Facebook said that it wants to help content creators earn money and create a meaningful business on the platform. In order to help creators in achieving their financial goals, Facebook is providing them with more ability to collect ad earnings from matched Rights Manager content. It will also offer in-stream ads in more countries. 

Monetization Opportunities and Expanded Access Through Rights Manager

Facebook will expand access to Rights Manager. This move aims to provide more content creators with a large or growing catalog of content with better control of when, how, and where they share Facebook and Instagram content. Page administrators can submit an application by clicking this link. This way, they will be able to submit the content that they created and want to protect.

Facebook Offers New Monetization Opportunities for Creators

Within the Rights Manager, Facebook has improved its Collect Ad Earnings tool. The social media giant will also expand its availability. Meaning, more content creators will be able t collect ad earnings that come from matching videos that include in-stream ads. 

In addition, Facebook added a new filter view to spot monetizable matches. There will also be better guidance regarding how to capture monetization and exportable revenue reports. Facebook also improved creators’ availability to collect ad earnings while placing their ownership link on the matched video. 

The new in-stream ads toggle located in the Creator Studio app allows seamless management using mobile devices. Apart from that, Facebook is launching new video insights. With this new tool, rights holders will be able to quantify as well as optimize protection activities. It will also help in leveraging fan-driven distribution as a significant part of their business intelligence.

A Wider Access to In-Stream Ads

Other than new monetization opportunities, Facebook will also provide creators with more access to in-stream ads In-stream ads is already available to 45 countries. But Facebook expanded this and gave access to those from Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, and Morocco. Eligible pages in the said countries can now join the program and begin monetizing eligible content.

How to Check Your Page’s Eligibility For In-Stream Ads

Before you can be eligible for in-stream ads, it is important to note that you should stay compliant with the Partner Monetization Policies of Facebook. 

Facebook’s Partner Monetization Policies states that a creator must make content on an eligible surface, reside in an eligible country, and share authentic content. It is also important to follow Facebook’s Community Standards, follow its Content Monetization Policies, Payment terms, Pages, Groups, and Events Terms. There are also rules that politicians and government pages must follow. 

In addition, a creator’s page (not a profile) must have no less than 10,000 followers. You must also generate at least 30,000 one minute views on video contents that are no less than three minutes long in the last two months. 

Another thing worth noting is that creators will only be eligible for in-stream ads if they are already 18 years old and above. You will only be eligible if you are living in a country where in-stream ads and monetization policies are available. 

How to Check Your Page’s Monetization Eligibility

 The first step to check if your page is eligible for monetization is to go to Creator Studio. There, you will find the Monetization menu located on the left side. Click on that to review the status of your page’s in-stream ads. 

Facebook Offers New Monetization Opportunities for Creators

Monetization of content through in-stream ads supports videos that are less than three minutes long. Despite that, it is still important to remember that the requirements revolving around publishing content three minutes long must be met for in-stream ads to appear in your videos.

The Best Practices to Become Eligible for In-Stream Ads

After checking your page’s eligibility and you found out that you were not approved for in-stream ads, do not lose your hope! This is because there are still steps that you can take to try again. 

Here are steps that you can do if you do not have at least 10,000 followers on your Facebook Page:

1.Monitor the Number of Viewers That Go Back to Your Page to Watch Videos Each Week

Monitor your returning viewers on the videos you publish each week using Creator Studio’s Loyalty Insights feature. If you notice that a particular video caused a spike or decrease in the number of returning viewers, learn what aspect of that video caused such behavior. 

2. Publish Content On A Regular Basis

You can encourage your viewers to return to your page if you publish content on a regular basis. 

3. Be Responsive

Take a few minutes to respond to comments, feedback, and questions. While this is not a grand gesture, it can turn casual viewers into fans. In addition, feedback and comments from your viewers can give you new ideas for new content.

4. Share Your Videos’ Links to Your Other Social Media Channels

Help people find out that your page and videos exist by sharing your links to other social media platforms. You should already be doing this just to buy yourself some Facebook likes.

5. Take Note of How People Might Use Facebook’s Search Engine to Find Your Page

Make sure to include the branding that you are popular with to your followers in your page name. This way, it will be easier for them to find you even when they are now aware of what the exact name of your page is.

Facebook Offers New Monetization Opportunities for Creators

What to Do When You Did Not Meet the Eligibility Standards to Monetize

Once you were not approved for monetizing for failing the eligibility standards, the first thing you should do is to review the Partner Monetization Policies of Facebook. Next, make sure that your videos meet the platform’s community standards. To do this, create videos that adhere to the Content Monetization Policies of Facebook. You Should also develop original content. Lastly, avoid never use practices that are spammy and manipulative.

Needless to say, it is important that you are familiar with Facebook’s guidelines and policies.

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