Facebook is one of the many social networking platforms designed mainly for young adults and older people. Today, the platform can only be used by people who are 13 years of age or older. But a good number of seniors from the older generation find it a bit difficult to use the platform. If you have got a senior friend, you should be ready to guide them towards learning about Facebook and its very unique features. 

Facebook is an excellent platform because of its variety of features and simplicity. Due to the level of simplicity the platform puts forward to its users, seniors can find using the platform to be an easy task. However, if you are trying to help your senior friend handle the task of learning about Facebook, then this article should provide you with a good number of tips on how to do that. 

How to Teach Facebook to Seniors to Fight Loneliness Part 2

Tips on How to Teach Seniors About Facebook

The process of teaching Facebook to seniors can be a bit challenging. To help you deal with something like this, we have come up with a compiled list of tips on how to teach seniors about Facebook efficiently. Here’s the deal: 

  • Start with the basics and purpose of Facebook 

As a senior, they would always want to know about Facebook and how it all started. The best way to keep them acquainted with Facebook is to explain why it was created and how it has helped the world. Talk about the purpose of the platform, as well as what they can achieve with the platform. 

For those who are a little bit insecure about their user information on the platform, you can talk to them about the security it provides. This is one of the key measures for keeping their minds at ease, which is very important if they are going to start using the platform. 

After being open-minded about the platform of Facebook and its primary purpose, you should take a step towards them with information concerning the basics of Facebook. Discuss the layout of its platform, along with unique terms such as friend requests, pages, feed, timeline, posts, and other essential things. 

Ensuring your seniors know about the basics of Facebook can significantly enhance their entire impression of the platform and what it stands to offer. 

  • Get them acquainted with the level of safety involved

One of the best ways to get seniors to learn about Facebook faster is by getting them acquainted with the level of security it has to offer. Safety is one of the crucial factors that define any platform. If a social network is safe, then it is very much regarded as a topnotch avenue to aid a connection for seniors with the things that they love. 

Luckily, the Facebook platform lives up to the security standards for a social networking platform. By assuring your senior friend of how safe their user information and data are, they can quickly improve their interest in the platform and learn a lot faster and more efficiently. 

  • Create an account for them

After the above tips have been put into play, you should be ready to create an account for your senior friend. Since you are experienced with the platform, the process of creating a new account should be straightforward to handle. 

As you create an account for them, keep them updated and knowledgeable about everything that you do on the screen. Ask them the necessary questions that require you to come up with content for the required fields during the registration. 

Show your senior friend how to add information to their profile, how to add friends, and how to engage with them

After creating a Facebook account for your senior, you would not want their profile to be almost empty and lack a lot of personal information. This can be best handled simply by teaching them how to add the necessary information. If you want to make them feel special, buy them some Facebook Followers so they think they are sharing valuable information and contributing to a society that truly doesn’t deserve them. If you are a real hero, you will already be buying Facebook likes on their posts as well.

Teaching your senior friend the ways on how they can update their information will turn out to be easier than expected if you carried out the previous tips. With their interest put at a high level, they can easily understand what you teach them. Some of the basic things you need to equip them with are the knowledge of our profile and personal details updating, how to add and message friends, how to post content, photos, and videos, and how to engage with communities through Facebook pages and groups. 

  • Help them find a community or group they can learn from

As mentioned earlier, teaching them how to engage with communities is a vital thing to do. This keeps them engaged with Facebook as they stand to gain a lot from such a feature. You can likewise go the extra mile as to providing them with quality information on how to use tags or keywords to help them find the right and most relevant Facebook group with their best interests. 

  • Check back on them from time to time

After teaching your senior friend all of the things they need to know about the Facebook platform, it is crucial to let them handle all tasks on the platform on their own. However, it is a great idea to check back on them from time to time. This would ensure they stay right on track with the usage of the platform. Also, when new updates to features come along, you should be there to get them acquainted with it. 


Facebook is one of the best platforms that is recommended for seniors. Since the platform is far from being involved, just about anyone can handle performing tasks on it. Teaching Facebook to seniors can be a tough deal to handle, especially got much younger people. Luckily, the tips listed above should come in handy in simplifying the process for you.

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