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MediaMister Review

MediaMister - USA
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MediaMister Review: In a Nutshell

MediaMister offers Facebook boosting services, and we ordered from their 500 Page Likes service to test how well they performed. We were very happy with the experience. Our likes came right on time, and the accounts doing the liking were of good quality.

Their customer support team answered all of our questions in a very timely manner. They have solid protections in place in case there's a problem with your order, ensuring that you will get what you pay for. Overall, we suggest you try MediaMister to boost your reputation on Facebook.

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MediaMister Review: In Depth

About MediaMister

MediaMister is a company that offers social media boosting services. They have a long track record as they have been in business since 2012, and are based in the USA.

If you want to improve your social proof online, you'll find quite a few options here. Besides Facebook, you'll also find services for YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more still. Their Facebook like services also have quite a few plans and options to choose from when compared to most other providers.

Service Plans

For Facebook, there are a few different plans and options to choose from. You'll be able to get Facebook Likes that are worldwide (random) or specifically Arab or Spanish. There are also Photo and Website Likes, Fans of various kinds, Group Members, Followers, Shares, Video Views, and Reactions. Pretty much everything you might need!

LikesPlan Price
100 likes $7
250 likes $15
500 likes $29
1,000 likes $49
5,000 likes $219
10,000 likes $419
25,000 likes $949
50,000 likes $1799
100,000 likes $3399

Add Ons

No Addons or options available

Terms and Guarantees

We reviewed the terms and conditions sections on the MediaMister website and made a few comments on their status below. To find out more details on these, then please toggle the sections to see what we thought!

  • Terms and Conditions
    • They offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee for orders which aren't delivered within the timeframe they specify.
  • Privacy Policy
    • All information they collect is used to help them improve services and website for their customers.
    • You must give them accurate information, and report any changes in your personal information immediately.
    • They won't sell or share your personal data to third parties or their vendors for promotional purposes.
  • Refund Policy
    • MediaMister has a 30-Day Refund Policy in case anything goes wrong with your order. Just contact them to get the help you need.
    • They won't provide a refund in instances where they are unable to meet the deadline due to circumstances beyond their control, and reserve the right to withdraw their refund guarantee at anytime without notice.
  • Retention Policy
    • The company offers a 30-day Retention Guarantee for all their services.

Customer Support

If you need to send a message to MediaMister, you have a few different options. There's a contact form, a 'quick contact' form at the bottom of the page, a live chat, and an email address. We recommend you use the email address. They're standing by on weekdays from 9AM - 6PM, and on Saturday from 9AM - 1PM.

Quality of Support

Average Response Time
17 Hours
Friendly Response?
Informative Response?
Answer all questions?
Answers already on website?

Contact Methods

On Page Contact Form
Live Chat
Email Address
Phone Number
Mailing Address

Pre-Order Questions and Responses

Before we ordered, we sent MediaMister some questions to test out their customer support. We sent our message directly to their email address, and got an answer back the next day. It was friendly and quite informative. We felt that is was a very good interaction.

Their Response

17 Hours response time

Our Questions

  • What kind of accounts will be doing the liking?
  • "Only real accounts will be liking your Facebook page."

  • Can I see an example?
  • "Sorry, we can't share examples. If you would like to test our service, please purchase the smallest package."

  • How long will I have to wait?
  • "We will deliver within 48 hours of purchase."

  • Are people going to know that I bought likes?
  • "Nope, no one will know that you have purchased Facebook likes."

  • Are the people going to do anything weird to my account, or talk to my friends and followers?
  • "Nope, they will not do anything weird at all."

  • What if I want my money back?
  • "We will refund, if we are not able to deliver the Facebook likes within the delivery time."

Post-Order Questions and Responses

After ordering, sent another set of questions to see if the company treats a paying customer any differently. Once again their customer support responded to all of our questions, even providing us with a coupon code to get a discount on repeat orders. You should try requesting your own code after ordering!

Their Response

9.5 Hours response time

Our Questions

  • What if any of the users unlike my page?
  • "They won't unlike your page but if they do, we will provide a refund."

  • What if Facebook detects that I bought likes?
  • "Our method assures that Facebook never finds out about that."

  • Can I get any sort of discount on a repeat order?
  • "Sure. Use the coupon XXXX to get 25% discount for repeat orders."

  • Can I order anything like Followers or Shares to go along with my likes?
  • "Sure, you can order shares, followers, etc."

Our Recommendations

Order Recommendations

We can wholeheartedly recommend the services of MediaMister if you want to boost your social proof on Facebook. The service we ordered came on time, and the accounts which liked us looked good!

Look More Popular
Helps with this
Attract More Attention
Helps with this
Provides Real Likes
Does not help with this
Go Viral
Helps with this
Increase Reputation
Helps with this
Get More Organic Likes
Helps with this
Not Recommended

Daily Turnaround Time

Our likes began arriving quite quickly - the very same day we placed the order. All the Likes were delivered within a day. This was a great timeframe for the size of order we placed.

Number of Days to Achieve

Quality of Facebook Likes

The accounts that did the liking were all of quite good quality. They basically looked just like any Facebook user, with profile photos, bios, and an active posting schedule.

Profile Pics
Unique Bios
Good F/F Ratio
Actively post photos
Engage Your Posts
SFW Likes

Retention Rate

We haven't lost any likes since our order was completed. This is a good sign of their quality and professionalism.

Day One: 100%
Day Three: 100%
Day Seven: 100%
Day Fourteen: 100%


We tested the services of MediaMister by ordering 500 Facebook Likes, and we were not disappointed. Our likes arrived right on the schedule their website said they would, and they came from good-quality accounts. If anyone were to check, nobody would be able to tell that they were purchased.

Their customer support is also top-notch - we got a quick response back to our questions, and they answered all of our concerns. If anything goes wrong with your order, you'll be protected by their money back and retention guarantees. Overall, we would definitely recommend their services to improve your reputation and gain a bigger following on Facebook. Click the button below now to see for yourself!

User Reviews

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Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Eric on MediaMister

Their service that boosts Facebook page likes is much more reliable than other approaches, and you can always be sure of what the results will be.

by Bernice on MediaMister
They delivered

They got us the Facebook page likes we wanted and even surpassed the order we had made by a few hundred. It's quite good.

by James Laim on MediaMister

The first time I ordered with mediamister, the services were not delivered on time. Therefore, I sent an email to mediamisterand their response was positive, they resolved my situation. I gave them another chance by ordering 1000 choices on the same day. For my surprise, the order was completed in a few minutes. Thanks a lot, mediamister

by Greg on MediaMister

It is one thing to buy YouTube views from a website you just found online, and it is another thing to have someone take your order and treat it with outstanding customer service. Media mister are the guys to go to if you do not just want to buy FB page likes, but also enjoy the whole experience.

by Japheth on MediaMister

My need to get facebook likes was swiftly acted upon, immediately I placed my order. The speed at which they delivered the 2k likes was beyond expectations.

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