You probably came here because you want to get more Facebook likes on your posts. Think about the pages you’ve created. What kind of messages do you get? Is there something people find fun or attractive about your pages? A perfect example is a page for kids. Kids and education are two of the most popular topics on Facebook. Kids specifically targeted more than 80% of the pages that are a target in our poll. Since most users don’t share family photos or posts, how can you target your posts to an audience that would like them? After all, the list of people who are interested in a topic is continually growing, but the moment you start looking for likes, you’ll find out that most users won’t even notice or care about your post until you have a few thousand. Check out our list of the best sites to buy Facebook likes that we’ve tested and reviewed!

Always Cross Post Facebook Content on Social Media

When there are traffic spikes in the rankings, it’s essential to have you do social media strategically. What works for one user won’t work for everyone. Sometimes you need to give up some of your fun. If a post gets a lot of likes or shares, you don’t need to like that post so much that you can’t remove it from the top of your timeline. Instead of traffic, get likes! Posting or liking something does not equal engagement with the social post. If a person comments on your post, they interacted with your post and likely read the comments. 

A real effort to increase your social media reach and increase your marketing efforts on social media will work. It is also fun, simple and effective! If you follow the actionable steps listed below, you will notice a significant increase in your reach to your users and your social media reach.

Get More Facebook Likes on Facebook Posts

Increasing Facebook Likes to Your Audience

It is hard to receive more Facebook likes. To increase your Facebook fans, you need to improve your audience size. To get more fans, you can implement anything you can think of that sounds good. The strategy of maintaining a good relationship with your fans through email is excellent. Likes and comments are one of the most effective strategies you can try.

The reason you need to increase your audience size is that, firstly, because you can’t reach everybody on Facebook. There are lots of people that don’t even look at your post, and most of them probably wouldn’t go to your site, if they did. For example, while many people stay tuned to CNBC for their following and daily news updates, they only check it once in a while.

Facebook Posting to Your Facebook Followers gets More Likes

Since you may have lots of followers who like your Facebook posts, you can get those followers to share it with their friends. However, it would be more useful to engage with your followers and then request them to share it on your page. Facebook has an API you can use for that.

As you can see from the screenshot above, there is an option to set up this API on the left side of your post. Enter the parameters, and your friends will be able to view and comment on your posts.

Getting Facebook Likes Means You Must Get Approved First

There are tons of strategies for increasing your Facebook page’s engagement and growth, like adding any type of custom content or headlines to your posts. Most of these posts that have your number in them are not attractive. They also don’t ask anyone for any form of data or input. You can increase your Facebook page’s engagement using extremely easy to implement marketing ideas.

Don’t be afraid to upload some fun audio clips as Facebook posts. These clips are fun, will drive more interaction, and they can even help with building relationships with your friends who click the post, also known as engagements.

Get More Facebook Likes on Facebook

Using Facebook Photos to get more Facebook Likes

There are several ways you can try to get more likes for your photos. Many people will use a simple ‘share’ button on their social media. Exporting photos will export it to a file that is then embedded in an HTML page for you to share on Twitter and Facebook. If you take a minute to play around with it, you will soon find that it is easier than you think to see if your photo can get more likes.

It’s important to remember that you won’t get as many likes for every photo posted on social media. It’s pretty hard to increase your photo’s number of likes on social media if your photos are generic at best.

Content is King If You Want The Most Facebook Likes

Send out your content with the audience there, and you’ll instantly receive more visits. It is a tough task to find excellent content with your audience. So the first goal is to get your audience to be there in the first place. You must plan your page structure with your audience in mind.

The amount of traffic and engagement on Facebook has continued to grow exponentially. In a nutshell, post quality plays a big part in how quickly posts can get a response. 

The quality of the content is 90% of your chances of success. A great blog or website may not give you the best chance of getting many likes. Many people are more concerned with the bounce rate or inactivity. Think about how many people left a comment or article.


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