Buying Facebook likes and engagement is defined as any action that someone takes on your page or on one of your posts. The most common examples of such are likes, shares, and comments. It can also include tagging you in a post or checking in to your location.

In addition, Facebook engagement is important because it can help in extending your organic reach. This is because first of all, engagement helps you in boosting your placement in people’s news feed based on the platform’s algorithm. 

Also, likes and shares are an excellent way to expose your posts to the extended network of your audience. In a study, the DPNY Beach Hotel and Spa found out that every like or share a post gets to extend its reach to six or seven new users. Such is a lot of extra exposure without having to pay for an extra cost. 

Las0tly, engagement is also an indication that your audience is interested in the content of your page.0 And when your audience is engaged, then that means they want to interact with your brand. This is something that every marketer should be aiming for. 

Tips in Increasing Facebook Engagement

Tip #1. Entertain, educate, inspire, or inform

Your audience on buying Facebook followers is not looking for a sales pitch. If you offer them just that, they are never going to engage with your Facebook content.

Rather, what your audience wants is to engage with content that can educate, entertain, or improve their lives somehow.

Tip #2. Know who your audience is

The truth is that the things you find inspiring or entertaining are not relevant. If you are looking to get engagement, then you need to prioritize the needs and wants of your target audience. 

To do that, you can take a look at Facebook Page Insights. This tool provides a lot of useful information about your audience. Take a look at this information very carefully and make sure to list down any unexpected details that would be able to help you in creating a more meaningful connection with your audience. 

For instance, Terre Bleu lavender farm utilized Page Insights so they can research their audience. They also used the tool to determine the type of content that their audience responds to most. In addition, they learned that customers are looking for informative content, such as recipes and beautiful photos of lavender fields. They used this knowledge to ensure that they are engaging their audience well. 

Tip #3. Keep things short

88 percent of people are using Facebook through their mobile devices. The company’s data 0found out that people who are scrolling on Facebook through their mobile devices spend just 1.7 seconds in order to consume an item of content. 

On the other hand, people who are browsing using their computers only spend 2.5 seconds per content item. 

What’s more, these Facebook users can remember this content after seeing it for just a whopping 0.25 seconds. For this reason, you need to keep your post sweet and short so that you can capture the attention of your audience quickly. It will also entice them to stop scrolling and engage with your posts. 

Tip #4. Pay attention to quality

Facebook users are quickly moving through content. For this reason, there is no time for low-quality videos, texts, and graphics. 

If you are already running out of original content to upload, content curation is an excellent way for you to be able to share high-quality and informative content that can get your audience all excited. 

Moreover, quality does not have to be complicated and expensive. As a matter of fact, the social media giant is recommending users keep things simple. It said that pages need to use consistent color schemes and images that are recognizable. 

Tip #5. Use excellent images

Facebook posts that have photos get engagement rates that are higher than average. The social media giant is suggesting that a product close-up or a customer photo will work very well in a post. This means that you do not need a fancy camera, photography equipment, or photo editing tool to get started. Just a simple phone camera will do. 

Tip #6. Make a video or broadcast live

More than photos, video posts see an even higher engagement from audiences. But similar to photography, videography is also simple and inexpensive. In fact, you can also do it using your mobile phone. 

It is important to note that vertical video will provide you with the most real estate when you are shooting using your smartphone. 

In addition, live videos see the highest engagement among all Facebook content. In fact, it gets six more interactions in comparison with regular video posts. 

Tip #7. Ask your audience a question

An interesting question is an excellent way to start an active comments thread. 

Below are some great ideas that you can use to get started:

  • Why do you like (a particular thing, like an event or band)?
  • How do you (complete this action)?
  • What is your favorite (complete the sentence)?
  • Do you agree with (a notable statement, person, event, etc.)?

In addition, you could also ask your audience to give you information about the kind of content that they want to see from you. After that, give them exactly what they ask for. Such targeted content will inspire even more engagement from your audience. 

Tip #8. Respond to your audience

If someone is taking time to comment on one of your posts, make sure that you respond to them. Of course, no one likes to be ignored. In addition, fans who are engaging with your posts would want you to engage in return. 

Make sure that you have a team who will monitor and respond to the comments that your audience is sending. You do not need to be grand, just a simple reply will already do.

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