With Facebook’s vast audience, it is considered as one of the best places to look for potential viewers and customers. One of the tools you can take advantage of for that purpose is Facebook Groups. Let’s take a look at the ways you can use groups for better lead generation.


Leveraging Facebook Groups for Lead Generation

IMAGE: Facebook Group. Photo was taken from truemoneysaver

Create a sense of “specialness.”

Groups are often seen as some form of inner circles within the broader Facebook community. In the case of private groups, for example, you need to request or be invited first before you can join. By playing up that exclusivity, you create a sense of “specialness” and encourage people in the group to engage more with you. 

One way to do this is by offering deals that are exclusive only to members. This can be anything from freebies to discount prices. If you are running your own group, you can offer such deals to new members as a means of encouraging more people to join. 

Use onboarding questions to get new member details 

A great feature of Facebook Groups is that you can screen new members using a questionnaire. While this is mainly used to limit the number of people entering a group by weeding out spammers, you can also utilize it to get lead information quickly from incoming members.

Leveraging Facebook Groups for Lead Generation

  IMAGE: Facebook Group Questionnaire. The photo was taken from TechCrunch

The trick to making this work is fielding the right questions. Asking potential members outright to give their email addresses is not always going to work, as they would be apprehensive. What you want to do instead is offer them a freebie and ask for their email addresses to provide the link to it. Note that this should be optional so as not to discourage other new members. 

Use links wisely

A common tactic that marketers employ when gathering lead information within groups is to include links in their posts. Don’t just post a link at random, however. You need to follow the ongoing conversations of the group and post only links that are relevant to those conversations. This way, the posted link becomes a natural part of the conversation, better encouraging people to click. 

This posted link on an art group, for instance, keeps itself relevant by offering a useful tool for other members. 

Leveraging Facebook Groups for Lead Generation

   Image: Using Links in Facebook Group Post. Screenshot was taken on August 18, 2019

The same idea goes when it comes to posting links in your post replies. Make sure the link you provide either responds to a question asked by a fellow member or gives additional information on the subject. Be sure to give some contextual information about the link for other members to better understand it before clicking. 

Another place you would want to add your links to are in the descriptions of the images you post on the group. Such photos can generate up to 2.3 times more engagements, making them effective for drawing leads. A good strategy here is to post multiple photos and add your link to every image description. Shorten these lead links to not distract from the image. 

Take advantage of videos 

Videos have also become common fixtures on Groups, and Facebook provides you with a variety of ways to use them for lead generation, including:

  • Regular group videos: Asking people to follow you on Facebook or subscribe to your email newsletter is a good end to tutorial or explainer videos that you post on a group. 
  • Live videos: Run a live demo or Q&A session for your group members and ask them to submit their information during it for additional info after the session.
  • Watch parties: This new feature is a good supplement to your live videos. Encourage those who missed the latter to watch it again and offer them the same offer. 

Leveraging Facebook Post for Lead Generation

IMAGE: Facebook Live. Photo taken from SpiderWorking

These video strategies are a great way to create a more immersive experience for your group members, better convincing them to part with their contact information

Using the strategies we provided will help you gather lead information faster within the groups you are part of. Don’t just stop there and instead be an active member of the group and engage other members even without asking for their contact information afterward. This will draw them more to you and generate even more traffic to you.

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