When speaking about the internet, social media websites are often in the headlines. Why would they not? They provide many features and utilities that make our lives easier. Social media sites provide space for businesses to advertise and reach a lot of consumers. Nowadays, they are also adding features that allow monetization of content so that users can make a living on their platform. But no matter how many new functions they release, social media sites will always serve their primary function. That is to connect people.

Social Media Sites Connecting People Worldwide

In the past, it was impossible for a person in Canada, for example, to know a person from, say, Taiwan. That is unless they met in person once or knew each other before they parted, of course. But now, thanks to the internet and social media, instances like that happen daily. People from different continents can converse while staying in their respective countries. Social media sites have become spaces where strangers meet and become friends. More importantly, it makes friends and family who are far apart feel closer to each other. 

Mythbusting: Facebook Does Not Limit Your News Feed to 26 People

Aside from direct messages and calls, they can keep in touch through posts in the news feed. They serve as updates that tell loved ones about someone’s current mood or what they are up to lately. People love social media so much because of that. 

So, it is natural for people to feel alarmed when that ability is taken away from them. 

Facebook Limiting the Number Of People Who can View A Profile to 26

There are posts circulating on Facebook saying that Facebook’s new algorithm is limiting post interactions. The message says that only 26 people can view your posts in their News Feed no matter how many friends you have. According to the post, Facebook itself is the one that chooses who among your friends will be in the 26.

If that were true, that would be really problematic. An issue like that defeats the whole purpose of being on social media. Furthermore, it raises suspicions over the privacy and security of being in that network. 

 The post also says that this is the only one way to circumvent the algorithm. It is by copying the post and pasting it on your timeline. Furthermore, it asks users to comment on the post. That serves as confirmation that the solution has worked. 

The thing is, all of those are lies.

Facebook Clarifies The Issue

A huge number of people believed the post. That was damaging to Facebook’s reputation. Thus, the Facebook team was forced to take action. They clarified that Facebook’s algorithm does not define the number of friends who can see your posts in the News Feed and vise versa. 

Still, people can say things like, “Then why am I not seeing posts from this friend?” Or, “Why does it seem like this friend of mine cannot see my posts? He never reacts nor comments on them!”

Facebook says that the posts a user sees are ranked in what is believed to be of his interest. So, if you interact with one person often, it is likely that their posts will appear at the top of your news feed. Then, there is a high chance you follow pages and join groups. Their posts or posts in them also appear on your news feed. These groups and pages are included in the rankings. That pushes posts from your friends that you do not interact with by much further down on the feed. The same happens to them and to every other user. That is why it would seem like you are hearing from only a few of your friends. 

At the end of the meme post, it says:

Hello, new and old friends! Hello!

Drop a single hello, thanks! PLEASE SAY HELLO IF YOU SEE THIS. Hello!

That is the key to this trick. Remember that the algorithm ranks which posts to put higher in the News Feed depending on frequency and recency of interactions. Therefore, those who found the post and commented are likely to be placed atop of the News Feed. Facebook pages and groups would not comment “hello” in your post, so it makes more sense. 

To summarize, Facebook does not block your friend’s posts or your posts. Instead, they are placed at the far bottom of the News Feed. The algorithm thought that they do not matter to you or they are not that important. Let us admit that it is possibly true. When you have hundreds of friends on the platform, you cannot say that you keep interactions with everyone equally. You prioritize your best friends over acquaintances, acquaintances over strangers, and so on. 

Mythbusting: Facebook Does Not Limit Your News Feed to 26 People

So, if you want to see more from a person, you should interact with him on buying real likes on Facebook more. Visit their timeline and react or comment on one of their posts. You could also tag them on your own posts. Those are the proper ways to bring them back on top of your News Feed. Not through some shady viral post. 

Features in Facebook You Can Use

 If not seeing someone’s post bothers you so much, you can utilize various Facebook features to tailor your experience. Facebook gave these features to users for them to have full control over what they want to see and set priorities.

The See First feature, for instance, lets you choose whose posts appear at the top of your News Feed. That will disregard that person’s ranking in the algorithm. React and comment frequently. Give it some time, and their post will naturally appear at the top of your News Feed. That will happen even when you assign another person in your See First. 

Another person is to unfollow someone or put their posts on Snooze. Do these to people whose posts always appear at the top, but you do not care about that much. Unfollowing means their post will never appear again in your News Feed. Meanwhile, the Snooze feature will only stop them from appearing for 30 days. 

Mythbusting: Facebook Does Not Limit Your News Feed to 26 People

Do not believe viral posts easily. It would be best if you do some research first. There is a chance that those are scams and malicious whatnots. So, it would be better to be safe than sorry. 

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