Businesses around the world are preparing to re-open. On the other hand, some have decided to go online as they feel safer selling their products using the internet than re-opening their physical stores. 

As more and more businesses expand online, the need for people to have easy ways to communicate with businesses to inquire or find something they might be interested in buying. 

Finding Out the New Ways of Connecting with Businesses on WhatsApp

Facebook understands the needs of business owners and consumers alike. In fact, this social media giant is supporting over 50 million users of WhatsApp Business. In order to help these businesses and the thousands of other larger businesses get discovered on the said app, Facebook is introducing new features where potential customers can chat with a business on WhatsApp. Through this, businesses could show potential customers what products or services they are offering. 

Begin a Chat with a Business on WhatsApp Using QR Codes    

QR codes make it very much easier to begin a chat with any business on WhatsApp. Back when QR codes do not exist yet, customers need to add the WhatsApp number of the business they came across with to their contacts. Once added, that is only when they could start chatting with that business. But now, they can simply scan the QR code of a business on its storefront, its receipt, or its product packaging in order to start a chat. 

Scanning the QR code of a particular store will open the chat that has an optional pre-populated message composed by the business to begin a conversation. 

For instance, Ki Mindful wearing is placing QR codes on product tags and packages. This helps them invite customers to reach out to them on whats happens when you buy Facebook likes. Notably, Ki Mindful Wearing is a brand of activewear based in Brazil. This business helped Facebook in the test feature of WhatsApp Business.

With the new feature of this messaging platform, businesses can easily send information such as a list of their products or services to get the conversation going. 

Sharing Business Catalogs Through WhatsApp Business

Catalogs allow businesses to show potential customers all the products or services that they offer. This method helps entrepreneurs close sales faster. Since catalogs were launched last year, they have become a popular way to have people engage with a business on WhatsApp. As a matter of fact, over 40 million individuals view a business catalog on WhatsApp every month.

Finding Out the New Ways of Connecting with Businesses on WhatsApp

Moreover, Facebook, the social media giant that owns WhatsApp, wants to make discovering products easier for consumers. For this reason, the company is making sharing catalogs and individual items on websites, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms possible. So, if a person finds a catalog that they want to share with their friends or family, they can just copy the catalog’s link and send it on WhatsApp or other messaging tools.

Furthermore, catalog links are now available globally. 

WhatsApp Catalogs Cater to Small Businesses

WhatsApp, a messaging app owned by the social media giant Facebook has expanded the capabilities of its dedicated app for entrepreneurs. This allows businesses to reach out to their target customers faster than ever. 

The catalogs effectively serve as the businesses’ mobile storefront on WhatsApp. On top of that, this feature can be operated without the need for a  website. Business owners can just visit the new Catalog options, which they can find in the settings of the app. There, they can upload the photos of the products or services that they want to offer to their potential customers. Apart from adding photos, they can also add details about what they offer. In addition, they can include a product or service code, such as SKUs if they need to. 

This new way of offering products and services is particularly appealing to the customers withing WhatsApp. Now that most physical stores are closed due to lockdown implementations, customers go online in order to buy a product or service.  For this reason, WhatsApp Catalogs are an excellent way to show customers what businesses have to offer. 

Finding Out the New Ways of Connecting with Businesses on WhatsApp

Moreover, the WhatsApp Business app has already claimed a significant portion of the online market. Needless to say, catalogs can no doubt reach millions of potential consumers. In addition, consumers are becoming more and more dependent on technology. They now prefer to buy their needs online. For this reason, competition between online stores is arising. Only those businesses that could answer their inquiries as fast as possible. By utilizing the catalog feature of WhatsApp, business owners can attend to their potential customers at a fast phase. This makes the businesses within WhatsApp able to become a step ahead of the competition.


True enough, WhatsApp’s QR code is only a minor feature. However, adding contacts on this messaging platform can be a pain. So, we can say that the said QR code feature can help customers add their favorite WhatsApp businesses in their contacts faster than ever. 

Without the QR code feature, businesses rely on customers to add them as a contact to their phone’s address book. This is an annoying extra step which sometimes hinders customers from beginning a conversation with a business. But through the use of QR codes, adding businesses became very much easier and hassle-free. Scanning QR codes work as if you are meeting the business owner in person. Just scan the code and then you could start talking to the business you are interested in buying from.

Needless to say, the social media giant Facebook is trying to do its best to make things easier for the users of its products. It can be recalled that this company has also made a number of adjustments to all the platforms that it owns. 

Facebook made it possible to connect Facebook for Businesses to Instagram, the other social media platform that it owns. This integration made it easier for business profiles on Instagram to handle their business accounts. 

With the various developments on Facebook and the other products that it owns, businesses will find it easier to advertise their products and services online.

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