Facebook is now testing a new design for Facebook Pages. Among other things, the latest update’s most notable features are the cleaner and more readable layout and the removal of the “Like” count. On top of that, the new design will make Pages easier to use and manage. 

The said features, as well as some others, were first tested with a small percentage of public figures on the app’s mobile version. But now, the tests are being expanded to a larger group of Pages.

Facebook is Testing Its Latest Page Design, Shows Cleaner Layout, No More “Like” Button

As of now, the public figures who are involved in the company’s test are actors, content creators, authors, and a small number of media entities such as books and bands. Pages included in the test will see an option where they can activate and try out the new Page experience when they log into Facebook through mobile. 

According to Facebook, it is currently expanding the test in order to include a small percentage of business Pages that operate using the English language, as well.

Facebook understands that the complexity of operating Pages can be an issue. For this reason, the updated design and feature is created to make using Pages less complicated. The company also knows that it needs to simplify the process of using Pages. This is particularly because many people are practicing social distancing and are opting to connect with their communities online.

The New Page Layout Will Make Things Easier for Page Visitors

Through the new Page layout, visitors will find it easier to see key information, such as the Page’s posts and bio. In addition, the new layout will do away both the Page Likes and the Like button. Instead, a Follow button and follower count is the only thing that will be displayed.

This change will result in a better reflection of the Page’s proper reach. A lot of people have liked different pages. However, they eventually unfollow them from their News Feed once they have lost their interest. On the other hand, the Follow count indicates the number of people who are actually able to see the updates of the Page in their News Feed. 

On the side of the Page managers, it will be clearer and easier for them to manage and assign admin access permission depending on particular tasks.

Cleaner UXUI vs. Less Behavioral Psychology Bait

Through an updated “Edit Access” screen, Page owners can turn on and off particular management tasks. The said tasks include who can create Page content, send messages, respond to comments, create ads, and more. The big question is will the cleaner UXUI result in more views for their ads. The trade-off is with the behavioral psychology behind the like button, something so important people pay other people to Like their posts!

Moreover, both options resulted in a more complex process where users first like the Page. Liking the page will create an automatic follow. However, Facebook users can back out of that follow by simply changing their settings. Page owners find this option confusing and unhelpful. They want to engage with followers who are genuinely interested in the Page and its posts, and giving them the aforementioned option does not help. 

Facebook is Testing Its Latest Page Design, Shows Cleaner Layout, No More “Like” Button

Also, Page owners can connect with their followers better by browsing their News Feed. They can then easily change between their personal Facebook account and the public Page they manage whenever they want to react or comment on a post that they came across.

Simple Navigation of the Page Insights Section is the Aim of the New Page Layout

Page owners and managers monitor the Page’s performance in the Page Insights section. For this reason, Facebook aims to make navigation of the Page Insights easier for them.

Will The Cleaner Layout Result In More Ad Rolls?

 Through the new layout, Page owners will now see the insights from the Page itself or even directly from a particular post. They will also get access to newly added insights through the Insights section. These include top-performing posts, as well as a new metric showing the audience overlap of the page with its connected Instagram account.

 Page owners and managers will receive fewer notifications from their Pages as well. This is because Facebook will be grouping together the data that are relevant and related to one another. Meaning, mentions, comments, and posts reactions will be grouped based on where they are related when sending updates.

 As of now, the test is running in the mobile version of Facebook’s app. However, it is not limited only to Page owners who are seeing the simplified app design.

Not All Users Will Experience The “No Like Button” Test

 In addition, Facebook has not yet mentioned when the update will finally roll out more broadly. This is because it is still considered as a test for the time being. Also, there is no clarification yet whether the update in the test will become an official new feature or not. 

Page Managers Will Have More Control Over their Pages

Apart from a refreshed design, Facebook is also giving Page owners more control over their Pages through the new layout. Admins can now adjust the placement of sections in the left column and top navigation menu. 

Furthermore, Facebook is used by millions of brands around the world to promote their businesses. They also use Facebook Pages to reach a more significant number of audiences who are relevant to their business. For this reason, the company is doing what it can to provide these businesses with better Facebook Pages.

Facebook is Testing Its Latest Page Design, Shows Cleaner Layout, No More “Like” Button

Conclusion: Will Facebook Dare Kill The “Like”?

In addition, user experience is also important to the company. This is why every update that it integrates into its platform and other products like Instagram and WhatsApp are all designed for the benefit of its users. 

Furthermore, it can be recalled  that Facebook has also updated the design of its desktop app this year. The cleaner and overhauled layout of Facebook’s desktop version were rolled out in March. This new layout provided more emphasis on Facebook’s events and groups- the platform’s most critical features.  

 Just like the mobile redesign done by the company last year, the latest desktop layout allows users to quickly access some of the major features of the platform. It also employs a cleaner and simpler design, as well as a more generous amount of white space. What’s more, this desktop redesign will become the platform’s default design next year.

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