Facebook, as at the time of writing this article, is the biggest social media platform. It has over a billion users, which represents a third of planet earth’s human population; as such, it is one of the best places to share your content. If you’re a business that sells to the masses, it is a great place to share your content to the masses and get your voice heard. The reason why we’re telling you all this is to create an awareness in you about why you should regularly share content on the platform. Whatever you post on this social media platform is going to be seen by those who are connected to you on the platform. Your friend can respond to the post by sharing their opinion about how they feel about the post content. Share the post to others so that those connected with them on Facebook

facebook share post to friends

You can share a Facebook post from your computer or mobile phone.

Method 1: Sharing a Facebook Post on Desktop

  1. Open Facebook: Go to Facebook’s URL on any available browser. Ensure that the website has the padlock symbol at its URL box. If you enter the wrong site, hackers can gain access to your Facebook account.
  2. Find the post you’ll like to share. Scroll through your news feed and search for the post that you want to share with your audience. If you find it difficult to see the post, if you remember the name of the person that shared the post, you can go to the person’s timeline to find it.
  3. Ensure that the post is shareable. You cannot share all posts! This is due to a Facebook feature that allows users to block people from sharing their Facebook posts. To know if the post is shareable, watch out for the share button, any post that you see one can be shared. The security setting of the post creator will determine how you can share the content.
  4. Tap Share: If the post is sharable, you will see “Share” at the bottom of the post. You will get a drop-down menu whose contents are Share Now (Friends), Share, Send a message, Share on a friend’s timeline.
  5. Choose how you want to share the content. When you see the drop-down menu, tap on one of the options on your screen.


Different Things To Share From Facebook to Facebook!

    • Share Now (Friends): If you choose this option in the drop-down menu, Facebook will automatically share the content on your timeline without adding any texts.
    • You Can Share as a message! If you tap on “Share,” Facebook will open a messenger window to you where you can select from those connected to your account, who you want to send the post.
    • Don’t Forget to Share! Here, you will see the post in a new post window on your screen. You can add a text to the post. You can make your friends know about the post and your comment about its content.
    • Share on a Friend’s Timeline. If you select this option, it will allow you to share the post directly to a friend’s timeline.
    • Always Share to a page: If you choose this option, it will enable you to share this post to one of the Facebook pages that you manage.



More Strategies To Share and Get Shared on Facebook Posts

  1. You can add text to your post if you like to! If you’re making a new post, or you’re sharing one via Facebook messenger, by posting directly to a friend’s timeline or by sharing on one of the pages that you’re managing. You can add a text or tag your Facebook friends in the post. This is why people love buying Facebook likes because engagement is critical!
  2. Next, You will have to enter the friend’s name if you’re sharing the message through the Facebook manager. You can tap the “To” text box to get that done.
  3. To share the Facebook post on one of the pages you’re managing, you should choose the destination at the left corner of the window that will open on your screen.
  4. If you want to post the content to one of your Facebook friend timelines, you can easily do that by putting the name of your friend into the text box provided for that at the top of the window that will open when choosing the destination.
  5. Tap on “Post:” You should see this option at the bottom of the window. And if it is a message, then you should tap on “Send.”


facebook get your posts shared

Method 2: Sharing a Facebook Post on your Mobile Phone

  1. Open Facebook: Open the Facebook app on your device. You should log-in, when you’re logged in, you should be able to see your news feed.
  2. Search for the post that you’ll like to share! Scroll through your feed, and if you have difficulty locating the post, you can search for the name of the person that sent the post and check the profile page.
  3. Check if the post is sharable. It is not all posts on Facebook that you can share. What determines whether you can share a post or not is based on if the owner of the post wants you to be able to do that. If the privacy setting of the one who created the post is in “Friends” or “Friends of Friends,” you cannot share the post.
  4. Tap “share:” you will see this option below the post. It will show you a menu of options.
  5. Add Text: If you want to add a text to the field, you can do that by clicking on the text field that you will see just above the “Share Now” button.
  6. Choose a sharing option: From the list of options on your screen, make your choice based on your goal. If you don’t know what each option means, you can check through the meaning in Number 6 above.
  7. Share Post: You will see “Post” at the top of your screen, tap on it to post the content you want to share.

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