Facebook said that it wants to ensure that every platform user understands how the company collects, uses, and shares its data. For this reason, the company developed various tools such as Privacy Basics and Privacy Checkup that make it easier for users to see and manage their own privacy settings. Still, the company is aware that explaining its data practices is more than just building privacy management tools. It knows that it has to use similar design principles that make the Facebook app easy to use. Moreover, Facebook wants to make its data practices as understandable as possible. 

Facebook Published a White Paper About Privacy Information

Facebook, the leading social media platform in the world, recently published a white paper. The said paper emphasizes why companies need to better communicate their privacy information by putting people at the center of their privacy design decisions. The company added that if such efforts are executed properly, companies will empower everyone regardless of their levels of literacy and familiarity with technology. It also said that companies need to make informed choices about how and when to share their data. 

Moreover, Facebook also said that ensuring that people understand their choices involving data and privacy is something that an individual or company cannot solve alone. Thus, the paper that it published highlights how important collaboration among companies, policymakers, and other experts is.

The paper that Facebook published aims to identify the most common complexities and challenges in communicating with people about privacy. Facebook also wants to encourage more global conversations and collaboration about the said topic. Lastly, the company wants to propose several promising steps, including policy co-creation and design, to understand privacy easier. 

Facebook is Working with Develop Creative Design Solutions

TTC Labs is a cross-industry effort that is funded and supported by Facebook. Through this, Facebook is working with many companies and experts to develop creative design solutions. Once successfully created, the design will inform people about their data and privacy choices better than ever. 

According to Facebook, the best solutions are created by collaborating with experts in policy, privacy, and technology. The company described the best solutions as the clearest for people and are most comprehensive. 

For this reason, TC Labs hosted a one-day workshop which they called Design Jams. This workshop will bring designers, developers, regulators, and privacy experts together. Through the Design Jams, they will be able to share their ideas and create digital privacy prototypes that are easily understood and navigated by people. 

Moreover, TTC Labs is also developing a series of new educational and interactive webpages. Called Lenses, these web pages aim to explain privacy and data concepts in an engaging and approachable way.

TTC Labs have already shared the first Lens. It is called Designing Transparency For All. In this lens, the key consideration in designing in a way that people can easily understand is highlighted. The first series of Lenses will also explain design concepts. It will also elaborate on how these design concepts can improve people’s experience with regards to the data that they can access online. 

Also, the Lens is connected with the relevant materials from the website of TTC Labs. The materials include practical examples as well as alternative ways of solving transparency issues. 

The Lens will allow people to access sample design patterns, free transparency design, blogs from international thought leaders, and group work tools. 

Furthermore, the next Lens will address issues like empowering people through controls and leveraging context in design. 

The Policy Co-Creation

According to Facebook, it will pursue working with policymakers, regulators, companies, and other experts. This will be done to ensure that people are properly informed about their data and privacy choices. The company also noted that it would explore new ways of holding companies, including their own, accountable for clearly communicating these data and privacy choices. Facebook believes that if it can grapple with such complex issues now, it can help improve further regulation and make it easy for people to understand and manage their own data. 

In the next few months, the company will host a series of virtual consultations hosted by experts on the aforementioned topic. Through the use of research, discussion, and debate, the social media platform, Facebook will explore areas that need more attention. The company will also develop new solutions that it is planning to apply to its own practices on Facebook. 

The Final Takeaway

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook. It began as an application for students of Harvard University where Zuckerberg and two Facebook co-founders were studying. However, Facebook, which was called The Facebook back then, became so popular.  This is when most people engaged in actively buying Facebook Likes when there was less debate about their value.

Ever since its first conception, this social media platform became one of the most popular social networking platforms on the internet. As of now, Facebook already has billions of users from around the globe. For this reason, the company behind it is trying its best to develop the platform’s security features better.

It can be recalled that Facebook is popular due to its state of the art privacy methods. Facebook Messenger, the social media platform’s messaging application, also has privacy options controlled by its users. But despite its high standards for privacy, Facebook is continuing to strive and develop new features that will provide more safety and security to its users.

Facebook also owns some of the most popular communication platforms in the world. Instagram, a platform where users can share photos, was bought by Facebook. Similar to Facebook and Messenger apps, the company also improved the security of the said photo-sharing platform. Furthermore, Facebook also owns the messaging app WhatsApp.

Needless to say, Facebook is doing its best to create a secure user experience on all its products.

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