How To Easily Find Facebook Influencers

Social media Influencers can enhance your Brand’s reputation and help you build a community of engaged followers within a short period. But it’s essential to find the right Influencers if you ever want that to happen. Your journey starts with defining your goal, finding one in your niche, and ultimately deciding if they can help or not. Remember, this is before you begin buying Facebook likes on your posts and pages.

Facebook Influencers are essential to figuring and have used their experience to build a community of followers. Most Influencers ought to be the best in their niche such that whatever they say or recommend is widely accepted by their followers.

There are Influencers in every niche. Whether it’s Digital marketing, Showbiz, fashion, and beauty, you always have someone to admire. The fantastic thing about Influencers is that they do not have to post regularly; a single post can drive the audience to react, thanks to the credibility they’ve taken tons of years to build.

In this guide, you will discover the brilliant ways of finding Influencers. While using marketing tools helps you see them in a matter of seconds, such tools usually ignore the factors that make an Influencer suitable.

How To Find Influencers on Facebook

Why You Should Partner With An Influencer

Working with an Influencer gives you an edge over competitors. As you already know, Influencers have established credibility with their followers giving you an extra weapon against rivals. However, to gain the attention of Influencer, the first thing to do is to become their followers. This way, you get to know what they’re up to, their social media tactics, and how they relate with their followers.

Since the cost of advertising on Facebook is on the rise, promoting your Brand via an Influencer is a proper way of getting organic reach without breaking the bank. The mere mention of your Brand by an Influencer sees followers trooping to check out your profile and, if possible, follow you.

Unlike advertisements, Influencers are free to make their creatives and produce content that is easy to understand by their community without appearing pushy or bossy. Influencers usually communicate with their community in a friendly manner. Hence, their recommendations are highly considered and accepted by their community.


How To Find Influencers on Facebook

Outline Your Business Goal

Before you start searching for Influencers, there are metrics you need to utilize in deciding the right ones. Searching includes the level of engagement as well as your business goals. Take a foot back to outline what you want to achieve, and if using an Influencer will be of any help. The following pointers will help you in choosing the right Influencer for your business.


Why do you need an Influencer?

What unique goal do you want to achieve using an Influencer? Most of the time, it could be to drive sales, improve brand awareness, or increase your Followers base.

For Instance, if you aim to get more Followers, it will make a lot of sense to create a competition using a specific hashtag and getting an Influencer in your niche to participate. This way, you’re encouraging the Influencers community to jump ship and become your follower as well.

On the other hand, if you need to drive sales, you will have to offer discounts, and you will need an Influencer to testify to the quality of your product on their wall.


Do their reputation tally with that of your Brand?

The Influencer’s reputation needs totally with that of your Brand. If their idea does not tally with yours in any way, there will be low engagement. For Instance, if your Influencer is into Digital marketing and your Brand is more of fashion and beauty, your post might not appeal to a majority of his community since they’re likely to be dominated by males.

Hence, having a clear view of what your Influencer is all about is one factor that will determine the expected results.


Identify Key Figures In Your Niche With Marketing Tools

Finding Influencers outside your audience isn’t an easy task. If you aren’t into show business, getting an Influencer in your niche could be stressful. Fortunately, some tools will help you quickly find Influencers in your niche. 

Tools like Buzzsumo or Tapinfluence gives you the opportunity of getting Influencers based on reach, engagement, and other factors. These tools allow you to do profile searches and see every Influencers’s data.

Know what to expect from the result of using an Influencer to shape your marketing goals.


Use Hashtags

Hashtags aren’t just useful in creating engagement, but high-performing hashtags can help you discover relevant accounts on Facebook. This way, you can find Influencers too. Using hashtags to locate Influencers isn’t a straightforward task; you will require the help of software like Hashtagify. This software helps you discover trending hashtags.



Look out for real engagement

Engagement rate is one factor used in identifying an Influencer. Mind you that Followers, as well as likes, shouldn’t be the only criteria as most Facebook users are prone to using bots. From statistics, an Influencer should average a minimum of 1,000 followers registering 8% engagement on all their posts.

The engagement rate Should increase as the number of followers increases, but the reverse might be the case. Sometimes, the number of followers might be misleading in choosing an Influencer. A profile might have numerous followers but still, record low engagement. Hence, you should first select if Facebook engagement is authentic or not before using the help of an Influencer.


Carefully Analyze Comments

In 2017, a study was carried out on two Influencers’ Account. Both had more than 80,000 Followers and had a lot of endorsement deals from well-known brands. However, the problem is both of these Influencers took less than four months to record this amount of followers. Making it look more suspicious.

While the numbers might be misleading, the best way of knowing whether an Influencer is genuine or not is to analyze Comments. Fake Influencers usually have vague comments like “cool” or “nice pic.” On the other hand, real Influencers will draw relevant comments that initiate a conversation.

For Instance, “the nice dress would love to have one” or “you look good, what’s the secret to this ageless look.”



There’s no denying the fact that Influencers can greatly positively influence your business. Background checks must be done to ensure you get one that matches your goal. Before linking up with an Influencer, ensure you’ve done a bit of work in building your followers.

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