When you see Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speak, you will have a difficult time believing that he is one of the most powerful people in the world. But the truth is those socially inept oligarchs now have the power to censor political speech and thought. In addition, they are transforming America into a state of authoritarian surveillance.

Before the US presidential elections in 2020, it seems as if conservatives are silencing and demonizing, in collaboration with the Democratic Party. Everyone is aware that Silicon Valley is leaning left. Such is true considering the political donations received almost exclusively by Joe Biden from top executives of social media. According to Wire, such accounted for 95 percent of employee contributions. 

CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s Squad of Conservatives

However, the partisan power of Big Tech was revealed at the beginning of 2021. This was when they have acted to apply censorship to Donald Trump as well as a lot of his 74 million voters. In addition, they crushed free speech competitor Parler. 

Right now, the social media giant buying real Likes on Facebook has turbo-changed its woke corporate agenda. This was done with a new vice president of civil rights. This “vice president of civil rights” is an alumnus of the Obama administration who is obsessed with systematic police racism. 

In addition, there is a global “oversight board. They are human rights activists and retired politicians who are paid to approve its crackdown on conservatives who they call “domestic terrorists.”

In January, Facebook Inc. held its staff meetings. A whistleblower provided Project Veritas with an exclusive video that reveals how hungry of power mark Zuckerberg and the entire Facebook Inc. has become. The video also exposed that they are convinced of their own moral superiority. 

Facebook Changed Its Mission

Last January 21, the Facebook CEO explained the platform’s new mission. He said that Facebook will be moved away from connecting family and friends. Instead, the new mission will be “connecting people with communities that can develop our values. 

CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s Squad of Conservatives

The reason for the change in Facebook’s mission, according to Zuckerberg is that while strong family and friends are important, communities help individuals develop as people. In addition, it develops the values of people. 

The Facebook CEO also declared that the company’s values perfectly align with the agenda of President Joe Biden, especially when it comes to immigration and racial equity. According to him, the US President has already assumed numerous Executive Orders on areas that Facebook cares deeply about. He cited some of those areas, including immigration, ending travel restrictions from Muslim-majority countries, preserving DACA, advancing racial justice and equity, and climate. 

Biden Has a Worse Mantra of Equity

It seems as if Zuckerberg does not care that Biden is planning to dismantle border protections during the pandemic, not to mention there is a high unemployment record. Such plans are a catastrophe for the Americans who are among the 1.8 billion customers of Facebook.  

Moreover, the mantra of equity that Biden has is arguably way worse. It is a dangerous Marxist doctrine that promotes equality of outcome, rather than equality of opportunity. This led to the death of millions of totalitarian regimes during the 20th century.

Regardless if he understands or not, the Facebook CEO is in full support. He said that he is looking forward to opportunities where the social media giant will be able to work with the administration on some of its top priorities. However, think about how liberals would react and feel if the largest social media company in the world signed up to the Trump MAGA agenda and silenced his political opponents systematically. 

Yes, Both Sides Buy Facebook Likes on Posts

Furthermore, it does not really matter which side of politics you are on. What Zuckerberg is doing right now is clearly an abuse of power. He even introduced the first-ever vice president of civil rights of Facebook — Roy Austin. Notably, Austin is a former Obama administration civil rights lawyer. 

Austin declared that he wants all the major decisions at Facebook to undergo a civil rights lens. He believes that such an action will make not only the country but also Facebook live up to its ideas. 

For this reason, Facebook’s orthodox will be the unjust and inaccurate view that police are systematically racists. This is because according to Austin, about 1,000 individuals in the United States are killed by the police each year. Disproportionately, those people killed were Blacks.

Austin emphasized that the case of George Floyd differs because 2,000 communities around the US protested. He claimed that this happened because of Facebook. 

CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s Squad of Conservatives

The Competitive Nature of Politics Drives More People Buying Facebook Likes Than Ever

Moreover, it is as if it’s still not clear that a social media platform that most people use to connect with family and friends has been changed into a vast left-wing propaganda machine. The Facebook CEO explained that his top priority for the future is to continue making progress in terms of big social issues that Facebook and the internet are centers of. 

In addition, Zuckerberg introduced Nick Clegg, the head of global affairs to explain the latest issue where Facebook purged Trump. 

Clegg is an anti-Brexit, Europhile, and anti-populist former British Politician. He said that Facebook’s decision to suspend the democratically elected American president indefinitely “was a very well-justified decision. His reason is that no one could incite violence on the platform. The suspension happened the day after the Capitol riot happened. 

However, the video, which became the reason for Trump’s suspension on the platform did not incite violence. Rather, the point of it was to tell the rioters to go home in peace.


Zuckerberg prefers Biden’s “plainspoken style.” This is because, according to him, it felt very real to him as someone who runs a company whose mission is to bring the world together. Zuckerberg also thinks that Biden’s focus on unity is what everyone needs to hear.

Needless to say, Zuckerberg and his company seem to be favoring conservatives at the expense of Facebook’s mission. Altering Facebook’s mission is already enough proof of that.

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