Facebook Ruined Instagram

The prominence of social media networks nowadays is very evident. Most of the headlines about the happenings on the internet are about them. Moreover, it is safe to assume that almost everyone that surfs the web is using social media. Whether they are talking to someone, looking for ideas, or want entertainment, they can simply log in to their social media account. They can find almost everything from these networks.

Ever since social media became a trend, more and more networks have popped up. They have different functions, features, and purposes. Some are meant for educational purposes. Others are intended to provide entertainment. Then, there are those that try to do them all. 

One of the leading social media sites is the photo and video-sharing social media platform Instagram.

How People Use Instagram within the MetaVerse

Just like other social media networks, people use Instagram to connect to others. How? You might ask. On Instagram, you can find photos and videos, mostly the former, shared by other users. They could be a picture of a cake they baked, a flower bouquet they arranged, or of children playing in the snow. 

Some users post random pictures they take in their daily lives. On the other hand, some are photographers that use Instagram to flaunt their gorgeous shots. Meanwhile, other accounts focus on one thing or are dedicated to one hobby. Instagram users can follow these accounts if they, too, are interested in them. For instance, vegan users can follow accounts that post photos of vegan food and recipes. 

Back in the day, Instagram was that simple. However, that changed when the social media network started to stray from its core values. 

Instagram’s 3 Core Values: What Facebook Ruined.

The website has so many users. As of January last year, there are 1 billion monthly active users. Certainly, what brought it a success is its three core values. However, Facebook’s recent actions repel users away from the app. Facebook is the parent company of Instagram. 

To understand how Facebook peeled away the original identity of Instagram, let first take a look at the core values. David Cuen, who was Instagram’s International Lead of Community Team, revealed these in an interview.

Community First

As stated above, one of Instagram’s focuses is bringing people together. Coen says that images speak a universal language. It may be difficult for people from different countries to understand each other through words. But, through images, they can surpass that barrier. 

Aside from connecting communities, Coen emphasized that it is also important to please them. Therefore, Instagram monitors how these communities respond to the platform. Instagram tries its best to identify what the community needs from them and at providing those tools.

By having the community in the center, Instagram was able to provide a positive user experience across the globe.

Inspire Creativity 

1.Instagram is the go-to social media platform for photography and, to an extent, video content creation. Those things are considered forms of art. Thus, Instagram is constantly looking for new ways for users to take photos and videos. Instagram develops and releases features that can spark creativity and keep things interesting. 

One example is the ability to upload photos of both landscape and portrait orientation. In addition to that, there are hyper-lapse, Instagram direct, Instagram stories, and Boomerang. Users can use these features to establish their brand or identity as a photographer. Even more, casual users can use these to test their creativity.


What separates Instagram from other social media networks is its simplicity.  

Instagram is neither as convoluted nor as bloated as other sites like Facebook. Users post photos and videos, then talk about them. Even the messaging feature is more straightforward than others. It is also not as overcrowded with strangers. Furthermore, it would not push you to connect with them just because you follow the same person. 

Overall, Instagram is easy to get. That is why it became popular.

Instagram Digressing From Its Core Values

Facebook unknowingly steps on Instagram’s core values, which hurts the platform. For instance, it became less about photo sharing and more about Reels and shopping. 

Reels is their way to compete against TikTok – a social media network that is recently skyrocketing in popularity. To be fair, Reels is still a creative way to make videos. So, Instagram adding the feature is understandable. However, the way the platform is trying to make it the app’s main focus is not. They want to push it so much that the Reels button was placed where the Feeds Post button used to be. 

Aside from that, the Shops button replaced the Notifications button at the navigation bar. It is an effort to persuade users to buy items through the app. This is Instagram’s attempt to enter e-commerce. From a platform meant for enjoying photographs, they transformed it into a full-blown marketplace. It came too far away from its original identity, causing it to lose its core user base,

Welcome to the MetaVerse

There is also an issue with Instagram’s app privacy. Though, since Facebook bought it, that was to be expected. Facebook is known for controversies regarding how they collect and use private data. 

The thing is. Instagram users did not come there for those. Those are not what they want, but what Instagram wants. It does not align with two of their core values which are simplicity and putting the community first. As a result, more and more people leave Instagram.

Of course, those who preferred Instagram as their primary social network were disheartened. They wish the app would go back to its simplistic nature. After all, they came there to enjoy themselves while appreciating photographs. They did not log in to be bombarded by advertisements or to buy accessories and shoes. There are appropriate places on the internet for that. 

However, it is rare for a social media network to pull back a feature they have invested in. So, whether users like it or not, Reels and Shops are going to stay. In that case, we could at least hope that Instagram eases up on the new features. More importantly, it should make photo sharing the main focus once again. 

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