Facebook is no longer new, but whoever said that Facebook had lost its coolness factor probably didn’t know about the mind-blowing statistics this article will look at. The following figures should motivate you more in creating a Facebook marketing plan, which includes setting up a business page, working on your Facebook likes strategy, and planning your posts.

93% of advertisers use Facebook ads

Let’s start with this one: 93% of social media marketers use Facebook ads. This only means one thing—if advertising strategists see that Facebook is worth their ad spending, then so should everyone else. The number of advertisers using Facebook is impressive, and this shows that Facebook still has the power to influence consumer behavior.

People usually browse through their news feed without really thinking about buying anything. They are probably there to check on their coworkers, relatives, or former classmates. Then all of a sudden, they see this ad about a product they searched a few days ago. The interest in the product is ignited once again, and that’s how Facebook ads generate demands.

39% of Facebook users follow business pages to receive special offers

This statistic just proves that people are always looking for great deals. When you offer exclusive discounts or giveaways to your followers, you hit two marketing points: you keep your existing followers from clicking the “Unlike” or “Unfollow” button, and you also encourage non-followers to like your business page.

The video above gives tips on how to do a proper giveaway without violating Facebook’s terms of service. They are a but stricter than other social media platforms

Before you run a contest or a giveaway, know precisely what your end goal is. Do you want people to follow your Facebook page? Do you want to get their email addresses? Your goal will guide you in outlining the promo mechanics and executing the giveaway.

47% of Facebook users are on mobile

Out of the two billion Facebook users worldwide, 47% access Facebook through mobile phones. This figure will only rise in the future as more people are going mobile. Compared to desktop users, mobile users frequent Facebook multiple times a day because their phones are always within their reach.

That’s why business owners and social media marketers should optimize their Facebook content for mobile. Take note: the recommended image size for Facebook posts is different from that of Facebook cover photos. Aside from Facebook posts, you also have to make sure that the landing pages where the Facebook ads are linked to are optimized for mobile.

The organic reach of a post is only 6.4% of total page likes

While this figure is low and disheartening, this also tells you not to rely solely on the number of likes of your Facebook business page. Focus on creating entertaining and interesting content, and find more ways to engage your followers.

Without these efforts, your followers may unfollow you anytime.

The shorter, the better

The most effective Facebook ads are those with titles that only have four words. Link descriptions must also be short, with 15 words maximum. The aim here is to have a high CTR (click-through rate), so keep your ads short and interesting, don’t drag them on and lose the interest of the viewer before they click.

You need to be brief, cut to the point, and drive traffic quickly as they scroll past. Action-grabbing headlines and wording, along with strong calls to action, are essential.

Videos get more shares

When more people share a post, the reach of both the post and the business page increase exponentially. Among posts, those with videos are more likely to be shared. According to a BuzzSumo’s study, the average video share count is 89.5 shares.

Indeed, videos are becoming an important part of any marketing strategy; Facebook isn’t an exception. Take a look at this video post of a makeup product with 29 shares as compared to the regular, non-video post of the same product which only got six shares:

80% of Facebook users find videos with auto-playing sounds annoying

While video ads get more engagement, those that play sounds right away will annoy people.

Do you relate to this? Have you experienced scrolling down your news feed in a public place, then a video ad starts to auto-play with sounds? Most likely people will stare at you. It’s worse if this happened in a coffee shop, library, or grocery store.

As a business owner or marketer, put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Surely, they wouldn’t like such type of annoying video ads as well. They are better off with ads that have silent videos.

In this connection, it will do you good if your ads have subtitles. Another statistic supports this tactic: viewing time is increased by 12% on videos with closed captions.

Facebook marketing is still a go

Whether you own a business (small or large) or you’re an influencer looking to expand your audience, you’ll be glad to know that Facebook still has a lot to offer. The 14-year old social media site allows companies and personalities to reach more people and grow their business.

However, like any marketing platform, Facebook is not devoid of challenges. There are concerns that it’s no longer an effective medium as people are now spending more time elsewhere.

However, the statistics above tell a different story. As a business owner or advertiser, stay updated with current trends and do not rely on hearsay alone. Hopefully, these statistics will help you create an effective Facebook marketing plan.

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