With the following ideas, your Facebook traffic will increase;

Use posts that only play to the Facebook Algorithm

It is never easy to market on Facebook. With the ever-changing algorithm, the strategies used to get posts more traffic are incurring adverse effects. Here are examples of such posts and ways to resolve on the same to ensure the posts and the algorithm align closely.

  • Avoid clickbait posts

Clickbait posts hold back crucial information and give a wrong impression to the readers hence attracting more traffic given their sensational nature. An example of such a post is “how to lose 20lbs in a day,” which is false and misleading. Given the kind of clicks such a type of post will get, it will be among the top posts in the news feed, but its content is of poor quality. Nearly 80% of the time, a headline will determine if a person will go through the whole post as discovered by Facebook. This is why people buy Facebook likes.

The longer the time people spend on Facebook, the better and hence you have to find means to keep your headlines attractive to your website. Facebook uses this method to fight clickbait, the longer the time, the better. 2016 saw Facebook invent a new way to handle the clickbait problem which is determining poor content through identifying the links common in clickbait headlines which they gave a warning that links from such pages will be provided a lower position in the News Feed.  Therefore, to provide the readers with a great idea of the contents in your link, avoid exaggerations, misleading and sensational language, in short, avoid clickbait posts. To ensure readers spend more time on your posts, ensure your site speed is fast enough, optimize your web pages for mobile, and create subheadings.

  • Avoid inflating your engagement artificially

The more the engagement, the more the clicks, but then the engagement bait posts will get you a general fall in reach and clicks. Late 2017 saw Facebook employing measures to curb the ‘engagement bait’ using a Facebook algorithm update. They would use a machine to identify the engagement baits. Your posts should not include words like tag, vote, and comment to be on the safe side

  • Posts with links in descriptions should be avoided

Such posts are demoted by Facebook. Your post should be as a link post to allow previews with the headline, a photo, and a description. Link posts are confirmed to get more clicks than the images with links in the description.

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Identify content that appeals to your Facebook audience

You can use the following strategies to identify the links that attract more clicks and traffic;

  • Assessing your page post-performance using Facebook insights

At least three times a week, for 28days, post links that point to your site and third party articles appealing to your audience for a start. Download your Insight data at the end of 28days, open it using Excel to sort your data by type, and all your link posts should be together. Find the column that shows the number of clicks and identify the links with the most traffic then analyze to find out why these links have the most clicks. This will help you determine what content suits your page and also help you get clicks from other sources.

  • Find top landing pages from Facebook traffic by running google analytics acquisition reports.

According to Facebook, the longer the time spent on your site, the better. Therefore, an examination of the duration and the number of pages visited per session will help analyze what makes the top pages trending.

Find out popular topics to your ideal Facebook customers

  • Find popular discussion topics on Facebook groups

According to your business or customer search for keywords related. For illustration, if your industry is wedding related, your keywords should include, groom, wedding dress, rings, the groom. Join relevant Facebook groups to keep you most updated.

  • Collect new ideas and opinions from your Facebook audience

Given the massive number of Facebook users, it is easy to collect views and ideas from different groups. Choose topics that you have an interest in and ask for opinions from your audience. After publishing, share the links to the people who gave you ideas and credit them. This will increase the clicks and traffic on your website.

Create shareable content

Do not forget to feature people in your content to make in shareable for you to gain more traffic. The type of content you should create includes;

  • Getting an interview with popular personalities and experts

From your audience, you can find out who impacts them most. With your research, you can help them schedule interviews with these personalities to feature them in your content. And with these personalities, it is advisable to get acquainted with them online before you ask them for a one on one interview.

  • Collecting opinions from different people

One person’s opinion is not enough for your conclusive articles. Various views from your Facebook audience should be gathered and put into consideration when writing your essay. This encourages them to share more and hence, more clicks. Like in the event of a celebration, you’re likely to get more clicks.

  • Creating list posts that credits your key influencers

Featuring people in your list posts will motivate them to share it with their followers. You can tag them in your post, credit them in your article and you could also send an email with a link to your Facebook post to them.

  • Providing freebies and lead incentives for your Facebook audience

To build your email list, use lead incentives, and combining this with a Facebook post gives massive clicks. Give your audience several options to pick from the freebies, and responses will be fast because minimal typing is involved. Get opinions on covers and titles on the same from your Facebook audience. With the winner, publish the freebie and make your followers aware that it is published. They will then share your final product with their followers to generate more clicks. On the thank-you page, send the people who downloaded your freebie is essential. On this page, people can find more about your site by recommending readings or directing them to your additional services to help them.


To ensure Facebook users stay on the platform long enough, you have to ensure the content on your page captures the interests of your audience to keep them entertained. This article gives insight into the same.

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