Despite Facebook’s declining organic reach, it still remains a powerful marketing platform for various brands. No wonder businesses have been doing the best they can to increase the number of likes on their Facebook pages.

Getting Facebook page likes, though, is no easy feat, but it will be worth the effort for anyone who worked hard on getting those likes. You can increase your Facebook page likes by following the six techniques we listed below.

Create great content

Ensure your content is relevant and high in quality. Once you’ve done that, encourage your followers to participate by liking, to comment, and to share your content. As much as possible, post photos and visual content, as these get 53% more likes than ordinary text posts. 

Original content is also useful for generating likes. If you published a blog on your website, share it on your Facebook page as well. Don’t forget to post regularly to maintain your base of followers.

Build connections

Getting more likes is not only about quality content. Here are additional ways you can do to encourage better engagement:

  • Like other pages, and connect with the page owners.
  • Interact with your followers by commenting, replying, or addressing any issues promptly.
  • Offer discounts to engaged followers.
  • Contribute meaningfully to conversations.
  • Invite email subscribers to visit your page.

With these steps, you’ll be able to build connections with your followers, other pages, and potential collaborators to increase your page’s visibility. 

Do contests

Many people follow Facebook pages due to games, so run several games to engage them. You may have to spend on Facebook ads to make this happen, but these ads are often affordable and easy to use. 

Ensure that the giveaway is relevant and value-adding to would-be winners. A comic book page should give away funny book stuff, not fishing supplies.

Do offline promotions

You should promote your Facebook page through offline means too. Do this by supporting your Facebook page on your physical store’s sign, business cards, print ads, receipts,  at the checkout, and other marketing materials. You can also mention your page when talking to people or when you’re invited to a speaking engagement. 

Link your Facebook page to Twitter

While Twitter and Facebook are competing platforms, you can take advantage of your Twitter account’s presence to generate likes for your Facebook page. How? By linking your Facebook page to your Twitter account. If the link is successfully made, your Facebook posts will be automatically posted on Twitter. Here is an example of what a Facebook post will look like when auto-posted on Twitter: 

Image: Linking facebook profile or page on the twitter post.

If you decide to do this auto-posting, know that Twitter will cut your Facebook post to fit the character limit. This may affect the appearance of the auto-post, so you need to manage the two platforms separately and fix any posting issues.

Take advantage of Facebook’s advertising features

Facebook’s targeting features let you choose your target demographic instead of just your followers and friends. With Sponsored Like Stories, you can promote your page to friends of your followers. You should also rotate your Facebook ads daily as the conversion rates may drop by 50%, 24 hours after the ad is posted.

While Facebook’s declining organic reach is leading brands to adopt a more ad-based strategy on the platform, anyone can still maximize Facebook’s potential if they know how to do things right. Apply these six strategies, build a loyal community of followers, and tap into new audiences that will bring more likes to your Facebook page.

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