Buying real Facebook Likes is a social media platform service for the one created by Mark Zuckerberg. Over the years this platform has made its way to the lives of many individuals, making the internet a better place to communicate with. Aside from that, it helps people to make new connections and an environment within the world of social media. Over the years, Facebook has evolved into something very much better. Still, this platform is making a lot of ways to make the user experience more efficient and valuable.

Facebook vs. Tiktok: The Internet’s Biggest Global Rivalry

On the other hand, Tiktok is a short video making application developed in China. It allows users to create 30-second videos. Ever since it was launched, a lot of people got hooked to it, making it a great competitor of Facebook. For this reason, Facebook launched an app that creates videos, similar to the concept of Tiktok. The said app is called Lasso. Brady Voss, the lead developer of the app gave Lasso to Facebook in 2018. However, the app never became popular. In fact, it only had approximately 80,000 users in Mexico.

Voss decided to leave Facebook after launching the app. This is because he knew that the company will shut it down eventually since it isn’t getting much attention.

After losing Brady Voss as the lead developer, Facebook has created another app where you can put music, pictures, GIF, etc. and share it into your story. The company called the said app Reels, which is still existing today.

Countries like Brazil, France, and Germany are the first countries where Reel was launched. Moreover, Facebook is also planning to launch it in the U.S with the same features as the one launched in other countries. The question is how Reel is better than Lasso?

Is Facebook Troubled About Tiktok?

Tiktok is an app developed in China. Over 800 million people from all over the world use this. Tiktok is very popular that it ranked as the second most popular iOS free app on Apple and fourth on Google Play Store.

Used by Millennial and Gen z, Tiktok has hit off the charts. This fact made Facebook a little worried because now its platform is known to be a social network for the older ones. Still, some teenagers also prefer using Facebook because they get to connect with their friends and family from time to time.

Facebook vs. Tiktok: The Internet’s Biggest Global Rivalry

According to Piper Jaffray, 34 percent of millennials regularly used Facebook. On the other hand, 64 percent are more attach to Tiktok. Surprisingly, 82 percent are still using Snapchat, and 85 percent use Instagram. These statistics lead us to the conclusion that Facebook is not gaining enough monthly active users in America.

The Statistics of Tiktok

YPulse conducted a survey that tackles about the Gen Z users of Tiktok. According to the study, Tiktok users in America has increased from 12 percent to 35 percent from the month of January to February. On the other hand, the percentage of millennials who use the app is ranging from 3 percent to 19 percent. It is not surprising to see the number of Gen Z users because more and more teenagers are getting popular, gaining a lot of followers and brand sponsorship just by posting videos on Tiktok. 

The popularity of this app in America has become a problem with Facebook’s growth in Canada and other countries in the US. In the first quarter of 2020, the monthly active users of Facebook grew by 4 percent or 253 million users. It has also gained the highest average user per revenue in the US and Canada. However, Tiktok has defeated them with their meteoric rise across the country.

Facebook’s Best Strategy

The rivalry between these two applications has already appeared a few years ago. But before that, there was also a rivalry between Facebook and Snapchat. According to some reports, Facebook tries to buy Snapchat for $ 3 billion in 2013. However, the developers of Snapchat refused. After that, Facebook launched filters similar to Snapchat’s. Filters like clones, poke, and slingshot was very popular at first. But as the years go by, the filters began to fizzle out.

Since Facebook bought Instagram, its team decided to create a strategy that would make Instagram look more interesting to the young ones while beating Snapchat in terms of popularity. It was an intense battle because Snapchat also had then new features like short messages, videos, and a new batch of filters. These features further increased the number of Snapchat’s monthly active users.

Facebook vs. Tiktok: The Internet’s Biggest Global Rivalry

Since the downfall of the Lasso app, Facebook had many more ways to compete with Tiktok. One of its strategies is making the Reel app on Instagram. 

On the other hand, international investors remembered that Snapchat is making its own way of increasing the number of its monthly active users over that past year. This again leads to the question of how Facebook can get back on its track as one of the most popular apps across the world.

Facebook may not be enough to fight against Snapchat and Tiktok. So, its team has been developing more ways to enhance Instagram by using Reel. Some people say that this feature is an advantage for Facebook to defeat Tiktok in terms of users. The reason is that some markets and investors are not accepting Chinese applications due to the nation’s security concerns. This why Facebook has to make its move if they want to stay as the most well-known app.

The Never-ending Battle of Facebook and Tiktok

Facebook has been with us for a very long time and it may be hard for them to keep up with the fast phase of technology. But using features similar to Tiktok on Instagram will make not it popular with Gen Z and Millennial users. This is because users cannot stay on a single platform. They will always use other apps like Snapchat, Tiktok, Instagram, and others. Another thing is that each of these applications has its own unique features. One application cannot copy it because it will make the app look uninteresting to the users and it will only lead your company to have a bad reputation.

Furthermore, The people behind this project and Facebook investors must know how to promote and widen Instagram’s Reel feature. They are facing a big competition against Titktok and they must remember that this feature may be popular at first but in the end, most people are still going to use Tiktok.

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