The growing number of live streamers paved the way for launching the Facebook Gaming app last April. An Internet connection and game console are the primary requirements in video game streaming. 

Initially, the application was only available via Android devices. It took six months to convince Apple to launch this application on Appstore finally. Although Facebook already owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, Apple is the gatekeeper whether to distribute it in the App Store or not. This left Facebook dependent on Apple to reach its growing number of users. It is made possible since Facebook worked on the demands of Apple to remove Facebook Gaming App playable games. 

Without Mini-Games, Facebook Gaming App launched on Appstore

According to the company’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg, they had to remove the gameplay functionality entirely. This was done to get Apple’s approval on the stand-alone Facebook Gaming app. In connection to that, Facebook is positive to build communities for those who played games on Facebook, even if Apple wanted it in a stand-alone app or not. This coincides with your ability to buy Facebook followers to get a head start in the competition.

Facebook also noted that Apple rules over the Appstore after turning the Gaming App into a bad experience for iPhone and iPad users. Original critical features of the app allow users to watch, go live stream, and participate in gaming communities. Meanwhile, many tech executives concluded that Apple blocks game services that could compete with its products and sales. 

Undeniably, one of the largest sources of revenue for Apple on Appstore are games. The question is, how does Facebook’s gaming app work?

Livestreaming on Facebook Gaming App

Livestreaming is confusing yet straightforward, depending on which device you start from. But using a smartphone or tablet to stream a mobile game is easy. After installing the Facebook gaming app, click “Go Live,” which you can find from the top left corner of the home page. Then, a prompt will appear asking you to select an installed game on your device. Choosing that particular game means starting the game. 

Livestreaming can be more overwhelming than watching other gamers streaming alone. But the thing is, the process is not challenging. It is straightforward.

1. Get early access to new features through signing up and joining Facebook Gaming Creators Community.

2. Then, create a gaming video editor page.

Without Mini-Games, Facebook Gaming App launched on Appstore

3. Use either Streamlabs, OBS, OBS Studio Classic, or Split in setting up the software.

4. Review the settings.

5. Access your stream key by visiting the creator dashboard, then prepare the stream.

6. Finally, go live!

How Does the Facebook Gaming App Look Like?


As the name implies, it is the home page of the hub. It contains a featured live stream at the top, followed by categorized live stream videos that allow users to search streams by games like Fortnite. People you are following, recent live streams watched by your friends, can also be found under this category. If you bought Facebook followers on your own account, the Social Proof might get you even more followers.

Browse All Games

Check out the “Browse all Games” section provides you the opportunity to scan for more games to follow.

Further, Browse Streamers 

This section is particular to the known streamers on Facebook Gaming. But you can also search for specific streamers like a friend or an acquaintance. On the other hand, you can see on the left side suggested streamers who are already live.


This application provides you the opportunity to organize games and host tournaments where players can compete on specific dates.

Play Games 

More casual Facebook games like Words with Friends, Uno, Bubble Shooter, and more appear in this section. You can freely search these games or browse them via category.

Without Mini-Games, Facebook Gaming App launched on Appstore

Earn a Living with Facebook Gaming

You will not mind sitting for a couple of hours if it means playing your favorite online game. Indeed, you even wished for making that particular hobby as your primary source of income. Facebook gaming app offers you that opportunity the way Twitch and Youtube do. Monetize your gameplay streams like a pro in five easy steps

1. Gain a minimum of one hundred followers on your page. This is your chance to invite your friends, relatives, and acquaintances to watch you play.

2. Dedicate at least four hours of streaming content in fourteen days.

3. Have two days streaming in a fourteen-day period.

4. Be active for at least fourteen-days.

5. You should be eighteen years old or older.

After meeting these criteria, open your Creator Dashboard and apply for the level up the program. It is important to note that level up programs are only available in some approved regions. Consider checking first the latest list of supported areas before getting started. Say you have been approved to join the level up the program, you can now monetize your stream. Gain Facebook Stars with the help of your viewers. Each star is equivalent to USD 0.01. You have to have at least 10,000 stars or 100 USD to get paid. The thing is, viewers can grant you virtual gifts with differing star values. Friendly reminder, Facebook Gaming career will not make you rich in a matter of weeks.

Stand Out and Gain More Followers

Games are already subjected to many channels. While gaining followers can be as authoritarian as thinking what to content. Still, there are ways to attract people to visit your channel.

Pay Attention to What is Trending

Streamers choose games according to their popularity. It is hard to gain followers when your content can also be found on other more popular channels. Pay attention to what is trending today. Neglect those games that attract a little interest and lifeless community. Play classic games on Thursdays.

Mix Content

Gaming can offer you content without appearing unfocused and incoherent. Consider using role-playing or sports-themed game wherein you can play like an expert or a novice.

Use Social Media 

Let your content meet a more vast audience once you post an invite on your social media accounts. Connect with your prospective audience by making a group chat.

Interactive Streaming

Be responsive. Keep in mind you cannot do this alone; you cannot earn without viewers. Treat them as your well-respected clients.

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