There are 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook, yet you’re having difficulties convincing any of them to like your Facebook page. What is it you’re not doing? Or what is it you’re doing wrong?

Getting people to like your page is challenging, but it is also essential even (or especially?) now when organic reach is declining. The average organic reach is currently estimated to be at 6.4%. This means that if you have 1,000 followers, only 64 of them will have the chance to see your post on their news feed. To reach the majority of your followers, you would need to invest in a Facebook ad campaign or do one or all of the tactics I’m going to share in this post.

Do Facebook page likes still matter?

Before going into the tactics to get Facebook likes, let’s explore one question that has been nagging the community: Since organic reach is declining, do Facebook likes still matter?

Yes, they still do. Even when the posts you upload on your page no longer appear on all of your followers’ feed, Facebook likes still matter although they are significantly less valuable these days.

The declining organic reach should not discourage page owners. Instead, this should be a reason for them to strive hard in getting more and more people to like their page. The more likes you have, the more people you can reach.

Now that this issue is settled, let’s get on with the real meat.

Tactics you should use to gain high-quality followers

There’s one effective way to tackle the declining organic reach, and that’s through engagement. It’s one of the few things experts understand when it comes to the Facebook algorithm. The more your content is shared, liked, commented on, and saved, the more chances Facebook will make it visible to more people. 

Not only will the engagement enable you to reach out to your followers’ own network, but it will also help tag your content as high quality which is the key to getting the attention of the ever-changing Facebook algorithm. 

The challenge is in finding high-quality followers — people who not only follow your page but will also engage with your content. Here are some things you can do to attract high-quality page likes.

Strategic use of pinned post

Your pinned post will be one of the first items page visitors will see, so choose wisely. The following posts are often pinned by brands:

  • Big announcements
  • Accomplishments and awards
  • Latest events organized or sponsored by the company 
  • An introductory or welcome post
  • Latest sales or marketing promotions

A video that tells about your brand’s story and mission will do great, as well as a positive review from one of your clients. A post that already has high engagement is best since people tend to look for social proof.

Tactics That Will Bring You High Quality Facebook Likes

Image: Silicon Valley Pinned Post. The Screenshot was taken on August 19, 2019

Whatever you pin, remember that the goal is for new visitors to get to know your brand and like you enough to like your page.

Exclusive deals and coupons

Although buyers are more motivated by loss than by gain, they still care about getting discounts and coupons when they reach the decision to buy something. For example, when someone decides they want to buy a juicer, they would go for a seller that offers big savings. This buyer psychology tells you that offering deals and coupons exclusively to Facebook followers is a great way to gain more followers. 

Tactics That Will Bring You High Quality Facebook Likes

Even when they haven’t really decided to buy, people will more likely follow you to keep tabs on your promos. 

Facebook has an Offer feature you can use to create coupons with terms and conditions, making your promotion look professional. You can set a discount percentage or a flat discount amount, select the end date of the promo, and choose where buyers can redeem the coupon (in-store or online).

After creating the offer, promote it on your website, on your other social media profiles, send it to your mailing list, and ask your followers to tell their friends about it. 

Search optimization

People are increasingly using Facebook’s search engine to search for products and services. It is therefore important to optimize your Facebook page and your content for search. The way to do this is to create your posts like how you would a blog post, except that it’s way shorter. Here are some tips:

  • List the keywords that your target audience might use.
  • Use these keywords in your captions.
  • Use these keywords in your About section.

Make sure that your Facebook page name contains the brand and product name so it will appear on the search results when users search for the product and when they search for your brand.

Tactics That Will Bring You High Quality Facebook Likes

Post consistently

Sporadically posting on your Facebook page will only bury you in your followers’ feeds. It also makes you look disinterested in what you do, and people won’t like this. Most small businesses are guilty of this “I’ll post more when I have more followers” mentality, not knowing that they should be doing the opposite. Because they don’t post often and consistently, they are not getting more followers. When a user visits your page to browse your timeline, they will notice how active or inactive you are. 

Try posting three to five times a week, if not every day, and don’t just post for the sake of posting. Share something that adds value to your followers and will encourage them to interact. Ask questions and use calls-to-action. Even when nobody or only a few responds, keep at it. Visitors will see your efforts and the right people will hit that like button.

Getting the most out of your Facebook followers

There are other surefire ways to get more Facebook likes, and more tactics will surface in response to the constant updates made to the Facebook algorithm and to the changing consumer behavior. 

When you do build your Facebook following and start getting more page likes, consider doing these things so you can get the most out of them:

  • Build rapport with your followers: It’s important to interact with your followers by replying to comments and tagging them in some of your posts. 
  • Drive engagement by asking questions: Sometimes, followers need you to ask questions so they are encouraged to converse with you. Ask engaging and relevant questions in your posts, and include CTAs.
  • Invite followers to events: If you have in-store events, invite your followers and offer exclusive freebies to them.

These tactics will hopefully help you start building your network on Facebook. Remember though that the challenge in Facebook marketing is not only in attracting people to like your page but also in retaining them and converting these likes into sales. 


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