One Facebook employee tweeted that they were not proud of how they were showing up against their CEO’s decision about Trump’s inflammatory posts. 

The employees of Facebook, one of the largest social media platforms are using social media to oppose Facebook CEO’s decision of not taking down US President Donald Trump’s inflammatory posts. 

Marke Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, has been the center of debates as to how technology companies and social media networks must handle Trump’s violence-promoting posts against demonstrators. The post in question was publicized by the US president on the said platform as a response to those who protest over the death of George Floyd, a black man whose death was caught in a video. In the footage a white police officer was kneeling at the back of his neck, causing him to have a difficulty in breathing that led to death. Get the hottest updates about buying Facebook likes.

Facebook Employees Publicly Express Disagreement over Zuckerberg’s Decision on Trump’s Posts

In response to these protests, Trump said in a post that the shooting will start once the looting starts– a post that implies violence against citizens. 

The same post was also written by Trump on Twitter. But contrary to Facebook that did nothing against it, Twitter put a fact-check and warning label to the post. Furthermore, Zuckerberg defended his decision by saying that the platform has a policy of taking the hands-off approach to statements posted by politicians. 

People From Inside and Outside Facebook Opposes Zuckerberg’s Decision

The CEO’s decision resulted in widespread criticism from people outside the company. Similarly, Facebook employees began to have growing unrest regarding the matter.

Lauren Tan, an engineer for Facebook expressed her disagreement against Zuckerberg’s decision in a tweet. According to her, the inaction that Facebook has against Trump’s posts makes her feel ashamed that she is working for the company. 

Facebook Employees Publicly Express Disagreement over Zuckerberg’s Decision on Trump’s Posts

On the other hand, Facebook’s director of product management Jason Toff also said that he, along with his co-workers are not proud of the company’s decision. He also added that they are making their voice to be heard.

Another employee, Jason Stirman, who works as a design manager at Facebook said in a tweet that he does not know what to do, but he is certain that not doing anything is unacceptable. He also emphasized that he does not agree with Zuckerberg’s decision to do nothing about Trump’s posts that incite violence. In addition, Stirman emphasized that there is no neutral position on racism. 

Facebook Employees Joined A Virtual Walkout

Many of the employees of Facebook participated in a virtual walkout since most of them are working from home. A number of employees have also posted an automated message on their profile and email responses. In the automated response, they told whoever will reach out to Facebook’s support that they are out of the office as a protest against Zuckerberg’s decision. They were also encouraging their co-workers to participate in the virtual walkout. 

Moreover, a spokesperson for Facebook said that the company condones the employees who were speaking out. According to her, Facebook recognizes the pain that many people are feeling right now, especially those who are members of the black community. She added that the company will continue to seek honest feedback of employees as they face additional difficult decisions about the issue. 

In recent years, Facebook has already taken several steps in order to moderate the platform. These steps include cracking down on misinformation and hate speech. However, Zuckerberg seems to be taking inactions on the issues of the speech posted by politicians.

Facebook Likes Turn Against Zuckerberg

Two people from Facebook who are familiar with Zuckerberg said that his way of thinking is motivated by his philosophical and practical goals. These two people requested to hide their identity because they were not authorized to publicly about the issue. According to them, Zuckerberg’s practical side is inspired by the fact that he does not want to be involved in a political war against Trump or any other conservatives, especially now that regulation looms in Washington. 

Facebook Employees Publicly Express Disagreement over Zuckerberg’s Decision on Trump’s Posts

On the other hand, Zuckerberg’s philosophical side shows his belief that Facebook should remain as an open platform as possible and not make any judgment regarding political speech. 

Zuckerberg and Trump had a chance to talk via a telephone call. The CEO of Facebook told Trump that he disagrees with his inflammatory rhetoric about the protesters. Zuckerberg also told Trump that his Facebook post was putting the company in a difficult position. This was according to three people who were familiar with the conversation. They requested their identities to remain hidden.

Zuckerberg Was Forced to Apologize to Facebook Followers

Furthermore, Zuckerberg publicized a Facebook post where he said that he had a negative reaction against the divisive and inflammatory post of the US president. However, Facebook must enable expression as much as possible unless it will promote the imminent risk of particular dangers or harms that are noted in clear policies. 

On another post, the Facebook CEO announced that he will be donating $10 million to groups who are working on racial justice. He also added that the philanthropic initiative of him and his wife had been investing $40 million every year in such efforts. 

Unfortunately, these efforts were eclipsed by the growing backlash that people are throwing to Facebook. 


The head of design for Facebook portal’s video device Andrew Crow said in a tweet that it is wrong to censor a piece of information that might help the public to see the complete picture.  However, allowing someone to incite violence and spread disinformation in the platform is not acceptable, regardless of who you are or if the information posted on the platform is newsworthy. Crow also added that he does not agree with the decision of Zuckerberg and that he will work in order to make change happen.

Facebook is now facing huge pressure from outside the company, including one other technology company. Talkspace, a therapy app’s CEO Oren Frank tweeted that he had broken off the partnership talks between his company and Facebook. According to Frank, his company will not support a platform that promotes violence, lies, and racism.

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