There are several ways to optimize your Facebook page, but a page owner’s goal is to grow the number of page likes. The people who like your page constitute your fan base—the more fans you have, the easier it is to get your message out since your post appears regularly on many people’s news feeds.

Increasing the number of Facebook page likes, however, is not that easy. Even when your posts have gone viral, you may still see that the number of page likes will stagnate. That’s why some page owners spend lots of money on Sponsored Posts and rely solely on this feature to grow their pages. As I looked at some of the most successful pages, I found out that there’s actually a cost-free way to get more Facebook page likes.

Build a relationship with your followers

You’ve heard this strategy a million times because it really works! It can be as simple as sharing something that will interest your followers. Before clicking on that share button though, remember to do these things:

  • Make sure that you’re sharing the original post. Do that by clicking on the photo or post link.

  • Use your Facebook page, not a personal account, when you share a post. You can manage the post using the settings at the lower right-hand corner.

You can then share the post on your page, in a group, or on another page.

Whether you share a photo or post, or you have an original post, people will likely hit the like button if they find your post interesting, funny, or inspiring.

Convert post likes into page likes

It doesn’t stop here though—this is the free way to get more likes for your Facebook page. Let’s say one of your posts hit hundreds or thousands of likes. Click on the number of likes and you will see every person who liked your specific post.

Some of them may have already liked your page, but there will be some who still haven’t. To convert the post likes into page likes, click on that Invite button beside their names. Take note that this only works for pages with less than 100,000 likes. If you have more than that, then what you’ll see there is the option to add people as friends.

Get more Facebook page likes for free

The tactic sounds simple, but don’t forget that you should get your existing followers to not only like your posts but also to share it with their friends. This way, your content also becomes visible to non-followers.

Most people would only like posts that have already been liked by other people. These people are attracted to things that are popular, be it in fashion, entertainment, or any field. The trick we shared above works best if your shared post is already popular or has already gained some likes. You can ask your friends first, relatives, and connections to like your post before sharing. Another sure way is to buy Facebook likes to get that popularity going a little.

No matter what you do to obtain those likes, always remember that posting relevant and interesting content is still your priority and should be included in your marketing strategy.

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