Before 2017, Facebook had always been one of the social networks that have the best engagement reach. The reason for Facebook’s high engagement at the time was not far-fetched. According to reports, Facebook has over 2.38 billion monthly users. Thus, Facebook is one of the favorite social networks of many social media marketers and companies. However, much has changed since the constant increase in engagements on Facebook pages. Facebook has experienced a slight decline in engagement in 2017. Following an analysis of over 880 million Facebook posts which was carried out by BuzzSumo, results showed that Facebook pages had experienced a general decline in engagements. To date, not much has changed.

The battle for privacy against Facebook and the use of the app for propaganda in the U.S’ 2016 elections was a significant setback for Facebook as there was a massive drop in engagement on the social network. As a market or business, the drop in engagement is a little problematic for your sales. Nevertheless, there are different strategies that you can use to combat the general organic reach decline on Facebook. In this post, I’ll explain five best engagement tips for your Facebook business page. Note that these tips are useful and have worked for many people.

Five best engagement tips for your Facebook business page

  1. Create a linked Facebook Group

One of the best ways to increase your page’s engagement is by creating a Facebook group that will link back to your Facebook page. When creating a Facebook group, make sure that the group’s members are people that will have an interest in your business or services. A Facebook group page has the potentials for more engagement than your business page. Consequently, if these two pages are linked together, you stand to gain a lot of benefits.

First, a Facebook group will create more awareness of your brand’s Facebook page. For instance, when members of your group interact or exchange ideas, mostly, the point of discourse revolves around your brand. Thus, you may comment on such discussions with your Facebook page. In the long run, the members of the group may be motivated to check out your business’ page. Hence, you should consider linking your Facebook group to your Facebook page if no tactic seems to be working for you.

  1. Experiment with fresh content

Many businesses garner pitiable engagement rates on their Facebook pages because they are static. Some social media marketers do not yield to change, instead, they stick to their old tricks, thus, jeopardizing the engagement potentials of their company. The social media landscape is always changing. The methods that worked for you yesterday may not guarantee results for you the next moment you try. So, whether you are the social media marketer or manager of a business, you must learn to experiment with new and fresh content regularly.

An instance of the constant dynamism in social media is the recent emergence of videos as the preferred form of content. In the past, images were the best type of content for generating great engagements from customers or prospects. However, much has changed as the spotlight is now on videos. Brands that build their content on videos benefit from this development far more than others who did not.

The truth of the matter is that your customers are humans and humans are not stable. You see, if you want to have high engagement on your Facebook page, you have to make sure that you know the different trends of social media. Know in-content at the moment and experiment with them. Your engagement will experience an offshoot faster than you anticipate.

  1. Promote your top posts

You cannot gain something without giving out something in return, or can you? The saying applies to your Facebook engagement strategy too. If you want to increase your page’s engagement, you have to make sure that your page is presentable and compelling enough for people to engage with it. One method for boosting the attractiveness of your page is to put your best posts out there.

Every business has it. Every business’s social media accounts have particular posts that did extremely or relatively well than others. People need social proof that your page is worth following. The only way that you can do that is to use ads to boost your best posts. Through the implementation of the right ads retargeting, your top-performing posts will have a better reach as more people will get to see these posts. Despite the benefit of promoting your best posts, ads retargeting may look a bit expensive, thereby scaring many businesses away. However, you don’t need much money for your posts’ promotion.

With a small budget of $40 per day, your business page can experience a rise in engagement rate as paid posts tend to perform far better than organic reach. Thus, by promoting your top posts through ads, your business page reaches too many people than usual.

  1. Instead of the regular videos, sometimes, go live!

In past years, Facebook has spent a lot of effort in making sure that live videos rank higher than any videos. It was in a bid to achieve this goal that Facebook tweaked its algorithm to make live videos rank higher than when they are no longer live. According to the reports of Facebook, people spend more time watching a live video on Facebook compared to a past recorded video. When you go live, more people are likely to check out the content of your page than usual. There are ideas that you can try out with live videos. Such approaches are sharing weekly tips, report of breaking news, sharing behind-the-scenes of productions, host an ask-me-anything session, among others.

  1. Post less.

This tip might be counterproductive but posting less increases your reach and engagement three times more than regular posting. Against the proper advice, posting regularly on your Facebook business page harms your engagement than not posting frequently is helpful at the inception of your business page. However, regular posting will make you focus on quantity instead of quality as you advance.

Creating quality content is an easy yet challenging task. To post top-notch content, you need to invest a lot of time in creating them. However, when you create regularly, you might not have the energy to keep up. Thus, the struggle to share great content sets in. There is never enough time in the world to find a great time. So, there is a high possibility that you may not post great content if you keep posting many times a day. However, if you post quality content on your Facebook business page, you don’t need to change your present strategy.

Driving engagement on your Facebook business page is quite challenging; but with these five tips, I believe that you will find one or more of them useful. While implementing any of these tips, do not be discouraged if you do not see positive results as fast as you anticipate. These tips are not a magical wand. Instead, like everything involving humans, they take time to yield positive engagement results.

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