Facebook advertising is suitable for both small and large businesses. Still, large businesses tend to succeed more on the platform because they hire the best brains to handle their social media advertising while small businesses can’t do the same. 

Using Facebook advertising as a first-timer can be difficult; I remember the first time I used the platform, I got really confused on how to create the advertising plan I had in my head. This is why I made this list of the best sites to buy Facebook likes from for future reference for every Facebook marketer.

When I researched how to advertise on Facebook, I got more confused as there were lots of articles with different ideas on how to do the same thing. However, after more in-depth research, I was able to figure out the best way to advertise on Facebook.

In this guide to advertising, I’ll teach you everything you need to make your first advert as a beginner.

Why you should use a Facebook ad for your business

You need to invest money and time into making a Facebook ad for a lot of reasons such as awareness, survey, increasing sales, etc. Notice how I used the word invest and not spend; this is because every money and time you put into having a Facebook ad is beneficial, you either learn how to do it better, or you’ll meet your advertising goal.

All the options that Facebook offers are not to confuse you, but to provide you with enough tools to customize your ad as you’d like.

You can target any category of people on Facebook, whether it is mothers who work in a financial institution that is less than 5 km to you, or it is people that are 34 years old and work in a store. Whatever category of people, you can target them or even make multiple categories to see your ad. Facebook has a targeting and retargeting system that you won’t find anywhere else.

Facebook ad is relatively cheap, especially when you compare it to mainstream advertising and some other platforms for digital marketing like Google AdWords. 

Your cost of advertising on Facebook further reduces when they perceive your ad as one that is relevant for the target audience you chose.

Guide to Facebook Advertising For Start-Ups

Facebook Ad Guide for Start-Ups in 2020 And Beyond!

Creating a successful Facebook ad is not as troublesome as most people perceive. Below are all that you need to know about creating a Facebook Ad;

1. Have a Strategy

The first thing you’d have to do is to develop a well thought out marketing strategy. If you don’t have a strategy, the host of options that are available on the Facebook Ads Manager will confuse you, and this may result in you creating a campaign that targets people that are not interested in your product/service. Before you get to your computer to create an Ad, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of product or service am I advertising?
  • What category of users am I targeting?
  • Am I advertising to a cold audience or a warm audience?
  • How will my audience use the product?
  • What are the objections that my target audience will have about this product or service?
  • What is the goal that I want to achieve from putting this campaign on Facebook?

If you don’t place your ad with a thought out strategy in mind, you won’t get your desired result.


2. Select your objective

When placing an ad, Facebook will ask you to choose a goal, and I’d advise that you choose the right one because Facebook will determine when and how often to display your ads to the category of users you have in mind. If Facebook finds your objective relevant, they can reduce your cost-per-click, and show your ad to more users.

Here are the objectives that you can select from:

  • Reach
  • Video views
  • Store Visits
  • Conversions
  • Catalog Sales
  • Brand awareness
  • Traffic
  • Lead generation
  • App installs
  • Messages
  • Engagement

You should select the objective that aligns with your goal.


3. Target your audience

It would help if you had a category of those you want to target. You can use the following to target your audience:

  • Custom audiences: This is a category of the audience that visits your site, your Instagram business profile, or your Facebook page and take a specific action. You can also target users based on their email-address.
  • Lookalike audiences: they are the audience that has performed the same action as your custom audience.
  • You can target based on location
  • Targeting based on demographics
  • You can target based on a particular interest and behavior
  • Connection targeting: here, you can target an audience based on their connection with your business/brand.


Facebook Advertising For Start-Ups

4. Select where you want Facebook to display your ad

In this next step, you can choose the devices, apps, and other placements that you want Facebook to display your ad. You can decide to let Facebook display your ad on smartphones or other devices.


5. Set your budget

In this next step, Facebook will ask you to set a budget for your advert. You can set your budget to run on a daily budget, a lifetime budget, or you may just set a start and end date. You can also choose to run your ads only at specific peak periods of the day.


6. Choose the format for your ad

Facebook has a lot of Formats that you can choose from; these formats are listed below:

  • Video ads
  • Canvas ads
  • Single image ads
  • Carousel ads: here, you can show numerous pictures separately, or together with videos.
  • Collection: this type of ad format will open to fit the screen thoroughly. It only works on mobile devices.

All the ads there have their benefits and limitations. As such, you should take your time to study those merits and demerits adequately.


7. Remember to include the details

It would help if you did not forget to include that little and essential details like URL, call-to-action words, etc.

Your ad has a CTA button, and if you make use of it and you have an attractive CTA, you will get positive results.


8. Always monitor the success of your ad

Don’t just set your ad and leave it running; you should endeavor to track its success.

The Facebook ad manager will show you how your ad is performing; it should be your best friend anytime you have an ad.

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