Social media marketing has significantly transformed the mode of marketing in today’s business environment. In the current technology era, the internet has become an integral tool in elevating brands and improving the popularity of businesses. Facebook is the world’s most popular social network with millions of active accounts. The social media platform allows people to create pages. Such a page helps in creating and maintaining a brand. However, for such a page to be influential and popular, it needs to have many likes. The more likes a page has, the more popular it is. The zeal to have many likes has led people to look for ways of increasing likes. The main way to increase the number of likes is through buying Facebook likes. In this article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of buying Facebook likes.

Likes to Cash: Knowing Your Social Media Worth

Pros of buying Facebook likes

Makes your page look legitimate

In the current era where legitimacy is gauged by the number of likes on a page, buying Facebook likes is one way to make your page seem genuine. People find it difficult to trust a page with a few likes no matter the type of products or services offered by the owner. Since it takes a while before establishing a wide fan base, buying Facebook likes is one way to improve your page’s legitimacy. Many likes improves the credibility and sustainability of your brand. The content shared on your page becomes more reliable and trustworthy if more people back it up.

Build faster reach

A large number of likes helps in reducing the effort needed to establish a business reputation. besides getting many likes within a short period, the page will show up in many people’s feeds. Buying Facebook likes helps in creating an environment for people to think more about your product. This is helpful for B2C business owners with the need to accumulate likes even if the likes do not reflect real customers.

You can get new real fans

While many people might like your page because of the many likes already accumulated, there is a probability of getting genuine ones. An increased number of genuine followers helps in improving the level of interaction on your page.

Increased sales

Improved number of fans translates to increased sales. The main objective to have a large fan base is to convert your members to potential customers. When you purchase Facebook likes, more people interact with your products. You, therefore, have a better chance to convert this high number to your customers.

Cons of buying Facebook likes

Lack of relevant audience

Many institutions that sell Facebook likes to generate them from fake accounts. Therefore, if you buy likes, you should be prepared that most of them will not reflect your real target audience. People have different target audiences in relation to the type of niche they choose. When you buy likes, you will attract many people with no interest in your content. Most of the people who will like your page will be only be attracted by the number of likes it has. Few people will show interest in your services. After liking the page, most of them will forget about your products.

Buying Facebook likes does give you an original market. You only get paid audience that assists you to get more likes for your account.

Low level of engagement

Facebook is a social media platform that attracts people with common interests to engage. The main reason for creating a page is to establish a common pool for people with the same goals to interact and engage. When you buy Facebook likes, there is a big probability to have dormant or fake accounts as part of your fan base. While you might have thousands of likes, the level of engagement on your page could be incredibly low. This dismal interaction level affects your brand negatively. Engagement on social media platforms helps in selling your brand and receiving feedback. The feedback in return helps to improve on the level of quality of the services you offer. When engagement levels are low, few people will know about your product, you will get limited feedback which also affects the quality of your products.

Retarded sales

Since many of the Facebook likes are from dormant or fake Facebook accounts, you will have a few legitimate likes which you can turn to potential customers. In Facebook marketing every like you get should be treated as a customer. However, buying Facebook likes can hinder this process since you do not know the exact number of potential customers.

Societal observation

Society can have a different view of your business when it realizes that you bought Facebook likes. For many people, success is a result of hard work. When you buy Facebook likes, many people view it as a shortcut of success and trickery to lure them into liking your page. They could even stop liking your posts of purchasing your products. Eventually, this affects your sales.

Prevents some legitimate fans from seeing your posts

Depending on the number of people who like your page, only a small percentage will see your posts. Facebook has a sophisticated algorithm that allows a small percentage of your followers to see the content to post. The social media claims that only 16% of your followers will see your posts. Therefore, if you have thousands of fake likes and a few likes from genuine accounts, only a few people will see your posts. This has adverse effects on your business since there are only a handful of people viewing your content.

Without a doubt, Facebook offers an excellent platform to accelerate the popularity of your brand or business. The platform measures the superiority of accounts by the number of likes they gather. This has made many people buy Facebook likes for their accounts to look more engaging and popular than others. While purchasing Facebook likes have some benefits to your business, it has a share of its drawbacks. This article has given the pros and cons of buying likes. It is now upon you to examine your business and determine if you need to buy Facebook likes.

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