The story of this very famous feline, who was once a neglected cat, is definitely worth your time. The story begins when a busker and a former drug addict who lives in Covent Garden, where he survives each day by playing Nirvana songs to the uninterested public, found a stray cat on his doorstep. He tried to drive the cat away; however, the feline refused to leave. Instead, it went into his house and ended up living with him.

With the cat living with him, the busker’s life started to change and become better. He eventually stopped busking and started selling, “The Big Issue.” He then was spotted by a literary agent who commissions a book. The busker’s book became famous and sold millions of copies all around the globe. This leads him to have a film entitled, “A Street Cat Named Bob.” The former busker and Bob’s owner is the man named James Bowen.

Facebook Following Record Holder for Cats

Before Bob and Jame’s fame, the two would travel around London on a bus, with the feline secured on a lead placed on James’s shoulders. Bob is more substantial than an average cat. He has a thick and lustrous marmalade fur that complements his piercing green eyes.  Nobody can accuse a cat of buying Facebook followers though!

However, recognition is a big problem. There was a time when Bob and James arrived in the West End hotel where they have a meeting with someone. Not long after they arrived in the hotel’s lounge, a receptionist appeared and politely told James that cats are not allowed in the hotel. 

Little did the receptionist know, the cat, which they forbade from being in the hotel lounge, is the most famous feline in the animal kingdom. Bob has more than 500,000 followers on Facebook. He was also able to sell over five million copies of his books in 45 different languages. 

James’s Challenging Upbringing

James was born in Surrey. At the age of three, his parents separated. James was left with her mother and eventually moved to Australia, where his troubled life of always moving from home to another began. Furthermore, his mother remarried, and he lived a bad experience with his stepfather. James eventually fell into addiction and was put under psychiatric treatment. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD. 

At 18 years of age, James came back alone to the UK with plans to make music in London. Unable to find a home, he ended up being a busker on the streets where he developed a heroin addiction. According to James, when you are living on the streets, drugs become your escape. Nobody wants to be homeless. However, some accept homelessness. According to James, he made a choice to do something and change his life for the better.

Bob, the Famous Feline

In 2007, James entered a methadone program. He moved into a supported housing located in the Tottenham area of North London. Not long after he moved in, he saw Bob on his doorstep, looking as if he had been in a fight,

After three days, Bob is still staying outside James’s house. James asked his neighbors if Bob belongs to anyone and found out that he didn’t. The man took the cat in and fed him. He then noticed that Bob has an abscess on his leg. So, he took him to the RSPCA, where the cat was given antibiotics worth £28, James’s last money. After that, James would always put Bob outside his house, where the cat would wait for him to go home, and then leave with his guitar on his shoulder. 

The Road to Soaring Fame and Earnings

Every day, James and Bob would take the bus to the location where James busks. James taught the cat how to high five. The cat got the public’s attention, which started the beginning of Bob’s and Jame’s career. Every day, people would bring knitted scarves, tins of tuna, and sardines, not for James but for this cat.

By the time James was done with his methadone treatment, he had stopped busking and started selling The Big Issue outside the Angel Tube Station. Since the Tube Station is always filled with people who look for a place to stop by before going home from work, Bob gave them one. Videos of Bob and James appeared on YouTube, and shortly after, a local newsletter wrote up the two’s story.

The Beginnings of the Book and Fame

Mary Pachnos, a literacy agent, got interested in Bob and James. Pachnos introduced the two to a ghostwriter named Garry Jenkins, and the book, “A Street Cat Named Bob,” was published in 2012. James and Bob appeared on the BBC Breakfast Program, and the first print of their book had already sold out.

The book was about the story of how Bob saved James. In the book, James wrote, “my life was richer for having Bob in it.” And no, he was not talking about the money. He became richer because Bob changed his life.

James treated Bob like a child, his responsibility. Heroin cuts you off from the world. In James’s case, Bob brought him back to it. The fame of these two sprung up in almost all the corners of the world. 

Now, when James and Bob would go on a book signing, Bob has his own bodyguard. He also implemented a no stroking and no flash photography rule.

It is incredible what Bob has done to Jame’s life. The once homeless man was able to buy a house due to Bob’s fame. James has also acquired two more cats. One is a kitten he named Ming and another elderly cat that he took in when it had nowhere to go. Unfortunately, the older cat has lymphoma. James does not know why Bob chose him. Nevertheless, he is thankful that the feline came into his life.

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