Facebook Messenger officially launched a new partnership with TinyTAN. Now, BTS Army can already enjoy as they await B, the Kpop band’s upcoming album. 

TinyTAN is basically animated characters that are inspired by BTS members. In addition, it was created by Big Hit Entertainment’s subsidiary Big Hit IP Co. The name TinyTan was derived from the romanization of BTS’ Korean name Bangtan Sonyeodan. 

A New Chat Feature Launched by Facebook Has Animated BTS Characters

Each TinyTAN character has a similar personality to the BTS member that they represent. However, they still follow their own unique narrative in the TinyTAN universe. 

TinyTAN Gets or Buys More Facebook Followers

Right now, TinyTAn is accessible for a unique chat experience on Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs. Facebook allows users to apply a TinyTAN chat theme, as well as use immersive 360 AR background. With that, they will be able to explore the TinyTAN universe. That includes a cafe and a bedroom, and find all the seven characters. In addition, these rooms can be set up on both platforms during video calls. Fans, who call themselves ARMY, and who are familiar with TinyTAN’s “Magic Door” will be able to recognize the AR cafe and bedroom backgrounds from the video. 

Moreover, TinyTAN had already made its debut a few months ago with an animation of Mic Drop, a popular song by BTS. However, there have been some previous iterations of the figures. In fact, some wonder if they buy Facebook Followers and Likes as well!

After that, their official Twitter account, where the group shares new merchandise launches, as well as a variety of animated clips, reached more than a million followers. Most recently, the stylized characters in the BTS Music Pack for the VR game Beat Saber featured the aforementioned stylized characters.

Messenger TinyTAN Is Live

On Messenger, TinyTAN will be added to the platform along with its own set of stickers. The new sticker pack contains two stickers per TinyTAN member and two group stickers. Fans can download and use these stickers for free. 

Moreover, Big Hit previously released BTS and BTs-related chatroom stickers. These are meant for other messenger platforms that have a wide user base in Asia.

This social interaction comes as the popular Korean boy band prepares to release their new album called BE. This eight-track album includes the band’s hit single Dynamite. Recently, this song topped the chart in more than six countries around the globe. Needless to say, the popularity of this Korean group is something immeasurable. They have fans in all the corners of the globe who supports them in everything they do.

How to Activate TinyTAN on Facebook Messenger

When you have an updated Messenger app, you will be able to access the TinyTAN 360 backgrounds. However, you first need to create a Room from either Messenger or Instagram. Next, tap the effects button and find the TinyTAN background from the options that are located at the bottom of your screen. In addition, the people with who you are having a video call can also access the background on Messenger. 

A New Chat Feature Launched by Facebook Has Animated BTS Characters

Keep in mind that both Messenger and Instagram apps should be up-to-date. After ensuring both apps are updated, you can now open the Messenger app. Select any chat then proceed to the settings. This can be done by clicking on your friend’s profile. The next step is to go to the Theme option, where you can activate the TinyTan chat theme. Follow the same procedure if you want to do the same in the Instagram app. To dive in more to the trend, there are also free downloadable TinyTan stickers.

More About TinyTan

Seven characters representing 7 different people and personalities. These were inspired by BTS idols and rappers. It was October 13, 2019, when the brand was officially launched on Twitter by Big Hit Official Merch. It was a part of the BTS Pop-up: House of BTS.

Apparently, these cute characters were made in the likeness of each member of the famous boy group. Producing these adorable and charming figures seems to be the move. Messenger and Instagram’s new features are actually just a step following the official release of the brand last 2019. When BTS first launched this project, they were optimistic that they will also release this to other platforms including social media ones. Guess what, the time has come. It just took more than a year, and they now have partnered with the biggest social media companies.  

You might have stumbled upon these without even knowing their background. Well, it’s exactly the reason – to get attracted by them and eventually lead you to the BTS world. Who would have thought that these cute animated characters would be one way of marketing a boy group?

Even More Features for Facebook

Getting to know them more just makes the new feature more interesting and exciting. Here are the 7 character inspirations and what they tend to portray:

  • RM. The TinyTan character inspired by RM is described to be ‘Unbreakable Tenderness’. This character portrays perseverance, destruction, intelligence, and quick-wittedness.
  • JIN. On the other hand, the TinyTan character inspired by Jin is known for being ‘Worldwide Cutie’. His Jin-inspired character portrays being responsible, being joyful, and having a party life.
  • SUGA. ‘Sweetie with Swagger’, or ‘Sweet with swag’ is what they call the TinyTan character influenced by Suga. He is described, to be honest, as very creative, tsundere, and supine.
  • J-HOPE. ‘Little Hope Right’ or ‘A Little Hope Right Here’ is what J-Hope’s TinyTan character is called. He is described as a talented leader in dancing. He is also a quick learner.
A New Chat Feature Launched by Facebook Has Animated BTS Characters
  • V. The TinyTan character inspired by Taehyung is a Precious Baby Bear. It depicts being good-looking, talented, tenacious, expressive, and free-spirited. 
  • JUNGKOOK. ‘Adorable Golden Baby’, as what they call it. His TinyTan displays confidence, and patience. 

‘Visiting fans in various forms’ is exactly what BTS is aiming for. Fans do not have any more reason to be alone even while using social media apps. It is a message of hope and comfort through virtual themes and images. Especially during these hard times, the simple joy and happiness that these cute stickers and themes provide are priceless. Be sure to be updated and never miss a thing. If you haven’t joined the fandom yet, it’s the best time for you to join the ARMY.

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