With the 1.5 billion out of the 2billion Facebook users who check their News Feed daily, potential customers are pooled on this platform. Looking to expand your business? Facebook’s got your back. It is one of the highly ranked online sales channels. Through this platform, businesses are generally expanding. Let us study how the power of Facebook ads can be harnessed to boost your online authority. How can we define online authority? Using the internet version, we can set it as the ‘word of mouth.’ More online power means more people are talking about you, the more people interacting with you and sharing your content and that the more the search engines give you online authority. Your website articles, including any other social media platforms in your name, will have a boost. Online authority is essential for building your brand. The stronger the online authority, the more the recognition and your brand will have multiple associations. As your brand grows, so does your business and more profits too.

Facebook Followers

Various types of Facebook ads

To have the advertising power on Facebook, understanding the most available options at the time is crucial. On Facebook, you can find different types of ads. These types of ads work because they perform one of the functions below.

  • Facebook ads encourage people to share your content
  • They also attract more likes and follows on your Facebook page
  • They are useful in building your reputation as a thought leader
  • They help push your name and your work forward to the famous influencers in the industry
  • Your website also gets lots of Facebook traffic due to Facebook ads

The various types of Facebook ads include;

  • Link click ads

You can use these ads to drive sales and subscriptions, direct your Facebook followers to your best posts, and also promote the backlink opportunities arising. These ads are also used in promoting your website and send traffic to landing pages of your choice

  • Video and multi-product ads

The video ads and the multi-product ads (image carousels) tend to use the strong preference than people have on Multi-media content. Links can be added to the landing pages or to your Facebook pages to generate more likes.

  • Page post boosts

Boosting your Facebook posts enables the promotion of your content to specific audiences. If you want more likes and shares on your Facebook page, these ads are the best in that kind of engagement.

  • The dynamic product ads

These are known best for directing people to your websites from your Facebook pages. Based on the past engagements of people with your website or Facebook page, these ads are placed by Facebook using the dynamic algorithm ads.

  • Page like ads

Lastly, we have the page like ads, and as the name itself goes, they are self -explanatory. Target the audiences that you suppose could like you using these ads to make the number of the page likes you have to rise and generate more follows.

Get acquainted with your audience

Your target audience is the determinant of how much you get from advertising. In the Audience insights tool, use the custom function to determine the people that are likely to come across and interact with your Facebook ads. A simple method is to look at your competitors’ page and see the people who like and follow their posts and see the summary of these peoples’ statistics. Using the audience insights feature on Facebook, find out the location of your audience, the devices they use, and how often they go active on this platform.

Use target influencers

Backlinks from target influencers need to be generated to see your online authority building fast. For you to be linked to the influencers, then your strategies should be well-equipped and steady to keep you on point. Want your content to be connected by your target influencers? Then ensure you get them to see it by;

  • Advertising it directly for them to view
  • Mention them and create a link to them in your content
  • Ensure you produce killer content that someone can never resist clicking share
  • Find out who these influencers are
  • For your adverts, you could use the target influencers’ information to create ‘audience profiles’ for your Facebook page

Boost your popular posts

The ‘boost post’ ads on Facebook allow you to build your Facebook following and get more power from the content that is well-performing. Therefore, there’s no need for spending money on advertising incomplete posts. Your focus should be on new Facebook followers using the Page insight function on Facebook. It identifies the most popular post on your Facebook page and in turn, helps you boost the content of the post.

Tips to a successful boost on your posts

  • Use helpful content to your audience; for example, tutorial videos, a how-to list, resources, tips on a successful business among any others are some of the useful content.
  • Links to your landing pages on your website should be included in the article
  • Ensure al the content you share has a sharing button just in case your audience wants to share widely
  • Add CTA (Call to Action) to inform the readers of what their next step should be.

Start a conversation

After picking and paying for the right type of ad, your role still proceeds to create a dialogue and creating an interactive platform to build a robust online authority. Just posting and waiting for feedback is never enough. Engage with your followers, fans, and the ones who comment on your posts and on the website landing pages that you directed them to. There is a likelihood that people will interact with your posts in the future if you show interest in their current involvement.

In conclusion

Online authority building is not easy, a conclusion that comes as a great disappointment to many small business owners. On the bright side, if your business gets noticed by Facebook ads, it will see an upward shift in operations. The above essential tips will give you the insight to start going up the ranks and get to the SEO within a short time.

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