Remember, Facebook likes are a measure of the number of people who like the page. You need to find where people are currently posting and what they are doing. To do that, you’ll need to do a reverse search on popular Instagram accounts. If you don’t have a website at all and don’t know how to get started, you can use social media to promote a website. But instead of coming up with new ideas and work and tactics, the next step is to discover what other people do that works well for them. And then you can copy what they do and improve on them. Or you can innovate. You’ve got to do both.

Cool Ways To Get Even More Facebook Likes

Use Paid Ads Facebook Page To Get More Facebook Likes

As opposed to just commenting on other people’s Facebook pages, this is an old school. The GAdSpam Facebook Page is set up to help you generate more Facebook Likes. There are many ways to get more Facebook Likes. You can advertise on different types of channels such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and email. All you need to do is to set up your Ad campaign and get the Facebook advertising rules & guidelines to make your campaign stand out.

Although your Facebook ad is still the best place for reaching the right people, you might find that it’s hard to get the same results using paid advertising on Facebook. Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can apply to increase your reach. In order to receive more likes and engagement on Facebook, you’ll need to establish good online-status and comment skills and convince your audience to like and comment on your page.


Share Your Facebook Page Off of Facebook

Do you know what is on Facebook but you don’t post, because you’re worried about posting that “insensitive” thing that makes others angry? I know what it is! It’s that thing called “motivated by hate” or hate speech on Facebook. I’ve seen it happen countless times. People react to the stupid stuff we post on Facebook by being super racist, homophobic or misogynistic.

Gain facebook followers and number of followers, build a number of followers in different ways, change your profile picture, like or comment on a lot of people’s content. Or any other social media activities. Social media is like any other advertising medium. The time of a logo, line, message, etc. and the frequency with which it is displayed, are very important factors. As a quick overview I’ve just listed, the social media methods, which I know the least about, but I’ve used almost every day for around 6 months


Advertise Your Facebook Profile

Facebook doesn’t allow self-promotion or advertisements within your profile, but you can list your Facebook page and link it to your profile if you want to. By using a social media company such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. you are not only giving your fans the opportunity to follow you or like your page, you are gaining more traffic to your site as well as awareness of your name. With your social media profiles set up, you are able to make your page authority on the field of your industry. You can grow your reach with an active Facebook following, attracting all sorts of followers and valuable data about your page.

You can use your Facebook ad profile image as your profile image for other social media sites. You can also promote a Facebook ad on your website and use your Facebook profile image as your logo and thumbnail for your website. You can also promote a Facebook ad on other websites using a static image, even if it is not part of your ad.

That is right, Facebook ads are compatible with all websites. Make the world a better place with a Facebook ad that you can easily embed on your website.


Facebook Marketing Campaign Strategy: Be Unique

Every single business needs to have a Facebook advertising campaign strategy. One could be a global brand like Coca Cola or one based in India like JSW Coffee or Tata Tea. It might be a seasonal campaign or one with a specific focus like Carnival or Marrakesh.

There are certain media, geographic and behavioral restrictions and guidelines that businesses need to abide by in order to meet these restrictions. With Facebook marketing campaigns it can get a bit confusing to follow every single rule and guideline that Facebook has placed out there.

ut all your time into the back end. After you hit the budget, review the steps and algorithms for each step in your Customer Journey. Reach out to people you can learn about them from. From there, create meaningful questions so that you will know who the most important person in your campaign is. Once you know who that is, use that to ask that person questions.

Doing these two things will greatly improve your ability to find the most important person in your account.



What is the ideal approach to reach an audience and let them know about the content you’ve created? Do you think you need an expert or expertly created website to get the maximum impact? What is the exact problem or need that you are trying to solve? What are the main takeaways you want people to get from the content you’ve written?

Through researching websites, looking at categories or finding blog posts about a particular topic (i.e. writing about psychology, writing about fitness, writing about kids’ games) you can identify the best approach.

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