Analyzing the performance of your content on Facebook(FB) can significantly help you as a brand owner using the platform to market your brand. Through the insights provided by Facebook, people stand a better chance to spot potential flaws and work at optimizing their tasks on the platform. For many people, this is one of the best ways to get the best at marketing on FB.

Brand owners understand the need to keep track of analytics. However, not all of them know how to analyze and keep track of the reports generated concerning their content. In this article, we will observe some of the top metrics to consider and top ways to analyze and keep track of marketing content.

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Guide to Facebook Analytics & Insights For More Page Likes in 2020

Understand the critical metrics generated by your Facebook page

There are various metrics you should consider taking a look at to help you understand the reports generated concerning your content on FB. With these metrics, you can receive a load of data that tells you how your content is performing. Asides from that, you can easily do what matters and avoid things that can affect your business. 

Below is a brief overview of some of these metrics. 

  • Likes

The Likes metric keeps track of the number of likes that a post on your page receives from your audience.


  • Recommendations 

The Recommendations metric is similar to Shares of FB profile posts. This helps to track and deliver to you the number of times people recommended your page to others. 

  • Actions 

This offers you information as regards the activities carried out on your posts by Facebook users. 

  • Reach 

This is usually generated to help page owners see the number of people that saw their content on the platform. 

  • Pageviews 

Pageviews can be tracked through the Insights feature of your page on Facebook. The metric offers a few details on the number of views people get on their page. 

  • Page previews 

Sometimes, people do not want to view a page but prefer to see some details about it. This is where the Facebook preview picture comes into the picture. Just by hovering a mouse over the page information, they can see a preview of the page. The Preview metric keeps track of how many times people did this. 

  • Videos 

Videos are one of the top social media content people find themselves engaging with. With the Videos metric, you can check out the number of views which lasted 3 seconds or more on your videos. 

Facebook Analytics & Insights For More Page Likes


Responsiveness offers you information on how well fast your content loads on your page. With this metric, you can better work your way towards keeping your content loading at maximum speed to ensure your followers get the best out of your page. 

If you have a Facebook page, looking into these metrics can significantly enhance your page’s overall performance. You can access these metrics by going through the Insights section of your page. 

  • Download important page files

Your page offers more than just specific metrics to keep you updated about its performance. One of the many things to look into is a page file. There are three generated page files on your page, all of which have specific data focused on teaching you about how the various sections and content of your page perform. To keep you informed about them, we will take a brief overview of these data files. 

  • Page Data 

The page data file is a lot different from other records of your page. With the page data file, you can access a series of data as regards the performance of your page generally. Apart from that, the page data file also offers unique information about the metrics of your page. After downloading the file, you can gain access to the metrics by viewing the Key Metrics tab. 

  • Post Data 

The post data file is another file you can download. Just as the name implies, the file offers vital information on the performance of your post. This gives vital metrics too, but also offers unique data into page engagement and reach. It also provides information on the impressions generated on your Facebook posts. 

  • Video Data

Just like the others, the video data file provides specific data information to page owners. However, it does this differently by ensuring the information provided is based on the performance of video content on the page. Gaining access to the data is extremely easy, as they can download the files and then get video insights from there. 

With the information provided to you by these files, improving how you work on your content can quickly be done. Thanks to the fantastic download feature implemented by the platform, page owners can download these files and study them whenever they wish to. 

Consider the use of Facebook analytics tools

Sometimes, making the whole task of analyzing the entire performance of your content can be a great deal of work. Luckily, this is where Facebook analytic tools come directly into the picture. With these tools, you get better opportunities at keeping track of how your page content is performing. 

In other words, these tools offer automation services that help you keep track of your content. The devices can either come as free tools or paid tools. Generally, they carry out the same goal as they help you manage the performance of content. 

These tools offer an extensive range of advantages apart from saving you a lot of hard work and stress. They come as third-party software that links their service with your page on Facebook and then keeps you informed with the latest changes and engagements on your page. 


The above tips are sure to help you deal with tracking the performance of your page. If you are a business owner using a page to promote your services and boost sales, now is a great time to make the most out of Facebook Page feature. With this guide, optimizing your page should not be a problem. 

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