The world indeed loves news, and a good piece of the story in the news can go viral within minutes; that we know. Some news can be catchy, but some can be presented in unforgettable ways. That is precisely what Social Stars does to you; bringing you the news bits that hit the waves more than others. News can break because of various reasons; but whether it is overwatched or under-watched, it depends on who brings it to you.

Social Stars focuses on bringing you the trending local news every other month, with a more significant focus on their trending reasons. Social Stars has chosen to focus only on stories trending on Facebook timelines. The main goal is to try and analyze and get insight into what Facebook users hope to catch from the numerous publishers on the vast social media platform.

One thing was noted in this whole plan, though. Facebook is an extensive community that comprises of billions of users. Therefore, getting a summary of all the news from across such a platform might prove harder than anticipated. In the meantime, people still needed to read and react to these news pieces, and somehow Social Stars had to find a working path. How they did it is pretty impressive; by using the Crowd-tangle feature to pick out of the crowd the best stories. Here are the three categories of the primary Facebook stories this year, 2019.

Over performing Stories

For these stories, Social Stars used the ‘over-performing’ feature within Crowd-tangle. This feature works by showing stories that came top based on how they were over performed. This was compared against millions of other similar stories and also averaged against the expectation on such stories on every existing page, within four weeks. Using this criterion, Social Stars came up with the following stories.

  • A mother was reported to have killed her two children (daughters) for allegedly coming in between her and her sex life.
  • Aldi in Reading is generous enough to be sharing their leftover food with the homeless people around them.
  • A teenage girl aged seventeen reportedly lost her life after allegedly having an overdose of drugs in the concluded Leeds Festival.
  • Scotland once again was in the picture as the oldest man in the county celebrated his one hundred and seventh year!
  • A girl aged nine went missing in Elgin, and there is an urgent appeal by friends and family to help in bringing the girl back home.

These, among many other storylines, made it to the top of Facebook stories in 2019 based on the over-performing posts.


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Highest Interaction Rate Stories

According to Social Stars, these stories were picked from the crowd because of landing the highest interaction rate. Interactions on a story on Facebook can come in terms of likes, comments, shares, and reposting. Basically, it is determined by having the interactions on a given story divided by the likes on the page by the time the post was made. This means that it was most likely that such a story will appear on the timelines of as many people as possible. But again, Social Stars only picked what the majority of Facebook users picked. With this category, here are the top stories.

  • A television company in Britain is reportedly looking to find the country’s loudest snorer. Maybe for an award?
  • Ormskirk is about to be the newest host of the renowned Harry Porter café, which is allegedly being set up soon there.
  • Apparently there is more than you know about the gigs of Ed Sheeran, one of the world’s top musicians, producers, and songwriters.
  • As new joints open, others are getting closed down. Such is the fate of the famous Café Britannia and the fantastic Park Britannia.
  • The lovers of the sport of golf have all reasons to smile with an addition to their vast clubs; the crazy golf course that is super vast and complete with a jungle theme is now open for the public.

The Most Shared Stories

This is the third category of stories according to Social Stars. It was achieved from simply picking out the stories that were shared the most across the Facebook Platform. This is different from the other reactions and is purely centered on the number of times a story was shared. A shared story is not necessarily a property of one person, because once they activate the ‘share’ button, it can go as viral as it was intended to. So, here are the most shared stories of 2019.

  • The mother who killed her two daughters for allegedly getting in the way of her sex life made it to the top list of the most shared stories on Facebook in 2019 with about forty-one thousand shares!
  • Tourists in Cornwall had an incredible time watching the rare family of humpback whales that were seen off the coast of the country; this had about ten thousand shares.
  • Remember the kids who were killed in the arson attack in Manchester? Well, there were seven thousand shares of their mother, Michelle Pearson, who has died in what looks more like ‘joining her babies’
  • Well, kind gestures are popping up everywhere, as once again, the Aldi stores in Reading come to the limelight for giving away their leftover foods to the homeless people around. This had close to six thousand shares.
  • Another top shared story on Facebook in 2019 is the one about the teenage girl aged seventeen who passed on after allegedly indulging in an overdose on her drugs.
  • In other stories, can you stay in a haunted house? Well, the most haunted prison in the United Kingdom, located near Bristol, lets you stay overnight! There were approximately five thousand shares to this story.
  • The lovers of rugby were treated to the trending news that Wales is now ranked number one best players across the world in the rugby rankings.

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