Ouch, you’ve deleted a meaningful conversation on Facebook, and now you want to retrieve it. Is it a link to a course you just signed up for, or contact of a friend you’ve been trying to reconnect with. Whatever it is, few users have luck retrieving deleted messages on Facebook.

This is because most messages aren’t backed-up. Hence it is permanently removed from your conversation once you click on “delete.” To recover deleted messages, most users are left with the option of asking the original sender to resend it if they’re on talking terms or look for other means if otherwise.

Frankly, options are limited when it comes to restoring deleted Facebook messages. Not a lot of software has been utilized to more significant effect. Hence, you should always have a rethink before deleting your messages since the chances of retrieving is slim.

Fortunately, few techniques still work, and we will be sharing some of them with you in this guide. Read on to discover the most natural way of retrieving your deleted Facebook messages.

Achieved Messages

Most times, it’s possible to mistakenly achieve your messages. What this does is that it temporarily removes this message from your conversation. Words can be incorrectly executed when you tap on the “X” icon beside a user’s chat.

Archived messages can be recovered. To do this, simply go to the Facebook messenger app and go to “chats,” hit the search bar. Type in the name of the user you had the conversation with and select from the available search result.

Simply tap the name of the user and go through their conversation to retrieve the messages. If you do not find this message here, it means that you’ve permanently deleted it, making it difficult to recover.

At this point, the most comfortable option will be to get in touch with the contact and ask them to resend the messages to you if they still have it or ask for a screenshot. However, if this person has also deleted it from their chat (if the information is sensitive), you will have to dig deep to get this particular message.

We hope the options below will help.


Check if Facebook Messages are forwarded to your email

If you have email notification enabled for your social media handles, you will receive a notification message whenever a new message drops. If your account is linked to your mail, you can go ahead and search for the same conversation or message from your inbox.

Recovery Apps

 Most users have come out to share their frustration in retrieving deleted messages, several recovery apps have surfaced. You will find several ones from Chinese developers who promise to restore deleted messages, especially recent ones.

However, you shouldn’t trust this software as such mediums are capable of extracting sensitive information from your account. This leaves you susceptible to attacks from hackers, making it easier for your privacy to be invaded.

Backing Up Your Messages

Whether you’ve had a hard time recovering deleted messages before or still waiting for your first experience, it makes sense for you to backup all your messages before the unlikely happens. Most people fail to do this since Facebook can be accessed from a variety of devices and doesn’t work like WhatsApp, where your chat history disappears when trying to access from another device.

Treat your Facebook messages like that of WhatsApp by backing it up regularly. This way, it’s easier to retrieve all messages, even recently deleted one. Follow the steps below to learn how to backup your Facebook messages.

  • Log into your Facebook account from a desktop and navigate to settings
  • Go to the notification bar and scroll down to locate “email.”
  • Expand the email section and select the option that says “All.”
  • Now, go back to the settings menu and select “, your Facebook information” menu
  • Within this menu, select the option that says “download your information” and leave only the box beside “messages” checked.
  • Now, click create a file, and Facebook will create a backup of all your messages and send them to your email?

Tips To Hide Sensitive Information Rather Than Deleting

Deleting a message too soon can come back to haunt you. If you have sensitive information on your timeline you want to keep from a third-party, it’s better to keep it on Archive and create a password for the Archive file as well!

However, if the conversation isn’t confidential, a password won’t be needed. The Facebook archive serves as a medium for transferring unnecessary conversation. This way, you can restore them easily.

Lastly, if you feel that your account has been hacked or think someone has a password to your account, it’s better to transfer all your confidential information from this Social media platform before you delete it. This way, you have a copy of the conversation, and you can access it whenever possible.

How To Archive Facebook Messages

  • Log into your Facebook account on a desktop and click the triangle option to access the settings menu.
  • Under settings, click “general” and edit the settings
  • Select “download a copy.”
  • Select “Start my Archive” to download a copy of all the things you’ve shared on Facebook.
  • You should get a pop-up message for your password before you are allowed to “submit.”
  • Click “Start my Archive” and wait for a few minutes for Facebook to gather all your conversation, photos, videos, and posts.
  • Once the download is completed, click “Ok” and Facebook will send the downloaded copy to your email if it is linked to your account.


Despite emphasizing on creating an Archive, you ought to know that there are pros and cons of doing this. Sometimes, if you have a message you’re not comfortable with anyone else seeing it, it’s better to get rid of it rather than having it lying around.

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