rift Between Apple and Facebook Over Privacy and Security

Advertisers need to develop new data-gathering strategies if Apple wins the war. So even if many people say “No” when asked for permission, the advertising industry may keep going strong. 

On the other hand, if Facebook wins, many users will be mad. It will strengthen the idea that Facebook does not care about its users’ privacy and that it only cares about profits. There’s a high chance more people would abandon Facebook and flock to other social platforms.

Prepare yourself for both scenarios because whatever happens will have big aftereffects.

Here’s Why The Drama Between Apple and Facebook Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

Recently, there has been a significant rift between Facebook and Apple regarding privacy. Here’s a breakdown of the main issues at play:

  1. Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency feature: Apple recently introduced a new App Tracking Transparency feature as part of its iOS 14 operating system. This feature requires apps to ask for users’ permission before tracking their data across other apps and websites. Facebook has been vocal in its opposition to this feature, arguing that it will negatively impact the company’s ability to target ads and result in revenue loss.
  2. Facebook’s use of user data: Apple’s new feature has also brought attention to Facebook’s use of user data for targeted advertising. Facebook has long been criticized for its data collection practices, and the company has faced numerous privacy scandals in the past. Apple’s new feature highlights these practices and could potentially lead to further scrutiny of Facebook’s data collection practices.
  3. The tension between the two companies: The rift between Facebook and Apple has led to significant tension between the two companies. Facebook has launched a public campaign against Apple’s new feature, arguing that it will harm small businesses that rely on targeted advertising to reach their audience. On the other hand, Apple has maintained that its new feature is necessary to protect users’ privacy.

Overall, the rift between Facebook and Apple regarding privacy centers around Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency feature and Facebook’s use of user data for targeted advertising. The tension between the two companies has been significant, with Facebook launching a public campaign against Apple’s new feature and Apple defending its decision to protect users’ privacy.

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