What’s next after creating a page on Facebook for your business? You can’t just assume you know how to manage a page for your business. You can’t handle it the way you do to your account. If you decide to take that approach, you’ll be surprised at how terrible your skills are.

To manage your page well, you must devote to it, and you must ensure that every effort you put in there is the right one. You will also want to see our list of the best sites to buy Facebook Post Likes found here.

Managing a business page on this platform can consume a lot of valuable time if you’re not careful enough. Still, if you put in the right attitude and accumulated knowledge, it’s manageable (perhaps even enjoyable!). If you want your page on Facebook to yield tremendous results, then you must ensure that the post excites your audience, and your users are inspired enough to share and drop a comment on the post.

How to Manage Your Facebook Business Page To Get More Page Likes

Everything you need to know about the Admin Panel

If you want to relieve the stress associated with managing your Facebook page, the great news is that you can hire an extra hand to help you out. If you have a massive audience, you can hire someone to fill the following roles.


  • Content Creator
  • Manager
  • Insights Analyst
  • Advertiser
  • Moderator

Every new role that you assign to someone has their responsibilities, with the manager being the most tasking, he also has access to most things. If you like to add a new admin to your Facebook page, follow the instructions below. Before you can add an admin, ensure that they want your page, if they haven’t, ask them to do that.

You should see the “Likes” box by the topmost left corner of the page. After that, tap on “See all.” Go through the list of people on your screen and choose who you’ll like to add to your list of admins, then assign a role to them. Every time any of your admin logs in, they will have full access to your “Admin Panel.”


An Admin Panel Overview

You will see all recent interactions with your account when you go to “Notifications.” If someone likes content on your page, decides to attend one of the events you’re organizing, or someone tagged you, you will see all this in your “Notifications.”

The “Insights” option will help you know how your page works, and everything necessary to manage your page well.

Every private message you get will be seen when you tap on “Messages.”

If you want a link to ideas from Facebook that will help you to achieve your goals faster, tap on “Page Tips.”.


How Should You Post and How Frequent


You must be consistently present on Facebook. It’s better not to have any presence on Facebook than to be inconsistently present. You must have an online presence for your customers and fans to contact you quickly. Ensure that you don’t post too much at once, it can be overwhelming to catch up.. Just a post every 24 hours is perfect. That will be enough to make sure your audience consistently sees your post, and will also keep them engaged. Ensure that each of your posts has a time lag before another post comes up.  

If you post too much, it can make Facebook view your post as spam.

At the right time:

Post when you know that a lot of your users are present on Facebook. If you want your posts to reach the maximum number of people, you should only ensure that you do so during the entire period of the day. The right time of the day to make your audience see your post is between 6 pm and 11 pm. You can know the location of your audience and fans by using Facebook’s Insights. This ensures that it is easier for you to schedule your post for a specific time.

The right thing should be done at the right time.


Content: What your content should be about, and how to ensure that it is what they want?

Interesting and brief:

Your posts shouldn’t belong. A short sentence is an ideal length. Online users don’t go through posts in detail; they only check briefly to find a few information. If they perceive that a post is too lengthy, they most likely won’t spend their time reading even a sentence. Posts with not more than two lines are perfect for users to read.

Bold and Big: Ensure that your post is attractive enough for your audience. If you want your audience to take a specific action, it’s great if you use a call to action phrase or word.

Drop questions and receive a response:

This is straightforward but effective. All you need to do is ask them to ask them questions that you think they’ll find attractive; it could be something trendy, or what you noticed. 


Pictures say a lot. You should include at least a picture in one of your posts. The picture should bring clarity to your post. Posts with at least one image will get more engagement than those without it.

Build the right mood:

The mood of your post should connect with your audience. For example, you can have a funky Friday post on Fridays.

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