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The Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook Likes

There are two sides to everything, especially the controversial “Buy Facebook Likes” market. We’ve been using and testing these services for over a year, and we’ve become very familiar with both the Advantages and Disadvantages of buying Facebook likes. Below, you’ll find our detailed list of Pros and Cons. Read them well, and decide for yourself if these services are right for you.

The Pros

  • Kick-Start A Business’s Facebook Page: Instead of starting from zero, you can start from a few hundred to a few thousand Facebook Likes to quickly get things in gear.
  • Strengthen Your Social Credibility: To put this in simpler terms, you’ll look more reputable so people are more likely to take you seriously, like your page and/or do business with you. The more Likes and Followers you have, the more social credibility you have.
  • More Effective Marketing Campaigns: Your internet ad campaigns will be visibly more effective. It’s true. Looking more reputable (as mentioned above) will make Internet marketing campaigns, both on and off social networks, more effective.
  • Increase Online Sales and Conversions: We often see increase of an average of 20% in online sales and conversions, when bought likes are combined with a solid digital marketing campaign. Specifically, we saw the best results if you have Social Widgets or counters on your website.
  • Increase Natural Facebook Likes: We typically see an average increase of natural Facebook Likes by 40%. This again, is part of the whole ‘Social Credibility’ benefit but we thought it would be important to mention this dramatic boost in organic likes.

The Cons

  • Not Real People: The Likes/Fans you'll get are not coming from real people. They are usually inactive accounts. Any company that claims that their Buy Facebook Like service delivers real likes is almost certainly lying and should not be trusted.
  • Not A Complete Solution: These services only provide a boost for your marketing campaigns — they won't do everything for you. You still need to market and engage your fans to achieve success.
  • Decreased Ratio of Real Activity: While you'll get an overall increase in activity on your page, a higher portion of that will be inactive. If you buy Facebook followers, you'll decrease the ratio of active fans.
  • Somewhat Frowned Upon: Buying Facebook Likes isn’t exactly the most publicly acceptable practice, so you’ll have to keep things on the down low if you do it.
  • Scams Are Everywhere: Always read reviews before ordering and avoid newer and cheaper providers, as they will usually offer very low quality results. Check our test results before making a purchase.

There you have it! The Pros and Cons of buying Views. In our opinion, the pros easily outweigh the cons especially if you are (1) careful where you are buying your reviews from and (2) don't mind being a little unethical on the downlow

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