On September 30, 2020, Facebook Likes Providers celebrated Facebook, the company that owns the photo-sharing platform Instagram announced its latest update on the platform’s messaging feature. The update integrates a new Messenger experience on Instagram DMs. 

On Facebook’s family of apps alone, users send more than 100 billion messages every day to their family, friends, and whoever they want to connect with. 

The company said that messaging has already come a long way since it was first brought to Instagram. It also noted that it is exploring how messaging should evolve as Facebook products grow.

Instagram Says Hello to Messenger As Facebook Introduce a New Messaging Feature for the Platform

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown implementations that it has caused, people are relying on online messaging and video calls more than ever. Facebook is fully aware of this fact. For this reason, it is doing its best to regularly improve the messaging features across its platforms. 

Facebook Connects Messanger With Instagram

Moreover, more than one billion individuals are now using Messenger as a place where they can hang out, share, and express themselves with their friends, family, and the people that they want to connect with. For this reason, buying Facebook Likes and the overall Facebook Platform decided that it would be best to connect the Instagram and Messenger experience. This idea prompted the company to bring some of Messenger’s best features to Instagram. This way, users will have access to the top-notch messaging experience no matter which app they are using. 

Furthermore, users of Instagram are free to decide whether or not they will immediately update to this new messaging experience. 

The recent update is based on Facebook’s study. The company’s research found out that four of five individuals who are using messaging apps in the US are spending more time on the platform to connect with people who are important to them. However, one out of four people admitted that they sometimes find it difficult to remember which app they used to communicate with someone. This is another reason why Facebook decided to merge Messenger with Instagram. 

With the latest update, people will find it easier to stay connected without thinking which app they have previously used to reach their friends and family.

Instagram Says Hello to Messenger As Facebook Introduce a New Messaging Feature for the Platform

Facebook Adds 10 New Features to the Messaging Platform

In addition, the social media giant said that it is adding 10 new features to the messaging app. These features aim to allow users to stay close with their friends and family. The selfie stickers feature, for instance, is a unique hybrid of Boomerang, selfies, and emojis. Such is a new way for users to react to conversations.

Another additional feature is called Watch Together. It allows users to watch popular videos with friends through IGTV during a video call. 

The company is also introducing a chat feature called Vanish Mode. Users can set this feature so they can make a chat disappear automatically once the recipient has already seen it. 

Moreover, the social media giant said that chats and calls from family and friends using Instagram will remain on the users’ Instagram app. Rather, the difference that this update will bring is that Messenger users can reach Instagram users without them needing to download Instagram. The same thing goes for Instagram users. They no longer need to download Facebook Messenger to reach a Messenger user. Instead, they can connect with those users using Instagram DMs. 

The Best Features of Messenger

As mentioned, the social media giant is integrating some familiar features of Messenger into the new update. Some of these features are replying to a particular message, customizable chat colors and themes, as well as forwarding a message. 

Facebook said that more than 10 million Messenger users are customizing their chat threads with custom colors and nicknames every day. So, users of the updated messaging tool would still be able to custom their chat threads and add custom emoji reactions. In addition, selfie stickers will remain available on Instagram. After some time, such a feature will be available on Messenger as well.

Instagram Says Hello to Messenger As Facebook Introduce a New Messaging Feature for the Platform

Below are the features that will soon appear on the new Messenger experience on Instagram:

Watch Together

You can now enjoy watching videos on IGTV, Facebook Watch, and soon on Reels through this new feature. You will also be able to watch TV shows and movies with your friends and family during a video call. 

Communicate Across Platform

You will now be able to connect with your family and friends across Instagram and Messenger. You can now make video calls and send chats using either of the platforms.

Vanish Mode

If you find it hassle to remove messages manually, then vanish mode is the perfect feature for you. This new feature allows you to make messages automatically disappear after they are seen by their recipients. 

Chat Colors

This feature allows you to personalize chat threads with fun color gradients.

Selfie Stickers

You can use this feature to create a series of boomerang stickers using your selfies and send it to your friends and family.

Custom Emoji Reactions

This allows you to create a shortcut of your favorite emojis so you can quickly react to the messages sent to you.


Got a long message that you want to send to other people? You can now do that quickly by forwarding it to up to five friends or groups.


Respond to a particular message in your chat and keep the conversation running.

10 Animated Message Effects

Through this new feature, you will be able to add visual flair to the messages you send.

Message Controls

You can now decide who can message you directly as well as who cannot message you at all. 

Enhanced Reporting and Blocking Updates

This feature allows you to report an entire conversation in addition to single messages on Instagram. It also allows you to receive proactive blocking suggestions across Messenger and Instagram when you add your accounts in the new Accounts Center.

Now, the power to reach your friends and family through online messaging is in your hands, thanks to this new update to Instagram.

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