Facebook now has a Manage Activity feature where users can archive and bulk delete posts. 

It seems that there is no stop when it comes to the popularity that Facebook is experiencing now. In fact, the platform has more than 2.6 billion active users monthly, making it the largest social media network in the world. 

Ever since its inception 16 years ago, it has always been a struggle for Facebook to provide the privacy controls that users want as well as those privacy controls that would safeguard the data that users post on the platform.

Facebook Launches its New Yet Long Overdue Privacy Controls

But now, Facebook announced that it will launch a new tool that Facebook users can utilize to manage their posts. This feature is basically similar to what Gmail integrated to their email and probably the most intuitive version of controls that Facebook has ever offered. Increase the Facebook Likes of your Posts from your Facebook account.

Facebook Now Has the Manage Activity Feature

Facebook’s new Manage Activity feature will create a concept of “archive” within the platform. It will allow users to move any post they want into a private new home that only they can access. The new feature will also let users access a folder called Facebook Trash where they can easily delete posts. This Manage Activity feature is set to roll out in the mobile apps of Facebook first.

According to the company’s statement in a blog post, they are aware that changes occur in the lives of people. For this reason, the company wants to make it easier for Facebook users to create their presence within the platform. 

Facebook Archive and Trash

The two concepts– archive and trash– that Facebook is now introducing to its users are two things that email users are most familiar with. On Gmail, for instance, the messages that you moved into trash will remain there for 30 days before getting automatically deleted unless you manually delete them sooner or recover them. Moreover, Facebook’s Manage Activity allows users to do batch actions, making it possible to do a single action into multiple posts all at once. Therefore, you can organize your posts in bulk instead of going from one post to another. You can also use filters to segregate your posts by date rangers, specific people, types of posts such as video, photo, and posts from other apps. After filtering your posts out, then you can select individual posts and delete or archive them by batches. 

Facebook Launches its New Yet Long Overdue Privacy Controls

In an instance that you delete a tagged post, then it means that you will no longer be tagged to that post. However, Facebook assures users that those who tagged them will not get notified once they remove themselves on the tag.

Still, it is important to note that you cannot archive the posts where you are tagged in. The archive feature is only applicable to the original posts that you created as well as those that you shared. 

Facebook Founder Marke Zuckerberg Wants the Platform to be Privacy-centered

The social media platform already has what they call Select Privacy menu even before the Manage Activity feature was set to roll out. Using the Select Privacy menu, Facebook users can choose who can see their posts. The options include Public, Friends, Only Me, and Specific friends. 

The Only Me privacy option allows you to post content that no one but yourself can see. However, the Manage Activity feature is not going to help in any way if you are using the Only Me option as a makeshift archive. According to Facebook, there is no way to collect all the posts that you have marked Only Me in a single place. 

Facebook Likes Change Facebook Followers Minds

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, and founder of Facebook dedicated 2018 to figure out how they could fix the platform. In March 2019, Zuckerberg published “A PrivacyFocused Vision for Social Networking” after fixing the platform. There he discussed one problem that all users of Facebook are probably aware of for more than a decade.

According to Zuckerberg, permanence problem is the challenge that they face in building social tools. He also added that as large collections of photos and messages are built over time, these collections can become both an asset and a liability. For instance, people who have been using Facebook for many years might have pictures when they are younger than they might be embarrassed. Still, people love to keep records of their lives, so it is also a good thing. 

Zuckerberg’s Timing Gets Facebook Likes

Before 2018, Zuckerberg promised Facebook users that his company will utilize a feature that would permit Facebook users to clear their Facebook browsing history. After more than a year, the feature called Off-Facebook Activity rolled out in August 2019. This tool provides users with an accounting of all the third-party apps and websites whose visit history was shared with Facebook. This allows users to clear that history out. In addition, it also permits users to block Facebook from using their browsing history to show targeted ads.

Facebook Launches its New Yet Long Overdue Privacy Controls


However, Zuckerberg and his company also grappled with similar issues way back in November 2011. Facebook CEO said that his company has always been committed to being transparent with all the information Facebook users have stored within the platform. He also added that they have led the internet to build tools that give users the ability to see and control whatever they share. Still, he noted that Facebook can always do way better and that he is committed to making Facebook the leading platform in transparency as well as control around privacy.

But nine years after these remarks were publicized, and 16 years after it was founded, Facebook is somehow still in the process of fixing its privacy features.  

But needless to say, the company is trying to keep its promise of providing its users with features and tools that could make their platform experience better. The fact that Zuckerberg and his team are still striving to develop tools for the benefit of Facebook users is enough to justify the massive popularity that the platform has.

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