Page likes are considered an important measure of popularity on Facebook, but getting them is not an easy task. You have to wait for days to attract even a few dozen likes when you’re struggling. Let’s take a look at some of the strategies you can do to gather Facebook page likes faster.

Give plenty of information about yourself

When developing your Facebook page, be clear on what it is all about. Study other pages engaged by your followers to know what content they respond to the most. Use this information as a guide for planning your page and making it distinct from other pages.

Once you have created your page, come up with a useful About section. Write a brief history of yourself. Include other information like your contact info. Adding a list of milestones and achievements also helps build your page’s credibility. Beyond listing your brand’s information, you should also highlight things that catch people’s attention, like a mission statement or core values.

Artist community Threadless provides a great example of how to use these tactics. Their About section is peppered with plenty of handy information about their group.

They currently have 920,000 page likes, almost the same amount of their followers.

Make your page more searchable

With new pages being created on Facebook every day, you will want to be seen as quickly as possible. Here are a few ways to boost your page’s searchability:

  • Choose a memorable name for your page: As much as possible, use short names for quick recall. You can also use a phrase that’s associated with your page.
  • Use a custom URL: Facebook lets you create a custom URL that displays your page name instead of the ID code. This will make things easier for people to search your page.
  • Promote on social media: Promote your page on different social media platforms. This will increase your page’s visibility and discoverability to people outside of Facebook.
  • Embed Facebook posts on your site: If you have a website, direct your site visitors to your Facebook page by adding a sidebar widget that displays your latest Facebook posts.

These simple tactics for boosting your page’s searchability will help create the first influx of likes that will prop up your page.

Create engaging posts

While this strategy is a given, you still need to study how to make your posts more compelling in order to earn more likes. Strong visuals, like the one below, are a must-have to draw the interest of people.

Explore different kinds of visual content (like 360-degree photos, infographics, videos) to add variety to your content library. You can even ask your audience what kind of visual content they want to see and then capitalize on their answers.

Another great idea for generating likes is to host contests and interactive events. In fact, a simple contest, like the one below, can attract a lot of engagements.

Do such events on a routine basis to entice people to follow your page.

Engage other pages

Interacting with other pages within your niche is always an effective strategy for capturing more audiences. The interaction could be as simple as commenting on their posts. You can even share some of their content then tag them so you can catch their follower’s attention.

Once you have established rapport with other pages, proceed to the next step, and collaborate on a project. To pique people’s interest on your collaborations, run different teasers on your Facebook page, like this one.

These tips are just a few of the different ways you can do to attract more people and generate more likes on your Facebook page. Feel free to explore, and experiment on how you can incorporate these tips into your overall marketing.

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