The coronavirus pandemic has affected the whole world so much than we anticipated. Many states decided to implement lockdowns in order to stop the spread of the fatal virus. For this reason, people now rely on social media platforms to connect with their friends and family more than ever.

Facebook’s Efforts in Keeping People Safe and Informed About the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Facebook, the largest social media platform today, is aware of how people need a reliable platform today. For this reason, the social media giant exerted effort in helping different communities amid the pandemic. More than that, Facebook is also supporting the global health community’s effort to keep people safe and well-informed during this public health crisis. 

In addition, Facebook is also working in order to address this pandemic’s long-term impacts. To do that, it supports industries that are in need. People want to increase their Facebook likes and followers in safe manner in 2021! It also makes it easier for people to find and provide help within their communities. 

Facebook’s Efforts to Help People Amid the Pandemic in 2021

Connecting individuals to mental health resources

Experts agree that the global coronavirus pandemic has caused mental health challenges to people around the world. It is also expected that this effect will continue in the years to come. 

For this reason, Facebook is now working with leading authorities around the globe including Kids Help Phone, NAMI, and It’s OK to Talk. The aim of this move is to invest in the crucial areas of mental health support, such as parenting support, handling financial stress, managing substance use, coping with loss and grief, and taking care of overall emotional stress. 

Facebook’s Efforts in Keeping People Safe and Informed About the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Another effort done by the social media giant to help people in managing their mental health is the introduction of Emotional Health. This is a centralized center which is accessible via the Facebook app. In addition, it contains information and tips from leading experts.

The Emotional Health feature is accessible globally and has locally relevant information that came from mental health experts.

Permitting the Sale and Promotion of Surface Disinfecting Wipes and Hand Sanitizers

 There had been panic over the announcement of the global pandemic in March. For this reason, people panic bought items like alcohol, hand sanitizers, and disinfecting wipes. Moreover, scammers have seen this increasing demand for such items as a way to trick unsuspecting consumers. 

Facebook has noticed that there are scammers who use its platform to trick people. In addition, there had also been hoarding and inflation in the prices of disinfectants on the platform’s commerce listings. To protect people, the social media giant temporarily banned ads and commerce listings for surface disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers in March. Since then, it closely monitored activities and trends around COVID-19 in order to understand how people are using its platform and advertising tools in the middle of the pandemic. 

But now that people are more aware of what they should do this pandemic, Facebook is calling back the temporary ban for the ads and listings of the said products.

Supporting Teachers, Students, and Parents in Online Classes

This school year is different from all the past ones due to the pandemic. Parents, students, and teachers around the globe are facing a plethora of challenges as they adjust to a new learning method. Balancing home and work responsibilities,  remote teaching and learning, as well as maintaining the well-being and safety of everyone are only some of the challenges that teachers, students, and parents are facing today. 

Furthermore, Facebook wants to help in easing these difficulties. For this reason, it launched a feature called Educator Hub. This works to support teachers and provide resources across the social media giant’s apps. In addition, it will help people stay connected and take care of one another. 

The Educator Hub will also help teachers find our build their own online communities. It will also help in discovering guides and other resources for the classroom and beyond.

Facebook’s Efforts in Keeping People Safe and Informed About the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Facebook Launched Summer of Support

The past few months of coping up with the pandemic have forced many businesses to change their methods of operation. Despite this, many of them are trying to find ways to propel forward. In fact, a lot of businesses around the world have shifted online to cater to the needs of their customers. 

To help businesses to move ahead, Facebook launched the Boost with Facebook Summer of Support program. It helped entrepreneurs to get training to improve their digital skills as they switch from physical stores to online businesses. 

The said program ran for six weeks. Over that course, the social media giant provided online training and live sessions to business owners for free. The program also featured conversations about topics like shifting from brick and mortar to digital and reimagining customer support. 

Expansion of Facebook’s Blood Donation Feature

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused shelter in place orders in many countries. This led to a shortage of blood around the world as people’s ability to donate has been limited. 

To help address this problem, Facebook expanded its Blood Donations feature. This allowed blood donors to connect with their local blood banks, so they will be informed when there is a shortage and where it is safe to donate. 

Facebook’s Blood Donations feature is accessible in Senegal, South Africa, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Egypt, India, the US, Brazil, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. 

In addition, Facebook is working with its partners in Brazil and India to connect people with more hospitals and local banks using the Blood Donations feature. ION the other hand, the social media giant has announced that it partnered with AABB to connect people to hospital blood banks.

Facebook Allowed the Promotion of Non-medical Masks on Both Facebook and Instagram

Ever since the World Health Organization announced that COVID-19 is already a global pandemic, authorities and governments all over the world have required people to wear facemasks. 

In March, Facebook temporarily banned commerce listings and ads for masks. This was done to protect people against misleading medical claims, inflated prices, and hoarding. 

But now that many health authorities advise wearing non-surgical masks, Facebook lifted the ban for non-surgical masks. However, it is important to note that selling medical masks like N95 masks is still banned. This is to prevent people from using the pandemic for their financial gain.

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