News about COVID-19 has spread throughout the world. The deadly disease often causes pneumonia-like symptoms that target the respiratory system. The infection leads to immense difficulty in breathing and severe cases of fever. Moreover, the highly contagious disease can be transmitted through coughing and contact with infected people. What’s more, studies have shown that coughing can release 3,000 microscopic droplets that inhibit the coronavirus. For this reason, several states and cities have announced social distancing and major quarantine procedures.

In the United States alone, the death toll of COVID-19 has passed 100, and the infection has spread throughout all the 50 states. With this, several people are now staying at home to avoid further contamination.

Implementation of Social Distancing During Quarantine

Distancing from people with possible cases of COVID-19 infection is a must. However, what is social distancing, and how can you implement it in your daily lives? Here are some commonly asked questions about this issue. 

What exactly is Social Distancing?

The notion of distancing does not only revolve around coming in contact with other people. The coronavirus has been regarded as a persistent disease that can live up to 3 hours on surfaces. What’s more, COVID-19 can stay for a decent amount of time in the air, which increases the risks of infection if you stay out of your house. Social distancing circumvents procedures like minimizing contact with people and maintaining a safe distance from others. 

Keep in mind; six feet is the ideal distance to keep when nearing a person. Another factor in which social distancing is essential is public transport. With the crisis showing no signs of stopping, avoid using public transportation like buses, subways, and cabs. Moreover, limit travel and, if possible, work from home. 

Can I socialize with young people?

No. Even if older people with compromised immune systems and underlying health conditions are mostly targeted by the virus, young people are no exception. For instance, an NBA professional player has been confirmed to harbor the virus, thus concluding the season to a temporary suspension. Also, there is a higher chance of infection, especially if you do not know if the person you’re socializing with is actually coronavirus free. The virus has shown signs that the effects would only show after 14 days of infection. 

Can I visit my friends or have them come over?

Every person loves to have a decent company during times of calamity. However, if your location is currently on lockdown, you have little to no chance of leaving your house. The case is the same for your friend or family member. Moreover, the certainty of other people not being infected are slim and can cause severe consequences if you happen to invite them over for a cup of coffee. Although you can go outdoors, limit contact with other people. Also, have a disinfectant or alcohol with you always. Washing your hands frequently also helps in reducing the risk of infection. 

Can I buy groceries at the supermarket?

Although staying indoors is a priority, having the necessary goods to survive for days without going out is essential. Yes, you can go to the grocery and buy the needed products. However, do not hoard but instead take the essentials, including food, water, and hygiene necessities in the right amount. To further keep safe while shopping, bring disinfecting alcohol and wipes, just in case you try to touch contaminated surfaces like carts, buttons, and other goods.

Should I practice social distancing every day? 

Yes, practicing social distancing is a definite essential of today’s time. The only question left to answer is “until when?” Since the crisis has not yet been lifted, social distancing or staying at home must always be a top priority. These types of countermeasures can lower the risk of infection. However, limiting your activities can be annoying and dull, especially if you’re stuck at home. This is why most people reside in using their social media networks like Facebook to pass the time. 

Quarantine and its Effect on Facebook’s Platform

Since people are more driven to access their Facebook accounts due to the quarantine posed by COVID-19, it has become a great place to engage with an audience of your niche. Moreover, businesses are now taking over several social media platforms on the web, particularly Facebook. Since Facebook is the leading social media network on the internet, it provides a solid foundation for businesses to stand. Here are some advantages of using Facebook to increase your business visibility online during the quarantine.

High Rate of Traffic

COVID-19 and its spread enable Facebook users to enjoy the big swell on daily users. Since most people get their information online and on social media platforms like Facebook, it becomes essential for businesses to gather potential customers and clients. Not only are business owners affected with the swell in the audience but influencers too.

Increase Likes and Followers Exponentially

With higher traffic, your Facebook business page is subjected to better visibility and online presence. However, it would help if you remembered that posting the right content under your niche relevance must always be considered. Also, with the abundance of the audience, business owners are using this time to buy Facebook likes online. With people in turmoil, people are getting away with buying likes and followers for several social media platforms. This gives their profiles that instant boost of user engagements and traffic. 

The Bottom Line: Why Is Buying Facebook Likes Considered Illegal?

There are several misconceptions about buying REAL Facebook likes online. Some say that buying likes is bogus, but did you know that it increases your Facebook page’s credibility by a considerable margin? Since the massive upsurge in the audience has a significant impact on the number of daily users on Facebook, buying likes gives your posts and profile the improvement it needs to show up on other user’s timelines. This, in turn, helps in the conversion of users to become potential customers and clients. If you are searching for a site that offers REAL Facebook like them, look no further than Buy Likes Review

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